No workout? Watch Some TV

Your hoping to hear me say, “Man I had the best sleep ever” or “Slept like a log”. Well I wouldn’t count waking at 3am sweating all over and amazing sleep. I had t check that darn air, my mother is always turning it up when she feels cold. But never really considers others in the house huh.

Because of me waking up so damn early I was only able to get 4 more hours of sleep. An since I couldn’t sleep, had to watch the news. Now can someone explain to me, what genius gave this idiot the idea to change the $10 Bill! Isn’t that like messing with freaking history?! I can’t, it’s supposed to storm today so I can’t work out at the park…im going back to sleep.

Now that I’m somewhatly refreshed, let’s get this darn Xbox Kinect to work so I can get a workout. Shall we. The brat has a lot of dance games she doesn’t really touch much, so I decided why the heck not. I played one of her dance games for awhile but then remembered that Adventures or something game she got. It has like different sports on there, I remember playing that at her dads house once. I worked up a sweat playing that game! I think I mostly just played soccer or just ran the track. Well I couldn’t relive those good days, the brat fucked up her CD. Badly. I even cleaned good t and still no go, I give. I’ll have to buy a new disc when I have money, I’m going to watch cartoons.

Watched EP 7 thru 20 of Steven Universe (cartoon); I did pause my show to look through the coupons that could save us money! That my mom wanted to throw away…something is wrong with her.

Watched EP 1 of Reikenzan: Hoshikuzu-tachi no Utage (anime); I like this one, seems serious but then funny as hell the rest of the way.

Watched EP13 of Musaigen no Phantom World (anime); yasss! He got his darn powers back! Thank gosh! I was gonna be made if he didn’t like shit! But a perfect ending though~

Watched EP12 of Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut (anime); awesome ending, can sense the 2nd season! Also, I’ll accept him being her knight but he CAN NOT MARRY THAT ANNYING BITCH! I’d rather him go with his childhood friend or the blue haired chick! He’s had more screen time and connection with them then that blonde haired branded bitch! Also did I forget to mention his crazy brother lives and is still out there. I feel an EPIC Battle coming!

Now I found the story plot interesting, the characters cool, and the art style interesting. An I crave more of this new manga! Read Chapter(s) 1and 2 of Ultrabaroque Deprogrammer (manga).

An then I decided to watch an episode of Adventure Time (cartoon) even though I wasn’t caught up, what so ever. I only watched “Broke His Crown” cause you got to see Simon

Then out of the blue (after a nice shower) I decided to watch something educational on Netflix.
Watched EP1 “Hitler’s Art Dealer” of Raiders Of the Lost Art (series)
Watched EP2 “The Hunt for Faberge Eggs” of Raiders Of the Lost Art (series)
This was very informative indeed, I did learn but my head aches a tad, sleep I go~


Financial Aid = Done

Okay I did black out, in the middle of the movie. Hell I can’t even recall the fact of me falling asleep at all. That’s how odd it is; got to damn cozy on the couch and ended up dozing off again.

The thing is I slept too damn long though..ugh it was evening..shit. As my mother always askes, “What did you do productive today?” My answer today, would be Nothing! So I got off my sleepy ass and did all those dishes.

Watched EP4 of Damien (tv series) on A&E; Glad the dog bi the shit out of that detective. Nosie bastard! But can’t wait til the new episode though, Damien looks like he’s in an insane asylum! I think! Can’t wait for him to freaking snap!

I would’ve stayed with the couch and TV hours later but that didn’t happen. I actually pulled out a chair, got my computer, sat at the table and worked on my damn financial aid. In the past, well when I got to the age to fill it out myself I freaking hated it. Asking so many personal questions to questions about cost and crap! I’m like seriously! I always had to call my mother for help, but this go round. No mom. I was able to figure it all out and bam! I was done, I truly feel like a freaking adult…im lying. Nope, still a lazy ass kid at heart.

