Done with one blanket, one more to go..

Tired: So I finally finished the blanket that I’ve been on and off with since December (since it was supposed to be a Christmas gift but will now be a Mothers Day gift for my grandma and great aunt) cause I was sick on and off a bit. But one down and one to go. But I’m going the hell to sleep! It’s like freaking 3am! Morning all~
Watched EP8 of Damien (tv series) on A&E; Well the florist is dead and Damien has a lot of freaking followers. But we really need to do something about that annoying ass cop! Everytime I see that cop doing something I just think about that other dog that got shot, I miss him now.
Read Chapter 161 of 19 Tian (manga) so glad it updated, I freaking missed all the characters.
Read Chapter 97 of Tamen De Gushi (manga); I love the glasses guy! He’s truly made my damn day 🙂
Done reading Chapters 1 thru 18 of Citrus (SABURO Uta)(manga); this is so adorable but there school system for this all girls school is such a pain. I would’ve went to a regular high school :p
Completely forgot I had this movie! It was so darn good! Really want to read Moby Dick now (another classic book on my To Read this Year Books), I had watched The Heart of the Sea (movie)
This was a new manga, gave it a shot. Read Chapter 1 thru 5 of Yue Shi (manga) the art syle is quite nice 🙂
Also, I did announce on my blog that I won’t be posting there anymore but I would keep up with the blogs I followed on there. For I can still comment as a google user on there. Plus I will keep that announcement post on there but I will be slowly moving my old post here. Cause I like this site, was gonna make a wordpress but then I was like nope. Plus I gave the link to my fellow readers on twitter to this site.
Well have a good night all

(IGNORE THIS! IGNORE IT NOW; 6/2/16) MAJOR ANNOUNCEMNT: I mean it this time, for sure!

So I’ve already announced on Twitter that I’m slowly starting to post else where. An well I guess I can say I’m transforming it into my mood journal again. I hope you guys can go check it out in your spare time, here’s the link: TheLazyOne Journal – Click Me

I’ll also try to slowly move some of my old posts from here to there, I would like to keep all my memories. (this blog goes all the way back to freaking 2010, oh what fun!) I will still be keeping up with all mt old followers that still post on Blogger, I can still comment as a Google User. So I won’t leave you guys all alone okay 🙂

This new Journal thing is a new and working progress. But it’s interesting cause its just plain, I get to write, I get to post gifs and videos and audio, and really it’s just something simple that I can put my thoughts on. I’m not saying that Blogger isn’t simple! No! No! I’m only saying that I’ve always wanted to move on and try something new and not the same old same old. You know. But after I move everything this will be the only post left on this blog, hopefully I can get it all done before I start back that “College Life”.

I’ll always love this blog that help me start it all, but now I need to move it all to a new platform. Lol. I hope you all have an amazing day 🙂

Darn Churchy People

(Just wanted to say, im not a smoker. I just found this image really cool. It really displays annoyance in his face.)
Do stay up and watch Childs Play 2 (1990) and then afterwards I feel asleep that early morning (around 3am I think)
Later that afternoon when I awoke, I did watch EP9 “Betta Male” of The Family (tv series) (ABC)

Curious (really did kill the cat): I was going, no correction. Already now started putting the clothes in the dryer, til I noticed those woman I saw earlier walking around. I thought they were lost, an I realm shouldn’t have. Buried my own grave for being a good citizen. They were JW, Jehovah Witnesses. Long story short, got a pamphlet, was told to read it, and they would be back next week. Damn. Knew I should’ve left them be. Well ill have to brush them off next week, I dont believe in God. So no to the pamphlet.

Continued crocheting (red to finish this on so I can work on the other) Watched Childs Play 3 (1991)(movie)
Not even really started Poseidon (2006)(movie) cause I had to go out.

Supportive: We went to go support my aunt in her karaoke Happy Hour Night. I dryly sung one song, gave my aunt shiny pennies cause her tip jar was empty, and found out she went to a karaoke competition. That she later on found out supported the LGBT community. I told her if she had another event or outing like that I wouldn’t mind tagging along.

