Sorry for the hiatus….im an idiot

Well where do I begin.
It’s 2016 an it’s almost March now..gah. So I guess an update in my life is in order. To catch up all the new ones.

Well first off Im currently unemployed (again) this go round is because I changed the price t snacks I was buying. Yes snacks, price matching them, for I though they were a price at one store but they weren’t. Long Story short I was terminated, they’re going to mail me my check (I need to call them cause I still haven’t gotten it), and there investigating the old store I worked at in Dallas.

Next. For those that don’t know I did spend 2 1/2 years at the Art Institute of Dallas but left the end of last year because they decided to make my tuition go up to $700 or more next quarter. So that was a nope, an I left. Withdrew really. Now I’m struggling with trying to take College Courses at the Community College here to help at the University I got accept to in the fall.

Set up my orientation date for the university, it’s in May; still need to take care of financial aid and housing.

My mother and sister are still driving me mad to where I’m snapping at them again. (August please hurry the hell up)

Oh I have a reading list for 2016, Im doing quite well with it~

I bought an Old Lady Cactus from Lowe’s and I named her Bettsy, she’s the best plant ever and I lovz her 🙂

I recently saw the doctor for I was unwell again, a cough that wouldn’t go away. Found out my nutrition was very bad. They wanted to run a ton of tests on me just in case. But I made a deal with my doctor to actual start taking vitamins (never took vitamins in the past) and more veggie/fruit in take. I am eating vegetables and fruit but sadly that’s not enough of course. An I bought a Date Book to write down what I eat everyday to keep track an see how I’m doing. (I think I may be a week behind in it, I have to not slack and write in it)

I recently bought a new laptop, came in the mail last week. Along with my Ziploc storage containers. I’m trying to organize this darn closet better, for it is highly small. especially with my things and a 1 year old things in their (especially if she’s getting new crap). I managed to put my PS3 in the container, along with my games and DVDs, and in the larger ones I just put the shoes in their so they could get out the trash bags that I threw them in while packing to leave Dallas to come home to Houston. Also I’m planning to buy vacuum storage bags to put all my clothes in so I can get rid of these containers taking up space.

Yesterday, we got a new fan and curtain in the apartment. An today we got more security in the small apartment (I just wish my mother would leave this place sometimes but she’s use to the place now and I guess plans to stay)

Hmmm what else…oh! I bought something off ebay for the first time. (usually buy things from amazon mostly) I t was a flip phone, I need a back up phone cause my Windows Phone be tripping at times. An Im going to try to post more, I f I can. What might help is if I use that android app on my moms phone that I’ve been posting pictures to. That may help, since I love that app more then Instagram.

That’s all that I can think of at the moment to update you on, I think. If I think of something else I’ll pop it in but highlight it to show it’s new.

To all new comers, I usually do post everyday but when shit happens in life you kinda need that bit of hiatus. Well hopefully I’ll post soon, see ya guys later (im going to bed, It’s already Monday, thought is was still Sunday, an its 2:08am yeah bedtime)


Happy Pancake Day :D

Finished watching EP 9 thru 12 of Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry (anime) 🙂   Im highly ready for season 2! I t had a good end but I didn’t want him to marry the princess. But now Im going to sleep~

Even though I technically didn’t go to bed til around 2am I still managed to get up! AN got get FREE PANCAKES! For its National Pancake Day at IHOP. The only thing I didn’t know was that I had to give a donation before going to sit down. When I was in Dallas I didn’t have to make a donation, we were all struggling to even get a darn seat in the damn place! But we gave them a dollar in quarters since I had no cash on me. We decided to get bacon and drinks as well to go with our pancakes. An boy oh boy were they freaking amazing! Best Breakfast Ever~

After the brat was dropped off and I was brought home I decided to watch TV til I decided to clean up something.

Watched EP 2 “All You See is Dark” of The Family (tv series) on ABC. I highly enjoy this series even though it just started, it’s a glorious mystery.

Watched EP 1 & 2 of The Real O’Neals (tv series) its so funny! But this whole trying to be a “perfect” family will never last. Which it didn’t since everyone had a lot of damn secrets.

I did start my cleaning before my whole “couch potato” phase kicked in though. I recleaned out the cabinet from before, cleaned out the drawers (one of them was broken), and I managed to take the trash out before the storm began. But while the storm was going on I turned off all the lights except for the one I was using in the room to help crochet something. I haven’t finished it yet but I will tomorrow. I also typed the other part to my appeal letter (was supposed to show my mom but I forgot, I did mention to her that I finished it)

When my mother and the brat came home my mother wanted to watch a movie with me. So we watched Black Mass (movie) with Johnny Depp in it. It was my first time watching it, even though I had this movie on my external hard drive for awhile I was waiting for some odd reason to watch it. But now was a good time for it was a great story plot and then I found out in the middle of the movie from my mom that it’s based off of a true story. Had a feeling~

They left for practice, I took a long shower cause the water pressure was low as hell, and then I flopped back on the couch to watch anime.

Watched EP 6 thru 9 of One Punch Man (tv series) its so damn funny and the action is glorious. I’ll watch the rest later.

Well Im watching The Golden Girls on the Hallmark Channel right now while I’m typing this. Plus I think it’s storming outside again, let’s just hope the power doesn’t go out. Im getting cereal, got a sweet tooth. Night all~