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October 30th, 2014


Stop Talking DX

(October 27th,2014.)

It’s 12 am and I’m getting nowhere with sleep like wut so ever. My roommate told me that I needed to go to sleep. I would have taken her advice but I just didn’t so I went ahead and just stayed on Twitter and kept texting my lovely telling her how much i missed messaging her. But it got to the point were I just had to end the conversation and actually go to sleep for I had class at 8 o’clock in the morning.. 

I did doze off a few times but at some point I was asleep til my roommate opened the door and I could hear her movie (she was watching Sinbad & The Seven Seas) she told me I needed to go to bed. I told her I was. I eventually went to sleep. 

Woke up around 4pm-ish & then again 15mins before my alarm went off. I swear my sleep pattern is so damn messed up! I was moving slow as a turtle but moved a little faster for I kept in mind that if I did take to long getting ready I wouldn’t be able to catch my bus on time. Moved a little faster when I noticed it hit 6:30am & I needed to quickly make my oatmeal. Surprisingly my oatmeal must have heard me for it made a mess in the microwave by over flowing, lovely. Didn’t have time to actually clean it so I just took the plate out and rinsed hot water on it, bagged my oatmeal, and dashed out the door. While walking down the sidewalk the sky was dark but somewhatly orange at the bottom. I found it nice; it was windy outside, bit chilly for a moment. Does this mean it’ll get cold soon? Getting tire of 80-95degree heat & its October about to be November =_= Now I think it rained last night, for it smelt partially of rain & a wet dog. Which gave a disgusting smell! But I had to endure til I reached the bus stop. While waiting I was looking for an app that would type my words for me while I talked, found one, heard it has amazing reviews, wanted to test it but the nice lady who lived across the street & always caught the bus with me came. So I waited; noticed they put a fence up around the area behind the bus stop. Guess they got tired of people walking on there property with there dogs, there going to put a big ass building in such a nice area. What idiots. Bus 451 finally arrived and I got an after the nice lady and we finally headed towards the train station. It didn’t take long for the train to arrive but of course what to do I expect, a free spot on the train? Nope. It was freakin rush hour in the morning, ugh. I don’t mind rush hour in the morning I just hate the fact of being surrounded by a lot of different types of people but of course this morning was ok.  But hear was  something that was really cool this morning on the train, there was a guy who got on at Walnut Hill that looked like an actor from one of my favorite tv shows (Hannibal). He basically had the same facial structure, curly hair, & even glasses. He just resembled this actor, it was like so interesting but creepy. Once I arrived at the school I went ahead and just ate my oatmeal as always and guess what! One of my favorite tv shows was The King of Queens. Haven’t seen that show in such a long time I watched a couple of minutes of it before I headed out, its still funny as always. The classroom is dark when I arrive to the room So I just went ahead and turned a lot on sat in class and wait until the other classmates got in. Swanston dinner I’m he’s pretty funny We talked about the teacher and how sassy gay he can’t is this conversation ever. While we were still talking about our sassy teacher the rest of the class start it all pile in the classroom. Then we’ll just started to have a conversation about how are only gonna wait a couple more minutes for the teacher and then leave. Also while we waited one  girl showed me this photography of a guys week one assignment. He was the guy our instructor told us about that had used his own fesses to make he’s art! But he did say we could do whatever & he did, next time he needs to give a limitation to that crap! We still checked the time, was getting close to when we were going to bounce. But he walked through the door, didn’t even sit down, just said we had a 15 minute(s) break, & he was going to make prints. All I did was go to the computer lab and work more on my Christmas list then headed back. The instructor took the longest of time like ever explaining the damn assignment! I mean we all read the paper when he gave it to use he just kept being all long and drawn on each damn bullet. He just kept talking, an talking, an saying like a lot, and doing his laugh. I ignored him & started making a fortune teller out of a shit of my notebook paper. Once he was finally done talking he was all like “Do you all understand?” we all wanted to give a harsh yes! But what came out wad yeah we get it dont explain it again or hell no we have no questions just move on! He did but them wanted our help clashing words together which took even longer cause he didn’t like some things we said, so he filled the board with combined words that were mostly on his paper then what the said. The exercise was simple, just drawing and inking the crap in such a short time was a mother!!! Once the timer hit, I stopped, said fuck it, turned it in, & went on our next break. During my walk I was capable of obtaining two $1 bills, one of them I spent, the other I kept to start saving up for a