The Lack of Sleep is Strong in Me…

I just finished the movie…I don’t know how to describe how I feel about the movie. Everything was amazing, the acting was spot on, but I got such feels when Benny was crying..I wanted to jump thru the screen and hug him. An say, “Let’s run away together! Out of London! An you can be as homo-lovable as you like Turning! ” But I endured it, tried not to cry and read a few articles on Turning since I was highly awake. Becca and Adrian feel asleep after their My Little Pony Movie. I was going to grab a blanket and join them on that hard ass floor. But I decided to stay up, for I need to work on blogposts! So yes, I do love you all that much to stay up and type my life away lol. Plus keep my blog updated like I said I would.
No joke! It’s 5 or 6 or was it 4minutes til freaking 5am! Yes I have to go to bed or I will just bang my head on this marble table and sleep.
Had two hours of sleep! OMG! The Greek Gods save us!
#1 I forgot that I set an alarm for them so they could get up for their 8am class.
#2 Found out what that creepy sound I kept hearing while I was typing and trying to sleep. It was Adrians phone alarm! That sound, sounded like a music box you would hear in a freaking horror movies before the door creeks open and a creepy ass doll pops out! I was in no mood for a possessed ass doll this morning!!!!!
Yes, I was TIRED!
Yes, I wanted to go the hell back to sleep!!!!

So I grabbed my heavy bag, left, walked around the pool, to the sidewalk, and up 3 flights of stairs! What kept me going was that  a) I wanted my bed badly!!! b) My whole being told me to fuck everything around me and sleep. That’s what I did when I hit the room and gave no care to the fact of what the air is on. Three Hours, was all that I had planned to sleep then get up and run errands. Slept so much longer!!! So much!!! I ended up taking my time getting ready to bolting out the door and squeezing myself thru the gate to catch the bus on time. Which I did! Now the most amazing thing about grocery shopping in my opinion is getting a lot of items under the budget you want when their is a sale!!! For I did get a lot of things and didn’t go over my budget now of $39 & some change; before I came to Kroger I went to Dollar Tree to buy I few things for cleaning and the restroom. An made a qucik stop to the antique shop, for I was still on the hunt for a really good vintage typewriter. The one I had seen their a while back was already bought! They told me it goes by fast but their always getting shipments each month! So I gave them my email so I can be on their email list about events or sales. But they did double check to make sure that their wasn’t another one and their wasn’t. Yet I did walk around a bit for they got a lot of new stuff and sections (they are the most organized antique shops I’ve been to) and the paintings were beautiful! I really wanted to buy one but they were a tad pricey. One day, i thought, on daye I’ll get one of these paintings. Now back at Kroger right when I was checking out I was organizing what should go in what bag cause I gotta carry this crap to the darn bus stop. The the Kroger employee asked me if I needed help carrying it to the car, I laughed. I told him that I have no car and that I catch the bus and train everywhere I go, he was then like can you carry that? I informed him I’ve been doing this for a long time so I know the drill.

When I got back to the apartment, I went ahead and labeled everything, and put it away and grabbed my bag and went to the lounge to chill for I needed to go to the school and get work done. Also I was now just eating my breakfast, I had brought it with me while shopping but never got around to eating it. So I started eating it while talked to Keia and waiting at the bus. An the bus was late as always, I was dying in the heat, drank most of my damn water, made it on a train, got to the school, and made it to 316 where the light tables are. I briefly talked to Tantan and ate candy she got at this amazing candy store at NorthPark mall before I started outline the font on the paper for this freelance job for my mother’s friend. Didn’t take me long of course, Chris appeared and came to bother us for awhile for he was working and needed a break from Yohan. I told her I wasn’t going to stay but go to the library and read over the information I needed to read for another class for a presentation next week. Sadly, when I hit the library I was looking up sketching books or reference books on drawing that I found interesting, yeah wasted about an hour on that. But when I finally decided to actually start reading..i was the only person reading and their were two groups of two people I guess working on a project. For it honestly sounded like they were being freaking interrogated! One girl was giving her life story and telling too much personal stuff I didn’t want to hear, an the other guy who was being questioned was talking about someone’s death and how he felt about it. I was like nope, I can’t sit in here and listened to this crap! I felt so damn uncomfortable! I texted Tamika a quick message asking what computer lab she was in (for I saw her earlier looking for a computer lab) for I just couldn’t stay in their! She wasn’t far from the library so I bolted their and told her what hell I had to listen to in the library, she could only laugh.