Financial Aid was done, so all I gotta worry about is housing and orientation. Got to wait on the  money for that one. Well the noisy kids were here but are gone so I was so able to shower and finish downloading the rest of Season 1 of Steven Universe (cartoon). Since the new season isn’t out, why not be a bum and watch it from the beginning!

Watched EP1 thru 6 of Steven Universe (Season 1) such memories; sadly I’m dozing off and I gotta but this computer on the charger and I kind of want to go to sleep. I swear I feel like I’m in hibernation some days. Well night all~

Tinker Bell Marathon

I love how when I’m ready to go the hell to sleep or watch a show their is this odd lingering smell! I think it’s our trash or something! But it reeks! It’s so gross to me, now I gotta blast all the damn fans in the house. Gah! Sleep Come To Me!

Now I know there are times I wake up a little moody or out of place but mother was mad. She woke me with a moody attitude about the AC being messed with then getting on the fact of me being dizzy and shit. That one or two times I was dizzy was because I got up tooo fast and I was in one of those really deep sleeps like your freaking dead! She wanted me to go by the brat a damn lunchable, well out of luck! There aren’t any at the corner store! So I had to give my grandmother the money to but it for the brat.

Once she left I had to wait a good 10mins til the washateria opened to get quarters for the washer machine and dryer cause I need them. Gotta wash my clothes since I literally have no workout clothes for my workout this morning what so ever! An have I told you all how much I love watching the news in the morning, well cops are still treating black people like shit! They wanted to the man to get n the ground, well he did, but then the cop decided to kick him hard in the damn face! For what! No reason, just felt like kicking him! WHAT THE HELL! I hate all this racists issues were having, I swear!

Watched EP5 “I Win” of The Family (tv series) on ABC. Man things are really heating up bad! But I really don’t like the eldest daughter like damn bitch.

Watched S1 EP9 “Stay Out of the Basement Part 1” of Goosebumps (tv series) 🙂
Watched S1 EP10 “Stay Out of the Basement Part 2” of Goosebumps (tvseries)
Clothes are dry, folded, and put away. Workout time~

Back! Well, guess what? I finished my 9 laps faster then what I usual jog! So proud of myself, time for food, shower, wash hair, and twisting it. was supposed to do this yesterday but I wasn’t technically home a decent hour. Once I’m done I’ll eat and get back to my Goosebumps, that’s my childhood show right there.

Watched S1 EP11 “The Return of the Mummy” of Goosebumps (tv series) 😀
Watched S1 EP12 “Night of the Living Dummy 2” of Goosebumps (tv series) :]
After watching a few episodes, or so I have decided (drum roll) to have a Tinker Bell Marathon! I mean come on, all the movies are on there anyways.

Watched Tinker Bell (movie)(2008) :3
Watched Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (movie)(2009)
watched Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue (movie)(2010)
Alright, I’m on this movie now and I may or may not black out. But I hope you all have a good night, watching Tinker Bell and the Secret of the Wings (movie)(2012)

Saw Batman v Superman

Me and Vivi couldn’t fall right to sleep when we decided to go to sleep after our showers and game playing. We talked for a bit about random things and all the noise Desi was making in the other room , I think she’s dealing with the dogs. Still don’t get why she let them sleep in the bed with her.

I set an alarm, I ignored it. Why? The movie starts at 11am, not 11:30am. Well that time was a damn lie! It starts at 11am! Shit. Desi and Vivi went downstairs to make breakfast, I went ahead and started getting ready. Hell I even repacked and even made the beds and folded the extra blankets as well (gets extra cold in her room faster, which is fine with me cause it helps me sleep better) Bolted down the stairs and ate breakfast with the others. Im excited!