crochet hook. Then I went to the library and checked out three movies & Tolkiens Beastiary book. Always wanted to read more of his work. Once  back in class I stuffed the items carefully in my bag, he didn’t have the print outs for our next assignment cause the printer had a paper jam. So we read off the projector, he finished, we wanted to leave but couldn’t, now the whole rest of the time he wanted us to work on our homework. But instead we listened to techno music. Then we could leave, but I had to head to accounting to deal with a hole in my account again. They basically told me the same thing just that we needed to stay on our payments & try to pay a little more, they confused me at first I said I would text my mother later about it. (just to let you know it really slipped my mind to do so) Now here came the fact that I was happy Forest Lane was my last stop, for the train conductor was changing his sign to Not In Service. But what’s more messed up was that I needed to catch the last bus that would take me home & I had two minutes but right when I hit the stairs they had drove off not leaving at there scheduled time. Im like gosh damn it! Now I have to wait an hour! During this lovely load of crap wait I was working more on my blog post for  today until a lady came up to me basically almost telling me her life story. Well really she was just telling me how she hated the way the DART Buses or the system was for she was about almost two hours late for work cause a bus left way to early & didn’t really wait on anyone. Then she went into how she sent a complaint, how she would sue them if she got fired from work because of this, or how the bus drivers need to leave at there times or they’ll mess up everyone’s schedule of where they had to be. I think she eventually got tired of talking, went to smoke a cigeratte, then came back touching my hair asking me how I did it & how she wants to get her hair that way. In all honesty I wanted her to leave me alone but she was just a hard working woman who needed a break (I don’t know). The bus man came to drop people off then go on break, but the lady stopped him to tell her complaint about the other bus driver. She held the man up from his break for about a good 15 minute(s). Eventually he lefted, I couldn’t work on my blog post anymore for I was speaking it aloud and didn’t want people to hear, then he finally came back close to 1pm, waited, then we left, and then I was home. After sitting at that bus stop for an hour I was like nope! Not doing homework so I snagged my Surface & my big laptop to go download movies. With doing so in the lounge Keia was there to talk to me while I struggled to download them & work on blog posts. But people kept coming in to use the other computer to print & it would turn this one off! I was so pissed! Keia had to eventually after the third time it went off make a sign. My movies were almost done download, almost! Please no one else come to print! An no one did! An just for that I was capable of downloading BRAVE, How To Train Your Dragon 2, & Mulan. I was like I’m done! I’m going back to my apartment to eat! Keia tagged along after she got her key problem situated then she headed over to my apartment. I told her it was fine if she hung out for my other roommates weren’t here & that I was done cooking my dinner an she could make her’s. While she cooked her food, I was done eating, and went ahead to burn the movies oon the blank CD’s I had left over. (I’m running low and I’m going to need to get more.) After a bit of a wait they were done & we were watching How To Train Your Dragon 2 & giving our own little commentary. (Before the movie was in my PS3 Melissa came home with her boyfriend. She was going to do her homework while he blacked out on her bed since he was tired from work. She whinned that I didn’t make her a copy of How To Train Your Dragon 2 so I quickly made her one.) After the movie I noticed my roommate texted me two hours ago asking me to put her ground meat in hot water to thaw. I went ahead and did that even though it was late, but I was all like this water gets boiling hot on it’s own without a stove so it should be thawed out by the time she gets here. And speak of the devil 15 minute(s) later she came in through the door, I apologized fr taking up the couch and just moved Keia to our room. I had explained to Keia I didn’t like taking the couch for to long for she sleeps on it. An that the last time me & Melissa were on it Melissa decided to pull an all nighter til 4am plating and she went to sleep in the closet for her mattress was messed up then and she couldn’t sleep in it. But now she has a bed but still wont sleep in it for she enjoys the couch. Keia understood and just worked on her script writing assignment while I took a shower, once out I just layed on the other side of the bed where Keia was sitting and typing. She was telling me about her script and I listened then we had random conversation for a bit. An the darnest thing happened, I felt uncomfortable being on the edge so I rolled on my side while still talking to Keia but my words became short and all went dark. I rolled back over and Keia was gone. I felt bad, I fell asleep while we were talking. So I texted her good night like a normal person does to say in translation sorry for falling asleep on you guess I was really tired. lol. Still am, I’m going back to sleep…