Reading should be a side statement for me when it comes to school text books cause it bored me. But I’m glad my friend brought up the assignment for Humanities cause I knew nothing of it what so freaking ever! So I was like fuck it, worked on that real fast and even my workshop for Art History 1. Like what the fudge! It was that damn easy, seriously! I could’ve done this crap hours ago! But after I really finished I noticed the time, yeah I’m going home. By the time I got home I just decided to cook the rest of the chicken stuff I had in the freezer for awhile that just needed to be devoured before they went bad. An boy were they good as hell! I was so freaking hungry! Well I’m going to take a shower and go to bed~

Sitting Somewhere Different

So I wanted more me time to myself, even if it’s like around 1am. But my roommate came in..ugh! I was just about to daydream and talk to myself, fudge it! I’m going to bed.

My plan for getting up early, heading to the school, working on outlining the font on the paper for this prayer pillow idea, then read over the chapter I needed for class and read over the info for my Design History class..DIDN’T FREAKING HAPPEN! For I literally slept the whole damn morning away! I had to rush to get ready and catch the next bus that would be their in like 20mins. That means breakfast to go damn it! I did make it on the bus after spending some time in the lounge to pass the time (well to check to make sure I had what I needed for class), and also the train that just pulled up right when the bus pulled up! Thank gosh I was somewhatly awake to bolt up the damn stairs!!!! On the train ( I swear I wasn’t creeping! I swear!) but I saw this baby with a perfect baby mohawk and I couldn’t help but take a picture of the baby when she wasn’t looking at all lol. It was so cute~
Had no time much to chill before class or so I thought. When I remembered I didn’t have my book nor my glossary words on me! Fuck! I bolted out of class, to a computer lab, snagged an open computer, and found out the stuff wasnt on my bad flash drive! 

gahhhhhh! This is what I get for rushing, so I had to tell my instructor I would turn it in tomorrow in her box. Then we went on ahead with class after we turned in out assignment that was due today. We did a recap of last week, watched movie trailers (which honestly made my movies to watch list longer), only watched only 7mins and 43secs of Mr. Turner (honestly wished she didn’t turn it off for it was interesting), but we were to originally watch Searching for the Sugar Man. Which was good and we watched 43mins and some seconds of until we hit a spot in the movie where something major happened and we were like what the hell! But it was time for class to end. I did talk to her after words of one of the poems she talked about in class, for my mother said that poem in a play for Black History Month at my church and that I might not or can’t go to her POP ART Gallery she informed us of for I don’t have a car and its in Duncanville! The train doesn’t run over their, but hopefully I can find someone to go with. (I got a dollar from Gabby so I was able to get some Cheese-It)

I went to the tutoring lab during break to print out the things I need for Art History II, then went to class early, to magically find out that I printed the right stuff but over looked the damn part where the slide list was..I had to bolt and find a computer that was free and print this crap then hole punch it! Gah! The struggle is real running around! But when I got back I decided to sit on the other side next to this girl in my class that sites next to Tamika all the time (I honestly though she was really pretty). I didnt know how to start my conversation with her but I just told her that I would sit over here with her today for she looked lonely, then that lead to somehow a long conversation til Tamika popped up announcing how I was in her seat. I got back at her saying their was a sit next to me and she would live. Plus a piece of her cookie she just bought, yes she loves me~  Then class begun…………..which we wanted it to end really damn fast! Cause it’s history but we were taking notes some magical damn way as she sped thru the powerpoint til break time! Which honeslt I used my break time to outline the words on the paper for this prayer pillow for my mothers friend and talk to Tamika about her inspirational moment she was having and how my mind kept changing about what I wanted to do in life. I told her I was multi-talented and wanted to learn other things and not just one thing! She told me to do it, all I could do was laugh. Sadly however our break wasn’t long enough to where we could talk and eat more. Heated up our food and head back to class. Trying to eat and write all this info that she wanted us was such a pain in the ass! So I scarfed down some food and just went writing, but not to soon after I felt a jolt of warm or lightning go up my leg! I looked down really fast and it was the pretty sitting next to me, her foot accidentally touched my leg..sadly that made me hot..damn it and my hormones..she was really pretty that I couldn’t help on some occasions but to smile a lot when she talked to me. But enough of that! I need to focus! lol. (Before had my friend Becca asked if I was coming over tonight since they were ordering pizza and that Adrian would give me a ride home. Well I said yes but my ride changed to Tamika since she didn’t want to go to the gas station alone and I did ask her if she would go with me to the POP UP Gallery in Duncanville. She said yes.)