We ended up leaving the house late so we had to catch the next time; disappointed I didn’t get a poster. It was only for the people seeing it in 3D what bull! I only bought candy cause I wasn’t all that hungry, then we went to find them good seats~  So after the movie, well the movie in general, I loved it! A lot happened that I wasn’t expected but it happened and it was good! Then I got the job of holding drink duty…great. But I didn’t wait for them, instead I went to go buy nachos and then give them there drinks. We went to go see other movies as well, I remember we went to go see Zootopia (it was nice seeing that again) but I completely forgot the other movie we went to go see as well.

We didn’t do much when we got back to her place, just ate more crawfish (yeah, her dad cooked a lot), watched Maleficent (movie), and got our stuff to head out. Oh and I promised Desi’s dad that I would draw him something he could frame before I became famous.

Since I got home I made a plan of what I would accomplish tomorrow and hopefully it all get’s done of course; mother doesn’t want me bugging her while she watches her show so I’ll be in her room. On her bed and not in the room with the brat cause she’s doing something and I’ll go watch anime.

Watched EP12 of Luck & Logic (anime) well he was knocked back to his senses..sorta but he did keep Lucifer’s card. In my opinion I find that a good thing, cause then Lucifer can’t do stupid shit without him. But at least he agrees with Lucifer, I hope they team up again someday.

Watched EP12 of Dimension W (anime) now I’m glad that shut up the crazy bastard! But still damn said about Kyouma’s wife though! Still want that Season 2 though, fight scenes and story plot are strong with this anime.

Watched EP12 of Hai to Gensou no Grimgar (anime) and it was FREAKING AWESOME! We got to see ranta get damn emotional and Hal show off is beast side! So yup! I want my damn season 2 for this anime as well, so damn ready!

Gosh I’m just anime freaking happy tonight, everything that was boss this season needs a damn 2nd season 😀

Day Before Easter

Of course I didn’t go to sleep, had a darn headache. But I kept watching anime~

Watched EP13 of God Eater (anime) I’m so glad that the main character lived and they defeated that piece of shit monster! He was getting on my damn nerves with that fucking grinning he always did! That OP’ed bastard is finally dead! I 100% need a season 2 of this anime! Like for real!

Also my friend was supposed to come get me earlier today so that we could all spend the night at her place but she didn’t come get me til later on that evening. Now I didn’t pack a lot! It just seemed like I did, my breathing machine I use for my asthma always makes my bag look bigger then what it needed to be. Now we were still having crawfish; my friends were messing with me and said that we weren’t and they went bad. An were going to get food out but they lied. Pops made all the crawfish, an it wasn’t all that spicy as last time. Except the corn…that was spicy though! But I devoured the crap outta that shrimp and crawfish. Although I was hungry and couldn’t wait earlier so I ate soup and snacked on Nature Valley bars. My friend got a new bed frame and mattress! It was so darn FLUFFY!  Like I could sleep on that thing forever! Well were just gonna play games and watch movies on TV til we want to black out.

But we are going to the movies to see Batman v Superman tomorrow! An yes, we are going on Eater Sunday. Happy Hopping all~

Happy Good Friday

Read Chapter 159 of 19 Tian (manga) can’t wait til it updates more cause it’s an addiction! (yaoi / Shounen Ai)

Read Chapter 94 of Tamen De Gushi (manga) now I love this one as well, hands down freaking adorable~  (Yuri / Shounen Ai)

Read Chapters 1-4.5 of Itou-san (KURAKA Sui) (manga) this one is a yaoi but Chapter 1 was extra long which made me happy. Still good but sad ending though~

Okay now I’m going to bed; mom still isn’t home yet. Oh well. Night/Morning.

My morning started out spectacular! (HIGH SARCASM) Wanna know why? Well for one it’s hotter then damn molasses out here and their is a lot of people at the darn park! I had decided earlier that if the park was crowded or extra crowded then I would walk the long trail and then go home. Which I did walk about 7 laps and then catch the bus home.