Dat Short Sunday Post

(October 26th, 2014.)

(This post will be short for I didn’t do much today.)

So what ended up happening I stayed up a little while and then fell asleep.

Woke up with nothing to do for I was waiting on the damn lounge to freaking open so I can print out the text I needed for my billboard homework assignment. So I went to the other half of the lounge, tried to work on the last bit of my blog posts, got a quarter to get jelly beans from the nice security guy. After waiting another damn hour they finally open I printed out my text, outlined it then I was done, can’t recall what I did after that but I did use the Wifi for a bit then went back to my apartment. I’ve noticed lately I’ve been singing songs from movies while I work, I highly had the “Let It Go”: song going off in my head while making and eating dinner.  eventually started singing while I was in the shower. Now here’s the darnest thing. I was going to watch it when I got out of the shower but it went missing, so I read one of Tantan’s manga volumes. I read both volumes of Beast Master, I hated how short it was, I wanted more. Then I was just up on Twitter talking to my lovely and posting Sterek pictures all the night. I don’t know when I’ll go to sleep.

I may procrasinate but I’ll get it done, eventually

(October 25, 2014)

It’s about 2:26am & I just finished watching Jack Reacher. Since I borrowed two movies from the leasing office again I had to finish it last night/this morning for I have to return it later on today. Since I’m so sleepy I’ve been thinking things, I love & hate when I think things when I’m super sleepy r drowsy. Reasons being, what’s on my mind my be a good idea but I know it will work out or the fact that I need to do something til  I sleep then try to do it but black out in the process. Well my idea was to pull a Vampire Diaries. The whole writing in a journal thing again instead of Blogging. But then I thought about it & how I use to write on paper and well gotten it read then lectured about it. Thanks mom, I will never have a freaking diary ever again.  I do every now anthen write my poetry inside one of my journals I still have in my possession. But hey this is only a 2am thought. Since I’m still up I need to take my treatment then go to bed. There might be a tour tomorrow out of no where an I need to be ready. Also sorry that I said I would make this into an audio blog, but I’m thinking I may just switch it back and forth between typing and listening depending on the time of day. I use to stay up at night and type my blog posts so they wouldn’t be late. I might need to start back doing that before I forget things. Night/Morning all~(its 2:38am now)

So I woke up at a decent time to eat breakfast & finish the last of my homework. Plus I also thought of a plan to buy a new crochet hook that I needed to finish the Xmas gifts since I had a feeling my mom wouldn’t wire me money to get one. I was motivated as hell to do my homework…but Youtube, Twitter, & Facebook distracted me from that early point in the morning til around close to 6pm. I got hungry. But I headed to my friend Keia’s apartment since she finally moved over here! Her place was really cool! Loved every bit of it; ate some of her roommates bad batch of rolls. So I just hung at her place talking for about two or three hours til it was decided I head back to my own apartment to eat. Once I got home & dinner was made Tantan’s Ex-Boyfriend came over & then they left. Movie time! I watched The Haunting of Molly Hartly. Loved it and then a shower was a must of course. Then I finally sat on my bed, took my supplies out, blasted music and did my homework. While working I heard Tantan & her Ex come throught the door then I heard there loud ass horror movie. Popped those headphones in & worked my ass off! Was very surprised how I did all this when I just actually sit down and focus with no fucking distraction. I finished it all before 12am, want to stay up. But Imma sleep….

