All of my TV Series Reviews so far.

I’m a writer for TV Series Hub wordpress blog. I have three shows I’ve been reviewing since Fall last year to now. The shows I review are Supernatural (S12), Teen Wolf (S6), and Sherlock – BBC (S4). And also you can check out the other reviews for other shows & we review movies as well 🙂
Happy reading to all~

Here’s the link to the blog itself & my reviews are below:

Supernatural (S12)
Teen Wolf (Season 6)

S6 EP1

S6 EP2

S6 EP3

S6 EP4

S6 EP5

S6 EP6

Sherlock (Season 4)


Just turned 24, College Student, tomboyish, LGBT Supporter, Otaku for Life, LOTR/Hobbit fan, forever alone, etc.

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