I don’t know how much more time pasted but I was ready to freaking bolt home, pack a bag for the night, head to my friends apt and eat pizza! I was sick of the lecturing at this point! She knew we were anxious to leave so she made if brief on our workshop next week and we all bolted like cattle being set free to an open field! When we hit the parking lot I found out the girls name that sat next to me since Tamika had yelled to her goodbye. It was Angel. In the car Tamika was telling me of her ex texting her problems and I gave her a good lecture! Stop being nice to that asshole that treated you like shit! Be straight with him and tell him to stop freaking texting you! You want to be an independent woman you gotta stand your ground! This is why she loved me, I spoke my mind about the situation all the time. She told me thanks and I told her she better go to bed instead of staying up to do a pattern, she needed rest. Now here’s the deal, I hate walking into my apartment when it’s dark as hell! I used my backpack as a stopper, flicked on the kitchen light, closed my roommates door, closed the front door and went into my room to pack. I waited 15mins after 10pm for their text. Nothing. So I camped outside their apt texting the hell out of them to find out their stuck at the gate and the code does’nt work! I was just about to head over til I noticed someone figured it out, they got thru, and made it to the apt. We waited on the late pizza guy, but I took a shower for i needed one, met the new roommate they had, and found out that last time Becca ordered I did eat the ham and pineapple pizza. Really? I kinda don’t like fruit on my pizza all that much. Grabbed a few slices and a glass of the knock off brand of Dr. Pepper and grabbed my movie.
Now watching, The Imitation Game (movie) 🙂

P.S. I told my friend in my Humanities class that she had wide hips and I didn’t noticed it was her walking down the hall earlier before class.
An earlier when I was in the lounge before class I told my friend I would kill her so-called adorable creatures if they were real. For they were those creatures you see in games that you just don’t want to fuck with what so ever!  

Yeah, still don’t care for College Math.

One work to describe MAD MAX: EXPLOSIONS!!!!!!
Yes that’s all I’ll say about the movie cause it was that damn glorious! I wanted to talk to Claudia about it when I got home but she was asleep I think and I was so ready for a shower and bed like for real! So I did take a long ass shower since my roommate wasn’t their and laid on the bed afterwords feeling amazing! But that shower woke me the fuck up!!! Damn!

Anime, Anime, Anime! I have to watch it, til I black out.
Watched EP4 of Charlotte (anime) 😀

Well reached my limit, need to sleep..oh look its my roommate. She’s bitching about how cold it is in the house and how she got sick last week from how cold it was in the house. Bahhumbug! That’s a load of shit! I don’t have time! I’m going the hell to bed! 