Dallas Costume Shoppe, Halloween Party, Haunted House, & Casino Night :)

Since I was still awake & wanted to reward myself. Me and Tantan stayed up and watched the Extended Uncut Version (since it gave me three options) of SALT. I loved every bit of it! Glorious it was J

(I’ll try to post pictures later of me in the outfits I tried at Costume Dallas Costume Shoppe.)

When I awoke I went ahead and cleaned my side of the room for there was going to be a tour in here around 1pm & I needed to get out of here. Ate breakfast then dashed t the bus, caught it, then hit the train downtown. Now I regret nothing of taking this way instead of the other way I found much more easier but I just noticed this route was easier. But finding the damn bus stop was a royal pain in the ass! I was so lost! My GPS was acting stupid and I was in the heart of Downtown Dallas! I would’ve asked for direction but I was to frustrated and had a feeling if I asked they wouldn’t know. So instead I followed the directions of where the buses were headed, til I found a directory, which was right down the damn sidewalk of the bus stop! Son of a bitch! You were right there! I’ve been walking in circles! Gah! I checked the times then went to look at the bus stop to see if the number I was looking for was there. An yes it was, with many other bus stop numbers! I was like more the 20 bus stop numbers on there! I was all like what the hell! While standing there reading the numbers an old man started talking to me saying, “Playing hookie? Skipping out on class?” I replied, “What?” He was all like “Shouldn’t you be in school?” “I don’t have class.” He thought I said I didn’t go to school, I corrected him in a harsh tone, sat down, and put my headphones in before he said anything else to me. I hate it when creepy old men talk me. Such perverts! Ugh! Waited about a good 20mins til my bus came, an you thought the old man was weird. The bus driver was weirder. She complemented me in an odd way, saying I looked nice showing off my little chest and that she liked my glasses and that I just looked so cute. All I could say was that you. Found it odd, my shirt isn’t tight just a little fitted and lose. But found out during the bus ride that she was a friendly woman and always complemented people for people should be happy for the way they looked. I was glad to get off for this old guy kept telling corny jokes and I got annoyed with them. Now I thought I would have to walk far but I was wrong, it was right across the street. Dallas Costume Shoppe where you can rent costumes. They had things made from back in the day to medieval to theatrical costumes. For they did make costumes for the theater. But here’s the problem, I had to go potty like so badly! But when I asked the nice lady that worked there she toldmethey didn’t have a bathroom! Anthatthe nearest restroom was maybe down the street, I told her I would hold it. Even though I know that’s a lot of bs! There has to be a restroom in here! But I didn’t press on the matter. Instead I started walking around in amazement at all the colors, and fabrics, the hats, and different styles 🙂 I loved it! But it was so hard to chose! So I just picked a bunch of them and tried them on. Also there was a sassy gentlemen there looking for a drag outfit, when he did try one on I told him he looked fabulous. During the time of me trying on the outfits I was trying my best to not piss myself while undressing. After I tried them on & got the price of how much to rent them I decided to cross dress. But I found that none of the men outfits interest me; yet I did find this very classy purple suit in the women section that I was modeling in like crazy with this cool pirate like black shit and tie. Right when I was about to get out of the suit I couldn’t hold it anymore!!! I asked the other lady that worked there who helped me out a lot with the outfits if there was a restroom. Guess what? There was just not open to the public, but she let me use it cause she noticed I was damn near close to really pissing myself!!! After going through a back door, a maze of clothes, and locating the light switch I hit the jackpot and found the restroom! Magically relief; I wanted to really rent this suit for Halloween but my loving mother reminded me of all the glorious things we had to freaking pay for. Thanks mom. I left disappointed but glad that I found the darn place. Once home I attempted to try and re-crochet this hat I wanted to make for my friend for xmas since I didn’t have the right size hook, so I decided to chain the amount of things. I think it was working. Then the leasing office called me & Tantan asking if we wanted to work in the haunted house, I didn’t but she did. So she got her makeup on, got dressed, we told Melsi bye who was going to leave soon, and headed to the lounge for the Halloween Party. The leasing office bought food from Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, yes! Haven’t had Barbecue in a minute~ After seeing so many people in costumes (also I found Waldo) I dashed back to the apartment, changed into my kimono, snagged Melsi’s Haku mask she made, and headed back to the line for food. Everyone was dressed up & even the kids were adorable! Plus there was this cute little girl there who was dressed as Elsa and her hair was on point! I got a roll, some beans, some brisket, some sausages, and some delicious cherry pie~ Me & my bad sweet tooth I aimed for the freaking Cherry pie first then everything else after. Next was the the Haunted House, I met Toni & Sarah in line and also Toni’s boyfriend. He was scrony and a bit shy and weird. Since they had there group of four I went ahead with a lovely cop and her cheetah friend inside. The only thing that scared me was the damn clown jumping out at the freaking end, that’s it! (But I did cling to the nice police lady’s shirt the whole way so I wouldn’t be lost.) The rest of my time being there consisted of me looking at the children looking so cute, waiting for the casino people, then they finally came, I played Roulette with Sarah at my side teaching me til I was broke of chips, and then headed over to the other table where you play 21. Me and this nice Asian lady I talked to earlier played with the card dealer til close to 12am. (Also Sarah whispered in my ear telling me the card dealer was kinda hot, a little but I betcha he’s old.) I headed back to the apartment to take a nice long hot freaking shower!!!!! The watched Jack Reacher in my room. I think I blacked out afterwards….. 