But I just felt so damn out of place their! No racism intended for their were black families there. My only issue was so many people were doing fun things on Good Friday and I’m walking. Just walking. Kids racing each other, playing on the playground, parents teaching their kids kick ball or how to play tennis, or the family playing basketball together. The weirdest thing was, that every time I passed a group of kids while walking they kept telling me Hi. I had a feeling it was a joke, but they were actually being nice. I’ll be damned, yeah time for home I thought, I’ve sweat enough gallons in this hot ass weather.

Showered, found out my anime episodes had updated so I started downloading those, and my friend wants to have a sleep over tomorrow and go to the movies. I was like cool! I so want to see Batman v Superman cause everybody won’t shut the hell up about it! Also I still have this magical paperwork to do if I go anywhere tomorrow. My mom brought home large stacks of paperwork yesterday and wants me to organize them, an she would pay me. Im in! But anime first then paperwork!

Watched Hai Gensou no Grimgar Special (anime) this is basically that embarrassing scene where they peep on the girls but extended. It was hilarious.

Watched EP11 of Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut (anime) they brought out a very large enemy that could probably wipe out the human race. Yeah..nope! RUN!

Watched EP12 of Musaigen no Phantom World (anime) I don’t like this OP’ed phantom! She’s a bitch and just fucked with everyone’s emotions! Like bad!

Watched EP12 of God Eater (anime) Lenka’s new God Arc is dope as hell1 Can I have one please! An we need to kill Pita, he killed Lindow…that Bitch must die!

Watched EP12 of Divine Gate (anime) all I have to say is, is that I still love this anime but they were fucking idiots for not going through that damn gate! Dumb as hell1 I would’ve went in.

Watched EP11 of Dimension W (anime) yeah this scientist is a crazy asshole! An what he did to Sophia is unforgiveable! SO um Kyouma can you hurry the hell and remember where you put Geneses already, cause this fight isn’t going anywhere! Dx

Now I’ll work on the paperwork, it won’t take me long since yesterday I got half of it done really. Ha finished in a good hour along with eating soup and crackers. Now can someone explain to me what the hell this odd smell is in our apartment?! To me it smells like disgusting grape medicine left out in the heat! I literally had to blast the air and spray a shit ton of air freshener! Ugh this smell is irritating me and giving me a damn headache! TV and couch may help, not really still can smell it…I can’t smell it unless the fan hits my way…ugh

Watched EP3 “Present Tense”, EP4 “Brother” of Crowded (tv series) this is one really funny comedy series, I would so binge watch the whole thing in the future when it fully finishes.

Alright im going to watch EP5 “The Real Spring Fever” of The Real O’Neals (tv series) and maybe get some sleep if I can or not. I’ll find out later when Igive up and try to catch some Z’s. Talk to yall later~

Fresh Air

I’ve done a good deed staying up after my mom got off the couch! Finally, I managed to finish a few blog posts but now I’m tired as hell. I’ll do the rest later. (Seriously need to stay on my A-Game with these posts.)

An I thought I was getting a good rest, wrong. It was fine last night, but its raining hard out there. Normal people would’ve rolled over and ignored it but loud claps of thunder started. That’s the worst alarm clock ever, thanks mother nature. I checked the weather and it said it was going to storm today and possible rain for the rest of the week maybe.
Great, so does this mean I cant workout tomorrow. Ugh. Well before my mother left I did inform her that half of our living room carpet was wet and this lead towards us finding out that there’s a damn leak. We had so much water on our table, how did I miss that? Well I did call for someone to come check it when they can after she left. I’m going back to sleep.

If clapping thunder wasn’t enough! Now there’s banging on the door! Who the hell?! Oh it’s the pest guy. He sprayed the whole house and the base boards. He told me that if the smell bothered me to open a few windows, the smell never bothered me. Cause I never smelt it. I said that then but 10mins later I started to smell it, it was suffocating!
I had to open the door wide for awhile but I knew I had to crack open some windows cause the front door can’t stay open. Not in this apartment complex, they steal! I managed to get the dinning area window open, the bathroom window open, and my moms large window open as well (although her window was rusting a bit and was hard to open). An if I might say that breeze feels amazing coming in, all that nice clean air.

