Late Night Morning (yeah that’s what I’ll call it)

(Man I missed blogging, so glad I’m somewhatly finding the time to type. Hehe~ )

Ha we have no lives I swear~
After I was finally done with the movie or really in between while I was watching the movie. These things occurred:

*the stuffed crust pizza arrived

* found out my friend has never seen The Dark Crystal, so I told her to pay attention & watch it! (I’ve seen it a million times so there’s no point in staring at the screen)

* then they were watching Willow (our PowerRanger friend informed us that it’ll give us nightmares; the movie was odd)

* an somehow we got to talking about what we want in an idle lover cause we found out our PowerRanger friend is 29, hasn’t had sex (I can’t judge thouugh im still a virgin and I don’t care), still lives at his parents really kinda seems like he’s never had a gf cause from how he is no one can handle his hyper, loud ass mouth, my little pony loving self A(their’s no hope for him)

* also my friend made me proofread a terrible fanfiction she wrote when she was 14! She didn’t inform me that she was gonna rewrite it til I couldn’t get past the third page. (the grammar was awful) 

* I didn’t shower til 3:31am..but hey I felt clean sleeping on the couch!

I will let you know this though, it was hard as hell to fall asleep in that living room. You turn all the lights off in a living room full of weapons, armory, and a shit ton of book shelves with images of cheetahs on the wall..yeah it was hard to sleep…very hard…

Two Things: her alarm did go off at 8am, I was pissed! But she turned it off and we slept longer; second, our lovely PowerRanger friend decided to yell in our damn hears an hour later GOOD MORNING! You wouldn’t believe how hard I tried to hold in the black girl in from from jumping up and bashing his head into a damn book shelf! He lost his damn mind yelling in my fucking ear! But my friend handle it before I decided to jump off the couch. We were able to sleep peaceful for a few more hours.

Before she had to dash to work she had to go roaming thru the apt when we got there for a hair tie cause her hair looked a hot ass mess.

Was planning on going to sleep but I just went ahead and changed, went to my apt to get more clothes, at breakfast their for I really wanted bacon, got creeped out cause my roommate bedroom light was on again (were having a bit of a ghost problem..literally..I’m not messing with it though so thank gosh), and then I was off to the lounge to download more anime.

At the computer I was downloading away, talking to my friend Dex who gave me some of his chocolate covered strawberries that were cold as hell but good, then we started to get glares from people wanting us to hurry off the damn computers. Ugh. ; also I was eating on Twizzlers after eating an my damn sweet tooth!

Now I had to deal with Time Warner Cable again since I forgot to call the lady back yesterday to give her all my info..took me a decade cause people wouldn’t answer the phone. But I finally got it all to them and a confirmation number and now I just have to wait about 48hrs for a phone call to schedule an appointment. After wasting so much time on this crap they were locking up an I wasn’t able to use the wifi.

Food is a must for me and my friend has none at her apt, it’s becoming a work out having to go from one apt to another for crap (haven’t decided how many more days I’ll spend over here). But I got some food to eat tonight and headed back to her apt.

Watched Margin Call (movie); it was very interesting, I can never work in marketing though.

Watched Episode 13 of DanMachi (anime); I seriously want a shit ton of OVA’s or a 2nd Season damn it! 

Watched Episode 13 or ReKan (anime); it was adorable as always! Plus the Roll Call Samurai makes my day! 

Nope..I thought I was emotionally & mentally prepared but I wasn’t..I got the feels watching the last damn episode! T^T Watched Episode 13 of Plastic Memories (anime) 

Now this shit put a smile on my face! But I’m so damn worried for Souma! That end though, he looked so damn defeated, get back up bro! Fight! Watched Episode 13 of Shoukugeki no Souma (anime) 

An during this episode (thank gosh it was near it’s end) my friend and her PowerRanger friend popped in asking a million questions of what the hell was going on in the anime..i didn’t want t fucking explain! Dx

An sadly for some odd reason I sat their an watched Confessions of a Shopaholic while eating my lasagna for dinner, an when Alex came in all mood but asked nicely if we could put her clothes in the dryer were their done. (I wish she would talk to me an let me know what’s up, she seems frustrated about something. But I won’t pry, I don’t pry)

Of course I had to watch this movie! But ended up pausing it before getting to the title! My friend wanted to go check her mail! I got some coupons from Half Price Books, cool. But, now I’m back damn it! Continuing or starting to watch From Up on Poppy Hill (movie) its Studio Ghibli! You must watch OwO