Finishing Homework & Darn Hair

(Ocotber 23rd, 2014)
So I stayed up and watched this movie called the Covenant. All I got from reading the description on the back was warlocks, evil enemy returns, and everyone is good looking lol. The movie overall was good, but I did black out when it ended. I was sleepy.

So I woke up about 10mins right after Meld and Tartan left the house cause tantan woke me up earlier then my alarm an I was all like fuck it. But I didn’t leave the house right away. Made myself a nice breakfast first then caught an early bus to the train station. Once arriving at the school I had to find a good spot to sit at to do my work, which I did find one. But got kicked out for there was going to be a class in there so I went on the 3rd floor. (before that I bought some fruit, well tried but didn’t have enough change so a nice guy it for me. I felt bad for I didn’t want him paying it for me. But I said thanks anyways.) Worked for an hour. Took a break by catching up on Once Upon A Time. Back to work. Then another episode of Once Upon A Time. Then bought a Danish. Then went all out and finished the damn thing so I could watch Sleepy Hollow. Bought a bag of chips and watched episodes one and two of Sleepy Hollow then decided to head out for I was hungry and in the mood for a freaking shower. Plus it was time to take my hair down, wash it, then twist it. Went to the lounge first to grab some tea and rented out two movies I’ve never seen before. The movie SALT and Jack Reacher. When I was finished checking them out and heading outside I noticed Anthony had ordered pizza. I asked if there was an event going on tonight, he told me no. Saying the pizza were for the people who moved here just recently but the moving trucks left to early. Although, he did say I could stop by to get a slice of pizza or two. For there should’ve been some left over for there weren’t that many kids. I told Melsi about it when I got back to the apartment, she told me to snag her some for Anthony did she could have some. Then we talked about the new RA position being open and how there was only one. An I was just saying that if he didn’t hire more she would probably get more work, but Melsi is Melsi. An decided to argue with me saying it would never happen and he wouldn’t do that. While she was walking out I mumbled, “Of course he wouldn’t do that to you for you’re his favorite RA and there is a high possibility he has a huge crush on you since you like Zelda.” Thankful she didn’t hear me or we would’ve really stated something. While I waited til 6:15pm, I was trying to look for my damn white card that would let me enter the lounge. Couldn’t find the damn thing! So annoying! Had to knock on the door at the lounge. Now these damn kids were about to leave with the last fucking box! Yall niggas be eating! Was only ale to get two slices, a cup of Mountain Dew, and a short conversation with Sarah and Toni for I was still ungry and needed to do my hair. Once home it didn’t take me long to cook then finish eating, but took a life time taking a shower since I had to wash my hair. Now I was really hoping! Really hoping to finish twisting and combing out my hair before 12am. Guess what? I DID! Finished at 11:05pm! And boy were my hands freaking tired! They hurt so much from parting my hair and combing this thick hair of mines and twisting each one really fast. But most of all my legs hurt! Standing in the bathroom for more then an hour looking at the mirror trying to do my hair was very tiring =_=