Did finish the movie when I got home.
Read Chapter 403 of Noblesse (manga); they really need to find a way to save Rai’s life.

Angry: Our neighbors are really a royal pain! Not even 5mins in the shower those pricks decide to run a bath! The Hell! The water pressure just kept getting lower an lower and lower. Low to the point where there were only droplets! I had to stand in the shower for awhile but then got out and waited a life time for the water pressure to come back on.

The only other way to calm my nerves is something cold to drink and a movie. So I’m about to watch another classic as I continue crocheting. The Sound of Music (1964) I love the songs in this movie 🙂

Hope you all have a better night then me.
Night all.

Horror, my genre

Curious: After watching a YouTube video on the history of vampires, I started looking up other good horror movies / vampire movies. While downloading movies for the brat (so she can leave me alone)

Apathetic: Mom came home earlier then normal with the brat. The brat got in trouble at school again, an this time mom was highly feed up! But didn’t whoop her sadly! (she needs a good whoopin) But I didn’t care really for the kids excuses, I was only glad that I could hide away her iPad and phone.

Decided it was time to stay up and work on crocheting this blanket I should’ve finished in December.
So im now about to watch a horror classic, Childs Play (1988)

Have a good night all~ 

Ugh people…

Time – 11:14pm right now currently I’m sleepy so I’ll try to be quick.

Uneasy: Sill up watching TV for a few more hours but then I felt tired. Messaged my mother that I was going to sleep; it was going on2am so I had a feeling she was staying the night somewhere. No. Instead she comes in all noisy with this tall guy I dont know. Basically the whole time the guy was in the back made me feel uneasy. Dont know who he is, looks odd, and in all honestly I hope they don’t make out. (I think she’s drunk, plus that gross if they did but didn’t.) About an hour or so he eventually finally left. (Dont ever come back weird guy!) 

Productive: Later in the evening I went ahead an finally applied for that Gift Shop Clerk job. It’s at the hospital of course. Then I worked on my online drivers ed for awhile til I got hungry. 

Happy: The new episode / season of Game of Thrones premiered. It was a glorious episode! 

Annoyed: (early morning) I had to keep getting up to lock the door since that tall guy kept going to his freaking car. I hope he never comes back. (later in the evening, basically night time) right when the new episode of Game of Thrones aired that darn Tornado watch signal came on about three times. That annoying siren and voice! Ugh! 

Watched EP3 of Mayoiga (anime)
Watched EP3 of Bungou Stray Dogs (anime)
Watched S6 EP1 “The Red Woman” of Game of Thrones (tv series)

I also figured out what chapter I left off in Tokyo Ghoul (manga) (its chapter 100). I need to finish it to read the sequel.

Now it’s 11:26pm, that’s all. I’m going to bed.

Tables over Slot Machines

(Decided to change this to a mood journal, did this with my blog awhile back but got busy and couldn’t get back to it. So I’ll try again.)
Happy: We managed to make a few dollars about twice to make into bills so we can play on the slots. We had some money again finally, but that wasn’t the exciting part. I met my best friend’s mom and dad at Delta Down. I was so glad / surprised to see them there, they even showed me pictures of the baby! He’s so adorable! I’m going to spoil the crap out of that kid, well when I have a good paying job of course.
Annoyed/Upset: So not only were we winning and losing money left and right with these machines. My cousin had his money stolen from a slot machine that shut down on him. We all spoke to the manager and some really rude guy about it. An in all honesty after telling them what happened, the fact they looked through the history an say they couldn’t find anything, they couldn’t pay back my cousin! We were all upset about it! I had to go hunt down my grandmother in the casino to give her $5 and back to my aunt t give her $5. For I finally won something again and actually shared. I told my cousin I would get his money back before we left! An that’s what I plan to do! This is why I like playing the tables more then slots, you get more!
Caring: So I wasn’t able to get the whole $20 back that he lost but I gave my cousin the $14 I had won. He wasn’t mad anymore, he was super happy! An we wasted all of it in the arcade section playing games for the rest of the morning we were there 🙂
Tired/Drained of Life: I ended up sleeping peacefully (sort of, there was an odd smell on the bus. I t was coming from the restroom…it was more disgusting then the sewer!) on the bus, I went and curled back up in on those two uncomfortable charges and went right to sleep.       Sleep did get interrupted since we made it back in Houston, went to my grandmas house after we dropped everyone off (left my key at home and no one is there), and went right back to sleep on the couch. Mom did come get me in a few hours, it was boiling hot (I hate the sun, I’m literally like a vampire), and I ran errands withe her buying things before we hit the house. I was still tired but fought off sleep cause I was kind of hungry.
Other (other stuff I did that doesn’t need the title of a mood):
  • Read Chapters 4 thru 18 of Tsubasa – World Chronicle – Hiraikanai Hen (manga); read this when I got home
  • my so called breakfast consisted of chips, all natural ginger chews, and two reese’s cups (my morning was evening)
  • Then of course later on in the evening, I download anime an started watching it like crazy!
  • Watched EP2 & EP3 of Seisen Cerberus (anime); overall I loved both episodes but that light blue haired chick was clueless as hell!
  • An right about now I’m going to watch EP2 & EP3 & EP4 of Kiznaiver (anime), well you all have a good night. I’ll be up watching anime~