Pool Party; It’s a it’s one big Circle

Yo all~

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve been on here. I honestly miss typing on here. I’ve decided to post something today well cause I need to and well a lot has freaking happened since I last posted something. An in all honest it’s driving me crazy that I haven’t been posting like I’m supposed’s nerve racking actually. The reason I made this blog awhile back was because I was going through somethings and need my own space..that an I have a terrible memory so I have to write it down. Or tweet it or type it..or I’ll forget. I hate forgetting. But anywho! I’ve noticed something, not too long ago I was trying to change my theme on my blog but all the themes I’ve picked can’t really be altered much cause their not themes Blogger offers. I honestly wish that they would freaking update already with themes..but I have a hard time picking one cause I’m so damn picky..but no worries I’ll pick something really cool and not simple. Cause when I can’t decide I literally go back to what I had before lol. I need to break this pattern, no break this circle I’ve got myself stuck in. So I will update, don’t worry. An yes I know I haven’t posted anything since Valentine’s Day sorry about that. But I have been sending posts via email to my blog from my phone but their saved as drafts cause I want to go back an tweak them if I typed wrong. I get in the zone an keep type and not really spell checking sometimes. But I shall update, an if you follow me on Twitter cause I Tweet my life away on their so I don’t forget things.
Also for those that don’t know awhile back I did say to make things easier on me was that I’m only typing memorable things or things I just don’t want to forget that I’ve already done or seen. So if you find it boring or not interesting if I may say you don’t have to read. It won’t hurt my feelings, I’m only typing what’s on my mind. That’s what a blog is for after all~ 🙂

So moving on…lol
Let me tell you how my day went, kay! XD

Since I decided at the last minute to stay at a friend’s house since she saw my in the lounge I thought why the hell not. Got some clothes and movies and went to her place to chill for the night. Although it was 12am…but whatever.

We watched Tangled (movie) cause you can never go wrong with a Disney movie then I watched Wimbledon (movie) as she blacked out on the couch (she has work around 12noon) After the movie it was hard as hell to rest! No couch for me, she’s been hogging it for awhile. I was on the floor..

So of course I woke up sore but I did slept like a log somehow. Before my friend left she gave me her house key since I told her I would spend another night since she felt lonely and wanted company. Once she left I dashed to my apt to get my PS3 to see if it wouldn’t be retarded an actually work on someone’s TV for once. An surprisingly it did. Then I went ahead to the lounge to download movies..but that plan failed cause I had the computer turn off on me cause someone was printing on the other and I had to swap computers cause the audio wasn’t working on the other. So I just read manga til the pool party so I could finally get food.

Read chapters 71-97 of Nanatsu no Taizai (manga) or “Seven Deadly Sins” 🙂

Read Chapters 1-12 of Fukushuu Kyoushitsu (manga) 😀 So in love with the main character an how she’s bent on revenge for like the whole damn class. It’s priceless 🙂

Pool party started, looked festive, I highly felt out of place cause I was wearing my Harry Potter shirt and skinny jeans. While everyone else was in swimsuits and having fun; its too damn hot an I’m not washing my hair again. Or retwisting it for that matter! I had about a good three helping of tacos then about two big helpings of their chips..those chips were a terrible addiction! I also talked to Dex (who I still find surprising that he remembers me from that camp I went to years ago) about how I’m working on changing colleges cause I want my Masters. 

When all was said and done and eaten of course I got right back on the computer, was looking up templates for my blog. It’s hard as hell to pick! Their all so cool but the majority of them you can’t change much except the font style and color not the structure much of the template. I kept downloading templates and then trying them out til I noticed it got really damn dark outside. Fuck!!! It’s a storm. So I had to go ahead an slap a template on their an change it later (it was okay, but I’m gonna change it).

Managed to make it back, not dry from the rain really since I didn’t have an umbrella. But made it though, just glad my friend’s apt is literally right next to the pool only on the 2nd floor (not like the three flights of stairs I have to go up to get to my damn apt). At long last I finally started playing my PS3. Was playing Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories but got pissed at a boss so I switched at DISHONORED since I haven’t touched that game since like in forever..never really actually started playing it really. An right when I was getting into it & the thundering kept getting louder then my friend busted thru the door telling me, “Grab your shit bitch were leaving!” I’m just like the hell! I had to interrogate her to figure out where were going, with who, and how were getting their. Found out we were going to her Power Ranger friend’s house (he loves Power Rangers & he’s loud & annoying & sometimes an ass..I’ve only talked to him on rare occasions at school but I don’t like him that much) plus he’s ordering pizza an he has wifi and cable. Why not.

Now here’s what throwed me off, we went from a hot ass garage, to a wash room, to a dinning area that reminds me of the circular dinning area in a hobbit hole to a living room with amazing carpet and furniture. This kid is rich as hell I swear! I was scared to touch anything! They had a lot of shelves with books, weapons, their own mini library and even a room that look like a room to plan an attack on a castle. I looked an my friend and asked her where the hell did she bring me! All they did was laugh.
So we were gonna watch TV together (whild she was also on her damn laptop) but she put on Spongebob Squarepants…I was like nope. Got the wifi name, password, and got on Netflix. I can’t stand that damn retarded show :/ Watching Transformers: Age of Extinction (movie) 🙂

June 9th, 2015.