Competitive Idiot and Wide Awake

(October 22nd, 2014)

Got up early for I had to get to the school to talk to Anthony before my 1am class. When I got the email yesterday or today he was asking to speak with me for about 5 to 15 minutes in his office. I hope he doesn’t lecture me or ask me hows my living with Tantan & Melsi is going. To my surprise when I got there it was neither. He wanted me to close the door for this was a serious conversation again. Last time I was in here and he wanted to have a serious conversation was when me and Tartan had issues with the new roommates. Yet after I explained the situation and what happened he had nothing to say after that except miss communication happened and that he was glad to get the information. But this time it was about me being in the red with payments for housing. I told him I’ve already talked to accounting and we know I’m behind but he still told me to go over there and talk to them. Told accounting what Anthony told me, they said they’ve already explained my situation to him and that he shouldn’t have bothered me about it. Texted my mom and let her know what’s going on. She texted back and said she would make a payment tomorrow. That was settled and I went to class.  But before that I went to say hi to everyone in room 322, all my animation & game art friends  that I missed dearly. Now here’s a shocker! Evan shaved his damn head! I’m all like what the hell! Where’s your hair?! He said he cut it for he was looking for a new job, I told him he looked weird. Then he became demanding to see my pen tooled house, I told him when you had hair you were okay but now that its cut you’re an asshole! He laughed, I know that he’s a competitive piece of crap. Showed it to him. All he said was damn, I need to step my game up! I didn’t do all that! Shut his damn mouth! Lol. Today were were putting color to our two assignments we did for the past two weeks. Our six items and the freaking house we outlined. It was funny cause my friend sitting next to me was complaint about how if he was in Photoshop he would’ve been done. An that he wanted to make everything one solid color. He made me and my other homie laugh til break. Didn’t do much but sit there in the lounge staring at the screen noticing that TBS started showing Robot Chicken & Children’s Hospital. That’s Adult Swims job O.o ;also sometime Randy gave me two dollars, I saved them. Back in the rolly chair and working my ass off! At the end of class I finished my six items then went to another computer lab and bald way sorta finished the house for a few hours. Got hungry so I said screw it! I’ll come up to the school tomorrow and finish the rest. Was planning to stay til 10pm but the hunger was growing on me. Once home I ate, showered, and was wide the hell awake after a treatment. Damn it. 

Bragging & Made a New Friend

(October 21st, 2014)

So I think my roommate fell asleep on the movie cause the main menu theme I kept hearing it around 1am-ish in the morning. It was so freaking annoying. Glad when she turned the hell off when she rolled over.