No Sleep Morning and Dealing with Arousal

If my morning couldn’t get any worse, I couldn’t sleep. Why? It’s all because of that darn Dramatical Murder Drama CD, well only part of it, but goodness it was gloriously hot! I enjoyed it highly, but that didn’t help the fact that I couldn’t SLEEP! It was very irritating but I solved the problem…sort of; i’ll admit I was a tad aroused..there I said it. Which made me listen to it again..darn it. That was the least of my troubles, my mother came home early in the morning from my aunt house. I thought she would go straight to bed but instead she went about the dishes being in the sink and how she couldn’t find her charger and wanted to blame my aunt for taking it! Why would she take it, she has her own. I kept trying to convince my mother that she may have moved the charge! I was annoyed at this point and told her to please just go to bed!
I ended up taking care of the dishes and she did find her charger (told her no one stole it). Then I really couldn’t sleep, it was already close or around 4am. Might as well watch TV, so I watched the newest episode of Damien (tv series on) A&E. I loved this episode, he’s like having such bad trust issues and it’s glorious! Plus we meet a guy who’s obsessed with him and will do anything to get his approval! Beautiful! Then I attempted. to rest.
Wanted to get up early but slept my whole morning and afternoon away, but I did manage to get a workout in though! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve went jogging cause the weather has been bad outside. So I decided to workout indoors playing a Kinect game while the brat wasn’t home. An even after this workout I was til..well a tad aroused from early…damn being horny is highly annoying but not so bad I guess.
After was a shower, I decided to talk to a friend about this whole arousal thing. Not like I’ve never been horny before but I just wanted some advice on things. An as a good friend she was always helpful in hearing my problem, I know this a natural thing an all but getting advice isn’t a bad thing. Anywho, after our conversation I ended up reading a lot of articles when my mom came home, then I had to deal with noise since she her classmate came over, they had to rehearse there dance since they had no practice, and I also found it so surprising that they didn’t have homework! They missed like two days of school because of the weather, what do you mean no homework. Crazy.
I was going to stay up but I’m extremely tired, so sleep it shall be. (Plus my mom left a lot of papers everywhere, she said she wants to finally go through everything she’s had stuffed in this piece of furniture. Well she’s going to be awhile.)

Dark Sleepy Morning

It was around 4am or 5am that I heard my phone going off and the children above us yelling! An noticing the fact I was sleeping in darkness….I can’t sleep unless I got one light on! I feel uneasy, unless I’m fully blacked the hell out. I did noticed the hall light was on, that’s good enough. As long as it’s one, one light on, I’ll be fine, I’ll be safe….I did figure out in my sleep why they were yelling. It was storming outside like crazy! Thunder, dark skies, and the most ridiculous heavy rain ever. Sleep, I have to go back to sleep.