I honestly woke up with no damn intention of going to school early what so ever..that’s why I slept in. An why I was thinking about the fact that I needed freaking groceries. Crap! I gotta ask for money, I swear I need a damn job already! Asked mom, she can’t this week but next week she can. I told her I could wait it out (but I think she knew I probably couldn’t) so she told me to call my grandmother and ask her. I did, she told me she would wire me some money today, but couldn’t at the moment for she was at the hospital with my auntie. I honestly didn’t know she had that bad of arthritis in her knees 😦
 I worry for her sometimes, but my grandmother informed me that she would be okay and would start taking an water aerobics class to help with her legs soon. I told her that was good, some water fun and making new friends would be great for her. My grandmother told me she would tell her about the friends joke I was implying into our conversation. The talk didnt last long when I told her I was fine and would find a job soon. I think went ahead and fixed myself breakfast and dinner, for I wasn’t going empty handed without dinner again. Yes it was spaghetti. I’m getting tired of spaghetti like how I got tired of Ramen Noodles and just stopped buying the damn things. Spaghetti will be the next thing that feels my food chart soon enough. After all the cooking and stuffing in containers I just went ahead an headed to the lounge to chill. But during my chill time and trying to download another movie, Savanah popped up. I haven’t seen her in ages! We had a brief conversation and caught up a bit which was good, then I let her have the computer. So that I could go talk to Destiny an she if she had snacks. Which lead me to going to her apartment and devouring a whole bag of chips, her fangirling on deviant art, and me just going ahead an catching an early ass bus. Which I shouldn’t have done.
Now here’s literally how the rest of my evening went: wondering around for a computer lab with no damn luck, talking to people, seeing cotton candy (i gave her that as my nickname in my phone), going to class..but not giving a damn for college math, taking breaks, chewing gum, math, math, taking a post test and failing, trying again, reviewing failing, then actually taking a longer break where I met Katie who gave me a business card to Office Depot since they were hiring and I said I would call them tomorrow, finish my food, going back to class and then looking at Game of Thrones articles about John Snows death. Fast Forward to home, my other book came in the mail! It was Tiger Lily, Claudia snagged it for me. Which we started talking about books and then lead me to spoiling what happens to John in the series..Claudia hasn’t since the series. She wanted to finish the books first..I felt like crap! So I kept hugging her for like 10mins and changing the subject til I left the room to open my package. Had to come back in the room for her mail opener; let her read the description on the book to make her feel better. I think that worked. I think.
As we all know I’m a fatty, so I was still hungry and made some croissant sandwiches to go with my leftover soda from In and Out yesterday. Which was still good in my opinion, a tad flat but still damn good lol. But do know what was better, my shower! Then comes anime of course~

Watched EP4 of Rokka no Yuusha (anime) 🙂

(I just noticed something, I said I took a shower twice..oh well at least I’m damn clean! Ha!)

References, Jellyfish, & Mad Max

Yeah were gonna stay up for awhile, its always bound to happen. No matter who’s apartment im at we always stay the hell up! But yeah we were talking about random crap again and then Keia showed me this video of a lip sync over of like my favorite anime movie ever. An what these two guys were saying to be as them made my fan girl ovaries just explode with joy then I was sad when they showed the damn death scene again from the movie..i really didn’t want him to freaking die! He was like my favorite damn character, shit! Oh here’s the video if you guys wanna watch it~

Now we all went our sorta separate ways, Keia was in the room watching anime, Sylvan was drawing, their other two roommates I think were sleep, and I literally had everything on the charger. So made cause everything was near death so I couldn’t watch crap! As I waited for them to at least get half battery I waited on Keia to put the new episodes she downloaded that I had not downloaded and slithered my way to the couch. (Keia did finish before I was fully done lazy crawling to the couch but I had to be on the couch for I was tired of lying on my stomach on that damn floor.)  Sylvan kept asking me if I was ready to sleep, I told her no an that she was fine where she was an that I was just casually laying on the couch waiting for things to charge…

I blacked out. I said I would stay awake but ended up blacking out on the couch in an uncomfortable position, I woke somewhatly early but didn’t want to get up, ice been woken up for the past two days by sunlight! Cause apparently they think its a beautiful day and want to let some light in! Bahumbug! But I had no choice but to get up for I had to go potty and I was hungry (damn Keia for cooking something that smelled amazing!). Sadly the only thing I consumed was a bowl of cereal and some ice pomergrante tea that Keia made the other day, which still tasted good. So I grabbed all my stuff (which was heavy so I went ahead and put my two tote bags inside of Keia’s huge dufflebag to make things easier on me), Sylvan did offer to help but I told her not to worry about it. I didn’t want her to suffer having to go up three flights of stairs with me. Grabbed the bag and my backpack, went out the door, down the concrete stairs where the last bit of shade was (that nice cool shade spot) before I hit the Sahra Concrete Desert (such a long journey), til I finally made it to the skipping stones, and then lastly the Staircase of Aching Knees!!! (I love all the titles I’m giving this stuff) After what felt like a decade I made it to the top, unlocked the door, threw everything, and almost collapsed on the nice cold carpet! That glorious AC!!!!