This morning no Cheshire Cat smiling at me, it was more like I could see the stars for once outside. And no they weren’t airplane lights, I can tell the damn difference. So I was happy for today I thought we were going to do Celtic text but found out in class that we were going to do Roman Brag. The Celtic text would be next week or so. Teddy and Randy weren’t there, I kept texting them like crazy but no damn reply. Also one of my classmates from my digital illustration class was in here, he was all like I missed last week and I think he got his schedule changed. He also had the next class with me. I told him he would have to do a lot of work for he was seriously behind. After our lovely instructor went over the key words that would be used on our quiz for week 5 I finally got a text from teddy saying he was on the way. But I didn’t know it was him til he came to class when it was almost over; we were supposed to do a brag about ourselves but instead I did a quote by Gandalf. Cause I love Gandalf’s quotes. Ah! So jumping ahead! During break I finished listening to all the Dracula audio books, the ending was glorious! Also I was working on my Christmas list to email to my mother later if her email was okay since I made her a new one last week. Teddy came near the end of class asking me what we had done & that I would text him the words she went over for our quiz. Also freaking Evan wanted to see my Roman Brag for he’s very competitive & he also wanted to see my pen tooled house we worked on last week since I finished it. I told him he was a royal pain and that I would show it to him in class on Wednesday. In our next class our instructor took his time going around and critiquing everyone’s work, we have a large class. I talked to a few people and also this one girl who I found interesting to talk to. When he got to me he loved my yarn advertisement idea but wanted me to add some things to it. Majority of class was him going around looking at our stuff and picking which billboard idea we needed to make a rough of. Then for the last hour of class he tried so hard to lecture about the billboard idea and how he wanted. I asked if I could use text because I didn’t have that many words. Also we had to guess what type of magazine layout was used and what message was being given, found this exercise very interesting. After class I talked to the girl who was interesting about The Hobbit & Game of Thrones, she also showed me her fan art which was really cool! She wanted to talk more about Game of Thrones cause she couldn’t really find anyone to talk to about it. Gave her my number and just told her to text me when she gets a chance. Once home, no joke, I was singing the Pokemon opening theme song while making dinner. I honestly don’t know why the hell I was singing it but I guess I wanted to watch Pokemon again. Then I took a shower. An I just laid in bed. Didn’t do a damn thing, just layer in bed staring at the walls and twitting on Twitter. Then came my roommate talking to her exboyfriend on the phone very loudly! Telling him she doesn’t want to get back together & other crap, wish she would stop talking to him & just let him go. But she’s confused about crap and does things differently then everyone else. *sigh* heard there conversation for about an hour or so. Time to go to sleep.

Morning Smile, No Homework, & In the mood for a Movie

(October 20th, 2014)