It’s times like these were I kinda do wish I lived in the country, just to leave my windows open on a hot day instead of using the AC. An just enjoying the sounds of nature and not gunshots or loud music from ghetto people or even busy traffic. Just a nice breeze, some soothing music playing, birds chirping, and just peacefulness. I know, wishful thinking right? Nope! I’ll make it happen someday, someday.
Only kept the windows up for about two hours and then put them back down after I ate. I know my mother she won’t allow these windows to stay open too long. So I distracted myself for a few hours til my friend called me and he was having a rough night at work. A lot of people were trying to get in to this apartment but their was a limit to how many people a person could have in their apartment. If there was too many their would be a noise complaint; we were also arguing about the Gundam franchise. Geez. But he was bugging me to watch this one Gundam series that I think came out last year and I never got around to watching it. But I told if I watched the first episode and gave my opinion on it would he stop bugging me. He said yes.

Watched EP1 of Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans (anime) I watched on website (think I spelled it right, nailed it!). Alright let me call this fool back and give my opinion on it. Chat with you all later~

Staring Mothers…

Watched EP1 “Pilot” of Crowded (tv series) on NBC; Hahahah I freaking love this~

Morning all! Hitting tht health choice this morning and eating something light before I head to go workoue. Strawberries. Yes, I said it. Strawberries was literally the only thing I had today for breakfast. Although, I will be packing snacks when I go to the park today to jog my ass off~ But I shall read some manga before I start cleaning up the living room that I’ve made a mess of.

Read vol 3 (ch1-5.5) of Koisuru Boukun (manga) 😀

Now that I’m done cleaning and getting myself together, I’m just hoping that their aren’t a lot of people. It wasn’t a lot last time but I just don’t want a lot of people staring at me is all. By the way the weather is amazing out here! No sun, windy, cool, looks like it will rain in a few hours.
PERFECTION! By the way I got down one snack because I ended up eating my chips waiting on the damn bus. Good damn tortilla chips indeed! Now my time at the park went well, did more laps then expected today. Jogged 12 laps instead of 10 like I always do. But the only thing that made me so darn uncomfortable was the staring. THE STARING! From all the moms with there babies in their strollers, just staring an judging me with their eyes. Like, “why is she even jogging?” “She’s a twig.” “Well she’s young and ain’t got no kids, ain’t it glad to have that nice figure. But were all fat.” That’s what it felt like. But I ignored these thoughts of mines and just jogged for I wanted to. I wanted to get back in shape, so screw them!

When I got home I really just wanted the shower and the damn couch cause I ached like hell. My poor legs, but hey there getting stronger. That’s a plus. But I did say I would stop stalling so I’m applying to jobs. I applied to JCPenny, Kroger, tried Verizon but they needed pros for those jobs, and diagnostic quest but they were full time and medical like jobs. So that was a no. After all of this I decided to find a movie, but the first one I picked was in French so I was like nope. Iron Man 3 was on TV, I would’ve watched it but I haven’t seen Iron Man 2 fully. Just pick a horror movie, that’s the rule if you can’t decide. Well my rule really.

Watched The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death (movie) I haven’t watched the first one, but I liked this one. Children in horror movies just makes it creepier and glorious.

Now another one of my rules is to watch cartoons after a horror movie so that shit doesn’t stick in my damn head! I was trying to download the episodes of Steven Universe but the internet was being funny and I ended up watching this show with her on Netflix again. I hope out internet stops tripping soon. See yall later~

Movie Trap!

I didn’t watch anymore TV or even work on these late ass blog post, I’m tired as hell!