Yes the AC was amazing, yes this carpet felt amazingly cold on my ankles, yes I just wanted to lay here and get out of these sweaty ass pj! But I couldn’t, saldy. I had to put everything away where it was supposed to be so I wouldn’t have to do it later when I got home, straightened my side of the room after I unpacked crap, and then get my things ready for I was going to do homework after a nice glorious shower of course. By the way I did take Keia’s advice and taking it cold since it was blazing hot as the 7th Gate of Hell out side!!! But I did have it warm later on down the way, dressed like a ninja, grabbed my bag (double checked to make sure everything was their), got Keia’s dufflebag and bolted out the door back to their apartment.

We didn’t stay at the apartment long for we were only chatted til it hit the 1pm mark so we would be able to get into the lounge area to use the wifi. The good thing about getting their early is snagging a computer when no one is there! But I snagged the shitty one on the end cause it was the only computer that had the Torch application on it so I could download a movie. So I started downloading A Little Bit of Chaos while I looked up references for this Prayer Pillow. I found a lot of interesting things between Pinterest and Google Images but kept changing my mind cause nothing seemed right to me. Til I had a new idea for how I would do the front and the back of the pillow, plus I picked out the best colors possible to suit it all, but I couldn’t decided on my reference image for sadly I loved them all oh so equally. I needed a third party input on this, an who better to help me then my #1 lovely sarcastic film friend Keia. She’s always been good at giving me her honest input on whatever I sometimes bring up or sarcastically turn it down. Yet this go round she gave me a straight answer on which image she like most with the other quotes and fonts I had picked. But I did look at other references of course before I decided, with Keia’s help, on what I really wanted to do. It was settled, so I saved a ton of imagery on that and then took a break. By looking up more references. But this time on something completely different. Jellyfish.

Not those bull shitty jellyfish from that Stupid SpongeBob Squarepants Show, ugh I hate that damn show! It’s probably made the majority of the American children population pretty damn stupid! I would rather them show the old cartoons then that rubbish that they show now!!!! I’m sorry I’m ranting.. (i’ll cross this section out cause I figured out how to do that an it looks pretty cool across the words. Yes I’m a tad odd but hell no one is truly normal in this world.) But I found a lot of really cool jellyfish images on pinterest; also found some other tutorial worksheets for young artist, I could probably do this stuff on the work sheet with out following the steps but I wanted to save it. Need to get back into my Life Drawing, Observational Drawing, and Still Life Drawing on the side for I honestly love doing it. But anywho, I found some cool stuff and was saving it like crazy! Then it hit me, were going to need snacks since it seemed we’ll be staying in here longer then expected. I asked Keia if she wanted to go to her place an snag some things, luckly she said yes. Honestly I’m glad I went, why? Cause along the way heading to her place I managed to get a free sausage dog to a lovely couple I was talking to and tried it with this delicious cabbage stuff! Changed my life! I did save Keia some to let her try. I told her, “We never question how I come back with free shit and were not gonna question it now. So just shut up and eat it!” Which is what she did and enjoyed it while I went back to saving interesting things. But the problem was I wasn’t noticing the damn time. They were kicking us out of the lounge so we had to move to the billiards room. Tired to copy the movie super fast but it failed..for we got kicked out, damn I’ll have to snag it tomorrow. Once in the billiards room I started looking at the tutorials on how to draw a jellyfish the simple yet complex way first, attempted…an well my first jellyfish turned out quite well actually. Then I tried to draw one from an image..failure. Yeah I was getting a tad ahead of myself indeed. So I looked at another tutorial on a different jellyfish (while drinking the drink I got from Keia’s place and some cookies) which was a bit longer then the other and looked a tad more interesting. Took my time with this one indeed and it turned out pretty good. After finishing them both I sent the images to Renee and told her it was her doing that I was drawing jellyfish, it was hilarious.

