Alright I know its been a while! Honestly I should have been on here during my TAKS week and this week (really I should have had all post from Spring Break week on here) my lazyness and me wanting to to finish school is taking over.

The white rabbit who came to school with bedhair and a broken pocket watch -.-

I didn’t go to bed tip 2am in the freaking morning!!!!! I blame it on the damn piddled that was in my house barking at every little damnable thing cause the dog don’t get out much (antisocial motha chucker) I was planning on going to bed around 12am but no I had to eat and deal with a dog that wouldn’t shut its face >w< Morning: basically I really ignored my dang alarm and just woke up at 6am, the dog freaking growled at me "SHUT UP YOU ANNOYING LOAD OF CRWP" I yelled that then my mom told me to take him outside so he could go lofty (quick heads up, this piddled don't belong to us its my beauticians poddle that we watch for a while every now and then) awoke my sister and started to get deary. I finally noticed I didn't have to carry an extra bag anymore for my track seas on ended last weekend. Glad, indeed.

Morning: my alarm did go off but thd thing was i ignored it -.- so i was rushing my lil sis to wake up and stop taking so long to stretch