Bus driver frenzy! Plus that happened the first wk of skool kid! Get ova it! DX

Okay! When i went 2 catch tha bus this mornin (tha same one 4rm yesterday that took me 2 skool) sat up there and said u cant get on this not ur bus! I looked at him so lost, then my mom was lik my daughter rode ur bus yesterday wat are u talkin bout! Then he kept sayin tha same thang then closed tha doors in my moms face while talkin. Then my mom was arguin wit him 4 tha longest! She even talked 2 tha bus ppl! I swear they hav amnesia! So my granny had 2 tak me 2 skool. This was in Art: I cant say my mood was ruined by wat happened in art class, just only surprisin. We were in art class an everyone was gettin to there seats and talkin. Then there was this gurl i notice and i said to her u look awfully familiar? Then she gav me a look and just came at me sayin: YEA I YELLED AT U LIK THREE DAYS AGO! D:< I barely rememba wat happened til i thought bout it. Shes still mad at me cuz i inturupted her conversation cuz tha otha gurl she was talkin to was my friend. So yea she just givz me looks in class but i pay no mind shes a child im lik 8months from bein 18 i dont need 2 wry bout kiddy bs 4rm lil childeren. An it was hot as hell outside so i got this:

The staircase at my school is naked! 0.o

*yawn* boy im tired! U kno i find it funny that i dont mak a post til late at nite. Aka b4 12am knoin that i hav 2 get up early in tha mornin XP Well anywho lik i said THA STAIRCASE AT MY SKOOL WAS NAKED! Meanin it showed its skin! No carpet at all! I mean tha stairs already creak when we go up tha damn stairs anyways! Just seein tha wood is scarey! DX But overall tha stairs i say i had a gud day, we worked wit different cubes made of sum and sumnot things on tha periodic table. It rly fasinated me how kool tha cubes look so i took a pic of them. Lunch was weird cuz a few of my friends werent there, but it was all gud. Oh yea i took a pic of tha pretty blocks we used in chemistry plus 4 dinner we had chicken strips and mac and white cheese X3


went 2 a card game, found out my friend put her bed in her closet, held a home-made sword (i think), cleaned on saturday plus helped my mom wit her losin keys problem also my moms tv started workin plus i went 2 a breakfast convention, then 2day went to Gringos and got southwest eggrolls and churros then got my new game i paid for, now im chillin X3

3rd day is the craziset but the 4th day is full of it!

this one has 2 b quick cuz im tryin 2 finish hw that i dont want at tha moment. I mean its very easy i just wasnt in tha mood 2 do it earlier. Ok yesterday there two amazin things that happened, 1st we got: STAIRCASE TRAFFIC! Cuz no one wuld open tha damn double doors so everyone can get in and out! We stood on those stairs for a gud 5minutes, i was so mad! 2nd thing: we finally did an expirement in chemistry! We made bubbles! It was so much fun! XD And lastely (i kno i said two but i thought of anotha) we did jeopardy in english class. Now as for 2day we were glad that IT FINALLY RAINED OUTSIDE 4 ONCE! GOSH! DX An cuz of that rain it was pretty dark outside which surprised us all in Algebra 2. Speakin of Algebra 2, my friend Dani broke sry i meant accedentally knocked ova tha new projector! So our teach did it tha ghetto way and just wraped it in tape. All i did was laugh! In art we got a surprise quiz that seemed lik it had no end, lol. At lunch my friend dropped his lunch (i laughed) then when leavin lunch a kid dropped there lunch! Im lik dejavu! Lmao! My home gurl penguin got her skool shirt stolen in PE and in english i got 2 write on tha board and feel smart lmao! (tha pic below is wat i did in english out oe boredom) XP

5th day of skool (late post)

i barely rememba tha 5th day but i was rly happy tha 1st wk was ova wit! I had lik two test that day! An completely 4got 2 study! But i past! Hm oh yea my friend Sobe drew an awesomz picture on tha board in art class plus they had movie day at my skool! But i culdnt stay! It was Soul Surfer! Ive neva seen it! DX