Ended up waking around 10am-ish to notice my mother and the brat were both still here. The canceled school. Great, now I have to deal with them. I had plans for the day, but since it’s so dark out and we fear the power could go out any second. I’ll minimize how many light I have on. I went ahead and started then had to restart cause the site crashed filling out this job application for an internship over the “Summer Break” although I’ve been on a break for awhile now. While I was filling it out I went ahead and watched Dancing with the Stars “Disney Night Part 1 and 2”. These are the only episodes of this season I’m watching. Why? Cause, it’s god damn Disney Night!

My mother wanted to watch a movie, didn’t want to give up my couch at all. But there was one thing I had to check on OnDemand. YASSSSS! WatchAThon has begun on Xfinity! So darn happy but upset at the same time. They have all the episodes for OUTLANDER on here for free but not Downtown Abbey! Damn! I wanted to watch it from the beginning damn it! GAH! Well anyways, after my excitement knowing that one of the series I wanted to watch was for free I put my mother a movie on. Watched them with her cause I didn’t want her hogging my damn couch! Watched The Perfect Guy (movie) and then we all watched The Peanuts Movie (movie) together as our way of having a “family moment”. After that I kicked them off the couch.

Finally was able to watch the new episode of The Family (tv series) and things are surely heating up! But I’m just so damn sad that they killed the nice gay cop! He was just trying to help! But then we find out that the crazy pregnant bitch is apart of it as well…damn it. Now the brat wants the front, ugh. Guess I’ll go in my room for awhile. Oh look, my bed is covered with crap! Now I have to put it away >w<

I showed my mom my stuffed plushie of Nyanko-sensei and she was like “What is this?” I didn’t want to explain the anime to her cause she doesn’t understand foreign shows much. So I just said it was a stuffed cat with food in it’s mouth. Then I showed her my body pillow of Sebastian (HE HAS HIS SUIT ON! NO NUDITY) an she said that was cute. Thank gosh, but I still hid him underneath my blanket…didn’t want the brat messing with him. I swear I need my own damn room. Guess what? She didn’t stay up front long, yass! My couch! Well I’m going to take a quick nap and then a refreshing shower. See ya all, after my cat nap~

Day 2 of 2 = Japan Fest

Never finished the darn backpack, I feel back to sleep.(Slept in my mom’s room since she wouldn’t get off my darn couch!)  But I did get up early-ish to get ready, forwe were going again today! This time to get an earlier parking spot then usual. Sadly I was up early and ready to go but my cousin wanted me to wait til 10:30am. Gave me time to finish the backpack! Not! I had one more strap to do but he showed up! Darn it.

So this day would be different from yesterday, cause we did buy all the main stuff yesterday. This go round not so much.
* my cousin finally got his ramen, I got my udon noodles with the shrimp in it
* ate some of his red bean paste bun
* bought the shirts I wanted; we both bought those anime boxes and bags
* there were somethings in my bag/box that I didn’t want so I traded with him with some of the things he had
* I learned to play Do Ra Me Fa So La Ti Do on a Sanshin, it was a cool experience
* we saw the otaku acoustic play again
* also, I tried a Nutella Strawberry crepe! It was so darn good!

That’s all we really did was eat and buy a few things. Only funny part was me getting to the car. My cousin said he was going to move the damn car but decided to sit in it and look through another anime grab bag he bought. Took him awhile to get over here cause the traffic was a bitch again.

Once home I hid everything underneath my blanket again, I was too damn lazy to put it the hell up. My mother and the brat were at my aunts house. So I just chilled on the couch and played Freedom War on my PSVita. Hours later, mother came bursting through the door with bags. Clothes Bags! She wouldn’t let me look inside! I knew they were from auntie! She gives me the clothes she doesn’t want anymore cause she knows I’ll like them a lot 🙂  Got a lot of sweat pants (lazy pants, YASSS!) and novelty shirts, my aunt knows me so darn well! Mother wanted to watch a movie while she was folding the clothes so I put on The Boy (movie) for her and then after that one I put on she wanted me to put on another. So we watched The Duff (movie) and she really liked one.