My plan for today, was to:

* Print out resumes and letters for HCC (since my mother nagged me about it)
* Head up to HCC today (maybe) and then Bed Bath and Beyond to drop off the resume & application
* Then head home to relax my poor sore body

Now all of this I did do, but their’s a catch. When my grandma took me to her house to print things and she got ready for work, I also had to work on their casino Flyer. My first two ideas they didn’t like but the third one they (my grandma and great aunt) loved. Made copies of that and then we left. I thought my grandma was just going to drop me off and head to work so that she can be on time, no!

She went inside a store that was having it’s final sale, I warned her not to stay in there too long. She promised. While my grandmother went into the shoe store I went inside Bed Bath and Beyond to turn in my application and then leave. But the universe had other plans for me. The only manger, an I men only, that they had on duty was in a meeting and wouldn’t be able to see me til 12noon. It had just turned 11am, great now I must waste time.

Walked around Bed Bath and Beyond and saw a few things I wanted but know I can’t have cause I’m broke, didn’t take me long to walk around the store. It’s smaller then the one I had been to in Dallas. I went to Bath & Body Works to turn in my application to them, then headed to that shoe store my grandmother was in, a lot of old things. But mostly really old dress shoes for woman literally 50 years and over.

I stopped at Palais Royal next since I hadn’t been in this place in ages, lot of spring / summer wear is out. I did find some collar shirts that caught my eye (I always love a shirt with a nice collar and buttons, I just find them classy okay and cozy), some plaid shirt as well (no such things as too much plaid, it’s just that the boys plaid is always better then the girls), and I did find some knee length shorts that were by CHAMPS that I wouldn’t mind wearing. But those pants are so expensive! Then I headed over to the shoes, I really need a new pair of U.S Polo Boots (miss wearing those).

Oh look at the time, time to go turn in that application. Which didn’t take long since it was busy.
I was happy to get out, or I felt as though I was really in the way of everyone in line. Time for the house. I honestly hate when people sag their pants, no one wants to see your ass! Or even the ass you don’t really have at all! Ugh, it’s just freaking gross as hell. Also I find out that my mom wants to have a movie night with us…I worry for this, like seriously…Seriously! Im going to watch YouTube videos before the mother comes home and takes us to the movies.

Back from the movies, IT WAS A TRAP! A TRAP! So mom came and got us right, I’m sitting up here guessing what movie were going to see. Then she tells us when were half way their that were seeing this with other people and their kids. So off the top of my head I automatically think, a PG movie or animated movie. It has to be! When we got their she rushed in before us and got the tickets and still wouldn’t tell us what the name of the movies was, really.

Although she did say we could get two things, nachos and a souvenir Batman v Superman cup! Well worth it. Now here’s the even more messed up part, the number of the theatres didn’t have the names of the movies, great…I’ll never know. But once we walked in and I saw who was on screen…I knew. We were watching Miracles from Heaven (movie); The only thing I got from the damn movie was depression, sadness, everyone as stressed, and the girl was tired of feeling pain. I hate watching movies like this, cause it just makes me think “Just fulfill the kids request already! I’m tired of seeing her in freaking pain! Gosh!” But it was a good ending with a motive, my mom wants me to go to church. She knows I don’t like going to church and they still make me go..ugh. Can’t wait to get away. Well were home time for pjs and to magically find something on TV have a good night all~

(P.S. Started spacing my paragraphs..they looked a bit chunky. So there separated every 4th or 5th sentence)

Let the Jogging Begin!

Not much was said about their trip, but I know the brat won. Had to haul in all their crap in the house, then it was the whole getting together for the next day. After they finally settled down and going I went back to reading manga again 😛

Read vol 1 (ch1-5.5) & vol 2 (ch1-5.5) of Koisuru Boukun (manga) it’s been so long since I’ve read this yaoi, I’m 100% glad to be rereading it 🙂

Now that it’s morning and people are blasting Obama for going to Cuba to make peace. I find nothing wrong with that! I would rather make peace with any foreign country then have a World War III on our hands and our damn population decreasing everywhere! Hell no! No one wants that, so let the man be and let him do his damn job! Even the new candidates are saying that they wouldn’t even go, I feel as though if you don’t get to know your neighbor how are you going to get that extra help if you may need it? Those idiots aren’t thinking! I find what Obama is doing a splendid things an I freaking support him fully.