Planned to get up early but that was a fail or so I thought. Til my friend text me about a special on breakfast in the culinary building.

Tried to catch an early but I missed it and ended up having to catch another one after I returned the movies; outside felt like the 1st Gate of Hell opened!

Managed to get their after so long and was so damn hungry! For I dashed out of the house not eating a damn thing. But I got the plate of food and my friend covered me.

Didn’t eat it all for some of it look weird or tasted off, ended up buying watermelon. An taking forever to correct my brochure for I was having dar thoughts of destroying the damn school (I was pmsing, I hate being on my mother nature of the month).

After I had finished, I was literally grinning from ear to ear cause I saw storm clouds! I wanted it to storm for I was tired of the heat. My wish truly came true once I walked outside from At&t. (had to find out the prices for WiFi and cable)

By the time I hit the mall I was soaked, people stared at me cause was all wet, some people were worried about me since I did inform them I did walk in it for about 10-15mins. An in the end I still don’t know if I work this weekend, corporate is cutting hours an my manager said he would call me later.

Got a cool comic strip Garfield umbrella though after I left my job, since someone left it behind.

Lucky me! Got a ride home! Saw Keia & her friend in the car while I was walking on the side walk; oh yeah an some kids were doing a fundraiser or something at the mall. Would’ve helped but gotta manage my money.

Took a nice warm shower, chunked all my wet clothes in the dryer, cleaned the dishes ( for they were overflowing to the point they would smash on the floor), cleaned my damn room, and delta whole lot better after cleaning.

Claudia was home so I talked to her about At&t, how Angela was yelling about money issues in the morning, an also hoe Claudia finally experience Angela walking around the house half naked, random crap, and that I would be transferring schools soon. Not right away but soon. She was a little sad and surprised (haven’t really told my roommates about me transferring schools)

Crocheted most of the night, ate, then Claudia got on me about the fact that I hadn’t finished my friends scarf. I told her I would but I was busy. Plus Claudia said she would teach me to knit! Since originally the pattern is for knitting cause I can’t find one for crocheting (I just made up one)

After looking thru a lot of crap (an denying the fact that im a hoarder since I have a lot of crap) I couldn’t find the knitting needles I got from my old roommate. So I decided to buy some tomorrow along with another thing of yarn for my basket.

Not all that tired yet, more wide away, so I’ll read manga for awhile.

June 1st, 2015

I want to start off saying at the moment I fell sick, like I need to vomit! I have no idea why but it feels like it…

So I woke up late, two hours after my alarm. An to start off the glorious morning I ended up burning tow pieces of bacon and smoke screen was in the kitchen.

I did got downtown to get a new reduced idea, went up to my job to see if mother wanting something on hold but she told me she would wait til later, & I don’t work this weekend. So more time for me to do homework.

Treated myself to Honey Milk Boba Tea & bought a new game for my PSVita & a case for it using my Gift Card and a bit of my money from my account.

Majority of my time wasting was looking up other colleges and one that caught my interest was UT Dallas that’s in Richardson, TX. Which really isn’t all that far from the apts. Also I found out that Randy is leaving as well at the end of this quarter cause she’s feed up with the school.

Managed to get a lot done, a lot figured out, was able to download the new episodes of my animes and the videos I needed from YouTube to help me with my Do Something Project that’s due week 11. (im really crocheting something, just make life easy on myself)

I saw Mayrin! Haven’t talked to him in awhile & found out he’s really graduating this quarter! Officially!

Talked to Tantan’s bf (well he was her ex but they got back together) on how I’ve been doing & about the schools being shut down.

An during this time was when I was eating, then I went back to work, got help with InDesign from Gabriel, and that’s when I felt sick as hell! I don’t know why but im just ready to go home, shower, & lay in the bed  :-/

(this post is not finished but I’m posting it anyways and will come back to it later)

Sunday, May 31st

Stayed up again watching Kill la Kill (anime) to get the episodes out of the way. I’ll have to download the rest later.

Didn’t go to bed til around was still storming out…

When I did awake on the oh so small couch in the other living room, I smelt bacon. That would’ve been my que to get up but it was 7:57am! Nope went back to sleep!

Ate breakfast and got dressed when I was actually fully awake; figured out that what I stepped on last night was not a worm but a damn slug. Its still gross though! Their coming in the house through small cracks in this old house. (I would just sprinkle salt in every crack their is, slugs are more uckie then snails)

Since we seem to have time, we went ahead and stopped at my grandmas house to tell her bye before we had to bolt off; got some shoes from my aunt! Combat Boots (well I call them that) and some nice tenny shoes)

Got my bags tagged at the last minute, the people at the desk I swear take their sweet ass time! An we did leave late again; wasn’t able to snag anything to snack on for the road. All I have is gum..somehow I’ll survive.

(this post is not finished but I’m posting it anyways and will come back to it later)