Announcement for this Blog

Hello all.

Three Reasons why I have a WordPress  Account:

#1 I’m an author to another blog & will be posting TV reviews later on this Fall season.

#2 Hopefully by the end of this year I start backing up my Blog Post from the blog I’ve had since 2010. (Which is on blogger) So this blog site is really much nothing more then a BACK UP Blog in case anything happens to my blogger or if blogger does a random maintenace thing and I cant post so I’ll post on here or if blogger decides to delete my blog for some odd reason at least it’s all backed up here.

#3 Finally reason: I’ve decided to use this site as well as a way for me to post my notes for my college courses. I was using paper, which I don’t mind but paper does cost money, can tear, get damaged, etc. So I’ll have to go ahead and start typing on here for the time being. I will find a way to make a page for my college courses on here but make it Private. Cause I’m the only one that really needs to look back on it. Not you guys, sorry.