1st day is always full of surprises but the 2nd ..just keep comin

hey all! Kinda tired even though i had a 2hour nap then jack in tha box 4 dinner. Well the post will b short (mayb) bout my day. Well i missed my bus which made me late 4 skool then i got there they told me i culdnt b late anotha day cuz i wuld get a detention. (im always late to 1st period but that has 2 change this year since they got more strict than eva b4!) Rly it surprised me that i wasnt tha only one late! (thank gosh!) Im still tryin 2 get use 2 tha class periods bein so damn long! Lunch was just wonderful as eva. An i was havin a talk wit sum friends bout soccer, if they were gonna do it again or not since we got tha otha coach. Hm..oh yea! Our locker rooms got switched 4rm last year so we got tha small one and they guys got tha big one. Its so chlostrophobic in there! XP In italian we got so many papers that it was ridiculous! An of course english (last period) our teach was tired plus we got seatin arrangements! Eww! Oh yea an my art teacha finally figured out i was special plus i brought all my supplies 4 him (sorta) lmao! XD

How my day went at "that place" that opened today :D

Mite as well giv a heads up on everythin now! THEY CHANGED SO MUCH SHIT AT MY SKOOL THAT ITS UNBELIEVABLE! DX Ok tha classes start at 7:45am, we get out at 3:45pm (on monday, tuesday, & thursday), we get out at 3:10pm (on wensday & friday), tha lunch ISNT LIK LAST YEAR THEY MIXED EVERYONE UP SO ITS NOT THA SAME! BUT I GOT THA KOOL PPL AT MY LUNCH THOUGH! XD alrite so i’ll tell u wat happened in each class period since it was long as hell :p 1st period (us history, Mr. Takus): he walked bak and forth lik he had 2 go potty rly bad but he was just nervous, 2nd period (chemistry, Mr. Arnold): got a lil high of a king size marker! Cuz we had 2 label our stuff, boy that smell was strong! XD, 3rd period (algebra 2, Mr. Duncan): Mr.Duncan hates talkin a lot and kept lookin at tha time cuz he was runnin out of stuff 2 talk bout :p, 4th period(art-painting, Mr. Davila): showed us a awesomz art video then a funny art video, LUNCH!, 6th period(homeroom, Coach Banes): had too many ppl in our class, 5th period(PE, Coach Banes): he told his lion story bout him bein in africa again, then went ova rules, then found out he wasnt doin gurls soccer anymore..i was sad..so we stuck wit kargou, 7th period(italian, Sis.Mai): did if u happy and u kno it in italian and a huge homework paket wit more than 100pgs, then last 8th period (english 3, Mrs. Smith): learned BIG WORDS! That was my day :D

Best Adventure I Had 2day! :D

This is how my adventure went! I went 2 Pearland Town Center & Super Target & THEN I WENT 2 CHUCKY CHEESE (by tha way i was mad as hell cuz they ran out of parmesan cheese! HOW THA HELL U RUN OUT OF CHEESE! SO I HAD TO WALK AROUND LOOKIN 4 SUM! DX )! Oh yea i baught a game at Gamestop for my Nintendo 3DS but funny thing was it wasnt suppose 2 b on tha shelf yet so i paid 4 it fully and i hav 2 go pick it up 3days afta 2day. My mom told me i wuldnt b able 2 get it til nxt wkend cuz she gotta work. Plus i got new church clothes & feel in lovz wit two stores Buckle B and Zuminez >w<

Me + Barnaby’s = A RACK OF RIBS! = best evening ever) :D

Of course i took my Mohawk down and got braids. So me, my sista, and her dad went 2 Barnabys and i got a strawberry lemonade, fries, and A RACK OF RIBS! Plus my sista dad got a coke and i got 2 keep tha glass bottle :3 p.s my friend left cuz she had 2 do stuff 4 skool wit her mom so she culdnt stay til saturday :(

Mohawk being takin down, friend staying until saturday, and i got new sheetmusic to play :3

Well 2day is a thursday and i hav to get my mohawk takin down, how depressing…ive only had it for 5days! Now it has 2 be takin down to get braids 4 skool cuz im doin sports. Which dont start til late september, im doin soccer again since we went 2 state last year. An bout my friend kate, she came last nite and boy did she keep me up! We were chattin wit ppl on skype and oovoo til 5am! The funny thing is this is tha 1st time a friend stayed ova at my house! Strange huh. I usual crash at otha ppl houses, but i just neva invite them 2 mine cuz i thought it wuld b borin at my place. Bout tha sheetmusic, i printed out two new songs i wanna play (one of the songs is 5pgs long) but i mite not be able 2 work on them since i hav company :p