I slept oddly last night; don’t know why I just did. Woke up tired & wanting to go back to sleep but couldn’t. Did my usual morning routine as always then headed to the bus stop, train, then, school (Also while heading to the bus stop I saw the Cheshire Cat smiling at me in the sky, it was pretty.). At the school I finished my oatmeal before going into the classroom. Once of the students was there, putting up her week 1 assignment. It was really cool too! All Alice & Wonderland themed and her week 2 assignment was like a cool wooden puppet thing. Then others started to come into class. Then the conversation about the supplies & where to get some arised. Not everyone had everything & found it frustrating to find it. Also  Evan returned to class, the idiot missed last weeks assignment & he looks tired as hell. There a few others who didn’t do the assignment and some were a a lost of what exactly to do. I didn’t find it all that hard but some people did. Guess they comprehend assignments differently. After attendance (found out Evan’s name was his middle name and his first name starts with a D, I told him that name didn’t suit his and Evan was better) & a lecture about reality stuff (totally forgot how our instructor got started on that dang topic but whatever) we finally started critiquing our assignment. He decided on mines first for it was at the far end of the way, I hated having to go first. I explained my process, how the carpet at the leasing office helped me get a spark of some helpfulness towards making the map, and what my conclusion came to be with inking I & markers. He gave his critique it was really just me using medium tone colors or something or another then a few other people said stuff. Got to sit down after; he did like it though, fund I creative. Next was this girl who was in fashion but switched to graphic design. I could already tell she was in fashion before even letting us know when she was telling us about her map. For she always dresses nice an I found her pretty. Hell she was wearing a large sweat shirt like tanish dress with boots & her curly hair was down. She was rocking that whole outfit! Plus she’s like small she looks like she could be a middle schooler, but she is beautiful though. Found out she is mixed, I think she said German and Russian if im not mistaken. I don’t know I find her style and the way she is interesting. Next was the cool chick who did the Alice and Wonderland themed thing. I find it so surprising all the things she used was already at home and she didn’t have to buy anything. Awesome. Next was this other girl who I find shy but shes cool just doesn’t like groups or crowds much from what I can tell. I loved her colors and the story behind the images. Then came Mrs. Dancer, he’s was simple but clean an eligient. Which I still find pretty cool. Then came the funny guy who loved shoes so much! I found his story the most entertaining and interesting. (Oh we did have a break in between these, also the cool chick that dresses all pretty told us about her last weeks assignment. An our instructor loved the other chicks Alice and Wonderland sculpture so much that she Told the head of Director in Design to see and wanted to know if there was room for it in a glass case somewhere.) After a few laughs and questions  he told us of our next assignment, which we didn’t have! Cause there was no homework for this week since we have an in class assignment next week. We all said yess like it was a weight off of or shoulders. So I decided to go straight home and do something worth while or just be a damn bum! But I remembered or was reminded through text that I needed to help Tantan with her homework assignment. Now here’s the deal, she was still asleep when I got home. I did wait a little bit for her to awake, so I was sheming through the Dallas Voice newspaper. But eventually started planning to go to the lounge and just type up my blog posts for last week and call the vacation people about paying the deposit later on. But she woke up frustrated trying to figure out the camera. I tried calling the vacation people and it took forever so I said I would try later. We didn’t get many images done for me nor Tantan knew how to work this camera nor adjust the setting for everything was complicated. I felt bd for her though for she just got back out of town, this was the only time she could check out the camera, she hadn’t eaten all day, nor taken a shower, and hadn’t gotten much sleep at al. She gave up and said she would tell her instructor she didn’t know how to use the camera for shes not a photograph student . For the class was for photograph students anyway, but mandatory for graphic designers to know how to take there own pictures for there own work. I found that stupid, this is the 21st century! We have cell phones lol. But what made things worse she had to rush to get ready to try and catch a bus in a good 1mins to return the camera to school. While she was panicking and taking a shower I went ahead and asked Melissa if she didn’t mind taking her. She seemed as though she didn’t want to go up there, even though she was procrastinating again and not doing her homework. She had to think for a minute then she said she did need to go to the school for something. Melissa never changes. Tantan was able to breath after hearing she had a ride to school. I went to the lounge to type up and call the vacation people about the time of when we needed to turn in the money. Got all that taken care of and then starting working on my blog and changing a few things. Stayed until they closed the place up. My hands were hurting afterwards after typing so fast an reading things, but glad I got it all typed up though. Changed so much of my blog! Like the theme, the font, where the things were, and the URL as well. So I was in the mood for a Disney movie while eating dinner so I went ahead and watched Sleeping Beauty with Melissa. We kept giving funny commentary and questioning why the princess always fall in love on the first day. I told her there were only two people to question what goes on in a Disney movie. That would be Eugene from Tangled asking why is everyone singing & Kristof  from FROZEN telling Anna she can’t fall in love with someone in one day, its not how love works. After that magical moment I went ahead and took my shower then watched How To Train Your Dragon (the first one) for I missed seeing Hiccup and Toothless. Right when I had finished the movie my roommate Titan came in the house. I told her sorry for scattering my stuff everywhere & just got my stuff and went into the room. Here’s where my mood changed. I had must got through taking my asthma treatment and the first thing I breath in besides fresh air is something spicy and hot. Burned the hell out of my throat! I asked nicely for Tartan to to turn the cent on when she cooks stuff like that for ill be breathing it in and it burns. She seemed a bit moody when I asked. Look I’m not about to have an asthma attack cause you want to have your way damn it! You live here with two other people! Sorry if you had a bad a day or whatever. I tried using Melissa’s air freshener and fanning it out but it was a no go. So I went ahead and unscrewed the light bulb from my wax burning lamp then plugged it up and let the scent go through the room. Now I’m able to sleep somewhatly better