But besides my ranting, our power is out. Great. Only two of our lights will come on and not the others, nor our cable or wifi! Ugh! I was planning on leaving out early to go to Bed Bath and Beyond and then the park to go jogging for while. Now I have to wait til someone gets into the office; I did call ahead to let the know though. It wasn’t until I was heading out to go catch an early bus that they came to switch on and off our breakers. We got power. Here’s where the fun begins, I was waiting on the bus which was highly late but that wasn’t the best part. Since our power was out and my phone kept going on and off with the signal I couldn’t check to see when the next bus was coming. I did however wait in ciggy territory (people smoking, yuck) for about 10 to 15mins til I decided to walk to the transit center that was up the street! So I got my walk on, an right when I was about to cross the street that damn bus came that I was supposed to catch passed me by. Son of a Bitch!

Made it safely and not almost hit by a car to the transit center. The #7 was just sitting their, not that I need that bus anymore though. My waiting time on the cold cement seat was for the #49 bus, which to my surprise came within 5mins (thank gosh cause my patience was growing thin; a woman kept staring at me as I was ready to go) had finally arrived. Caught that, went to Bed Bath and Beyond, got an application, left, and then caught the next bus for the park.

The park was fairly nice. Basketball court, tennis court, a playground for the kids, large field for playing soccer or football, and of course their was the trail that had multiple splits. I had to walk it once to see which way the trail went or what unexpected turns I had missed in the beginning. In the end I decided to jog around the basketball and tennis court, something basic to start back with. I did walk one, jog 9 laps, and then walk one. I had a good workout for me being their for only an hour; I kept my things on the bench in the fenced tennis court area so I could keep my eye on my stuff. Ate both my chewy Quaker bars having to wait on the darn bus. Didn’t noticed til I got home that I could’ve caught two buses to get to my destination and not freaking three. I will be taking this new route from now on. Also, a loud woman was on the bus. It’s moments like these I wished I could catch a train home instaed of the bus, then the cops could get the noisy ghetto people off! But she didn’t stay on long, although her swearing was unnecessary. Home & showered & sore as hell! TV Time~

Watched EP4 “Feathers or Steel” of The Family (tv series) on ABC; Found out what the damn guy looks like but um what is that key for that Adam has! I must know!

Watched EP4 “The Real F Word” of The Real O’ Neals (tv series) this show is so damn hilarious~

Quick Announcement! Netflix may be giving us a Season 3 of our YOUNG JUSTICE!!! YASSS! But you guys gotta #KeepBingingYJ on Netflix and posting it on Twitter and Facebook! Cause we really need a damn 3rd Season! SO PLEASEEEEE! TREND THIS LIKE CRAZY ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Thank you~

Now for a few hours I didn’t have my couch time, my mother was addicted to this TV seris called Friday Night Lights. Even though I’m not one for football, it’s not all that bad. For it tells more of a story about the teens and parents then just straight up football. But I’m going to hog her bed though.

Watched EP11 of Hai to Gensou no Grimgar (anime); all I gotta say is, Ranta is an ass…but he can’t freaking die damn it! Got it! That crazy bastard will live!

She’s off! She’s off the couch! An my show is on, I watched EP3 “Deliver” of Damien (tv series) on A&E; Now did anyone else think Final destination when that asshole got his tie stuck in the escalator? Cause I did!

I know I’m cheating on this but Season 1 isn’t on OnDemand anymore so I’ll have to watch Season 2, so I watched EP1 “Everybody Cheats” of The Carmichael Show (tv series) on NBC. An right after this episode the TV literally froze, an wouldn’t move to another screen. Restarting the router which may take awhile….Im going to fill out these paper applications while I wait. Yall have a good night~