Shower (wore the cool new shirt I bought, I knew I picked the right size) and I’m just chilling at this point. Well you guys have a glorious night~

Day 1 of 2 = Japan Fest

I didn’t stay up to finish crocheting the backpack I was going to take with me. I’m sleepy.

Now I told my cousin I would be up and guess what. This fool was sleep! I woke up first because my glorious mother wanted me to get her up (but she was already gone, what was the damn point of my alarm then!) and I had to get up again because well I had to get ready. I did sleep a little longer then my alarm though, but at least I got up and got dressed and ate breakfast. I called this fool cause it was close to 10am and my mother was bickering to me about how I was supposed to be gone already and why was I home. I was annoyed and ready to go.

In the car I did get on my cousin about sleeping in cause I knew he stayed up playing things. But then he smelled of after shave, which we concluded wasn’t after shave. But his cologne mixing in with the air fresher in the car. Not a good mixer. Too us awhile to get to the park and find a parking spot. It was packed as hell!! It was ridiculous! We wanted to try and get the 3 Hour parking but that didn’t happened cause it was packed as well. So us 90s kids had to magically feed the parking meter quarters til it wouldn’t give us more time. It was so confusing how these old meters worked. We decided to move the car again after our two hours were up.

The one thing I was happy about was that the walk wasn’t all that bad, but the humidity was a bitch though! Plus it was supposed to storm, which it already drizzled a bit on us (I left my umbrella in the car for I had a feeling it wouldn’t get too bad). So, my cousin wanted food cause out of the two of us I was the only one to eat breakfast before we got here. A lot was the same and there was a lot that was highly damn different from what we remember years ago of coming to this festival. Time to do the norm and walk around and eye ball what we might want and then go snag it. Also there were still some stands setting up still; we came in the early morning time to the park.

This is how our fun went about:
* got food which included pork on a stick, dumplings, and sesame seed red bean paste balls (those bitches were good)
* my cousin found the keyblade he wanted, he got Oblivion from KH
* we walked around to all the tables even though it was crowded as a bitch later
* got free drinks from one stand; got free mini mister (this thing will save my darn life)
* bought Nyako-sensei! I finally freaking got him!; put a Sebastian body pillow on hold cause I’ve always wanted a body pillow
*moved the car to another parking meter that made sense to us and got more time on hands
*within that time my cousin bought a Pokemon Jacket, I bought the body pillow, I bought a ceramic Japanese doll in a kimono, a poster (which I found at that stand that was still setting up but had the good shit), a round straw hat, a Yakata (nice floral on it by the way), saw some cool shirts I might want to buy as well
*an another main two things we did was listen to the Otaku Acustic (they played all the best anime opening and endings) and we walked through the Japanese Garden to take pictures
So over all in the end, WE HAD A DAMN BLAST! So were so gonna have more fun tomorrow indeed. Were gonna eat all the food we couldn’t get since it got crowded after lunch time.

Once I got home the living room was in a mess, My mother informed me that she was looking for her wallet. Thought as much, cause they threw all the couch stuff on the floor. Time to hide my things so the brat and my mom wont see it…I usually just throw the stuff on my bed and just cover it up. Time to be a damn bum.

Watched EP1 of Sakamoto desu ga? (anime);this shit is funny as hell! An Sakamoto is one fabulous mother fucker! >w<

Since mom is off the couch and I can watch netflix, I watched a show that caught my interest. Watched EP1,  EP2, EP3 of Tiny House Hunters (tv series);

Tiny Houses seem pretty cool indeed. But I couldn’t finish episode 3 since my mom threw me off the couch. Again. She came back from running her errands. So I decided to go take a darn shower and go watch a movie. Hopefully she gets off the couch when my movie ends.

Watched Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 (movie); finally glad I watched it! It was still sad to see more damn death but at least there was a good end to it.

I was wrong, my mom won’t get off the couch. She keeps saying she’s watching TV but she’s not! She’s freaking sleep! AN keeps telling me that she’ll be in the room. Well you know what I’m going to go finish that backpack, I’ll be up for a minute. But you guys please have a good night.

P.S. I’ll update the blog soon, sorry for the darn delay.