learned a valuable lesson..but i didnt lik it..i was mad

hi hi 🙂 well to start off nope! i didnt win tha talent show on saturday…just got a participation certificate, i didnt go shoppin wit my friend on sunday cuz her mom was trippin, had no choice but 2 go 2 a lil kid b-day party that was far from home (which was fun), and i was very helpful at my skool yesterday delivering roses and cupcake passes :3 that made my day 2 c tha smiles on there faces…my valentine wasnt there that day or even 2day…i think hes sick…a lot of ppl at my skool hav been gettin sick lately…so i hope mez valentine get better so i can giv him his card and fav candy ^////^ oh and i hope u all had a happy v-day! if not then *HUGS U* I WILL B UR VALENTINE IF U LIK XD hehe so any who i learned sumtin 2day……dont fwd skool work for computer anymore..why? well i shall tell u..2day in computer class i was complanin bout how i didnt do lik 3 to 4days of work 4 last wk that i need 2 send my teacher..so my friend who i fwd work to cuz she doesnt do her work..as always….got caught…she went to her email 2 find the fwd msg i sent her of work and sis mai caught her! yes she is a nun! not a nice one either but ok…at times…..so she calls the vice-principal down…he comes ova and talks to us. an we mak an agreement….to not fwd each otha work anymore and do our own work so anotha up-roar wuldnt occur…he said he wuld b checkin in on us 2 mak sure we r doin wat we agreed..we were lik ok. but here is wat got me…once he left for about a few minutes i call sis mai ova cuz sumtin was stuck in my keyboard and i culdnt type..so she comes ova and takes it out…then tells me this ” u betta not fwd anymore work anymore or u will get ISS!that seven detentions u got that!” (aka for those that dont kno ISS is In School Saspendtion…bad thing) so rly she kind rly threatened me…of course i am black! i wuld hav gone off on her but i just stayed calm turned around and did my work…i mean i already hav her 4 italian…man wat a pain! i hope this wk turns out betta well ttyl4 now followers



hey followers, no time no blog! well i hav to sum things up 4 u lik i always do…an most of the time its still long, lol. okz last wkend i went to state in San Antonio, TX for soccer..we won runner-ups! i was happy as day! then we stayed down there wit my cuzin 2 c him..since he moved 2 san antonio not that long ago. an his house is awesomz! but wat rly surprised me was th toilet! yes, i said toilet! why u mite ask? well here is uranswer: THERE WAS A HALF FLUSH AND A FULL FLUSH BUTTON! XD i had neva seen that b4! it was just an amazment to me! all my aunt did was laugh an tell me i was so silly…then it became a long 4hour drive bak tha next day..oh i 4got we went out to eat to celebrate and boy did me and my mom act lik lil kids…i colored a kiddie menu :3 hm..lets c..oh! then i found out at tha last minute that th talent show was this saturday (2/5/11) so my mom just said “play wat u played last year. u dont hav time to learn sumtin new” i was lik ok. then i got a hobo jacket 4rm my friend it was so huge! an awesomz! then tha next day was my friend NINJA’s B-DAY!! XD an i got my hair rebraided then tha next day tha best thing eva happened at skool! A BLACKOUT! XD cuz it was cold and sumtin bout shuttin down tha power in one area then puttin power on in anotha so lik wateva…..a lot of ppl wanted to go home that dayt cuz tha power went out lik three times that day! an it took more than an hour tpo turn it bak on. so lik tha next day was weird! at lunch thaey put tha 9th grade and 10th grade  togetha cuz sum teachers were leacin b4 tha rode turn to ice and sum lived farther out not even tha 11th and 12th graders were barely in class….then they decided to just let us watch movies tha rest of tha day! an guess wat? i had no skool 2day! but wat made me mad was that it didnt snow, wat a drag! but im happy we had no skool woot! woot! so lik now im just chillin til 2mmorrow. oh an v-day is coming up….i rly wanna go shopping wit my friend Jenny next wkend so we can buy v-day gifts…but shes on punishment for now…but tha thing is she has to try to stay off punishment until afta we done shoppin! cuz i rly dont spend that much time wit her…i mean at skool i do but lik outdoor no…so i wanna hang out wit her nxt wkend…i hope she does come…well ttyl 4 now :3