Then I got the best text ever, Randy wanted me to go with her to the dollar theater since they were now showing Mad Max at 9:30pm. I said cool and asked if we were going for food (this was when I was able to head back to the apartment to put my things away, since it was going on 8:30pm at the time. An Keia came back from a phone conversation and I did finish sketching some eyes and noses.) she told me no cause we were waiting on her friend who’s been going to the movies with us to get off work. She got me something from In and Out though. I waited in the lounge for her text saying she was here so I just checked my blog and talked with Keia. But instead of getting a text from her saying that she was here and come to her car I got, “Were in a white car that’s my cousins so come on out.” I just said uh..okay. When I hit the form parking lot it wasn’t all that hard to spot the car, it was the only damn car in the lot. I hopped in when I noticed it was Randy in the passenger seat, started eating my meal in the car when I was handed the bag somewhere around the time I found out her cousin speeds. I told her can we die after I finish my burger and try not to choke to death, they laughed. I was being serious! I was damn hungry!!!! But we did make it in one piece an then I was able to actually introduce my self to her cousin, we got our tickets, got our 3D glasses!!!, I picked the seat and then we were just being such weirdos til the movie started in 3D and IMAX!! I’ll let yall know how the movie goes later! It has begun~ 

Wasting Paper & Got my Book for Class

We stayed up the majority of the night talking about our signs and the descriptions for them. Which lead towards us being highly wide awake the what we should’ve been lol. But eventually it all got cute short an we then went to bed or stayed up for awhile.

I was awoken too damn early of course, I blame Keia for she awoke me with the damn unnecessary sunlight from hell! But I was planning on getting things done today..i guess. Took me awhile to eat breakfast then get dressed and then head to the lounge for the WiFi to look up what exactly I was supposed to be doing. My entire evening literally consisted of me finding references on my favorite sculpture: Andrew Rodin. The resin it was taking me so damn ling cause I was working on tweaking my blog again, printing crap out to read over, find the English version of this damn book that was in German, and then of course I run out of copy paper an im too damn lazy to go ask for me freaking paper!

Then it hit me, save it as a pdf. Literally wasted so much damn unnecessary paper that would’ve weighed a ton in my bag when I could’ve done that. So had to go back thru all of my references to do so, Keia tried to scare me but failed, and found my book had arrived from ThriftBooks! I was excited! For it has been a long time since I bought a book or anything online~

Hungry of course creeped up on me like a retarded nightmare, darn this stomach of mines for growling at me! Packed up, saved my crap, and asked the front office if my package came in. They told me no. So, was my tracking lying to me? The lady in the front office told me to check my mailbox to see if it was their for it might be able to fit. Took her advice and checked it, it really was their. All folded on its side ever so slightly, it was a floppy book but had a lot of damn pages. Did I mention it was a bitch to open the packaging! I thought I would have to bite my way thru this damn bag thing they put it in! But I toughed thru it and got the book out, I thought finally I can do that damn glossary assignment my teacher has been bugging us about.

I made to Keia’s apartment, to find out that it was freaking locked! Banged on the door more then freaking once and no answer. Had to cross the Sahara Concrete Desert, along the skipping stones, past the pool, back to the leasing office just to get the damn key from Keia. Even when I got it, got in the apartment, set my stuff down, Sylvan popped up. I thought, “Son of a Bitch!” Ignoring my irritation in my head I greeted Sylvan and asked her who her friend was. Found out she was the chick that gave Sylvan rides to the school if they had class the same day. She went grocery shopping, had put everything away, I was eating let over pizza that I could eat that was on the kitchen table, then they started playing a Zelda game; fixed something extra in the toaster to eat cause two slices of pizza wouldn’t have saved me what so ever from hunger. Found out that after eating those two slices I didn’t have the damn words I needed to do the assignment. Back outside I go.

Made to the lounge in one piece. Keia was their on the computer, I went ahead and started working on these words. In all honesty their were a lot of words in this glossary I knew nothing of and some I somewhatly remembered. But was a good refresher. Took me awhile to complete it for Keia was talking to me all at the same time, which was alright. I live talking to Keia about random things 🙂

After the glossary words came the reading, their was one chapter I was supposed to have read the first week but I didn’t have the book then. So im gonna have to read it now for looking at the syllabus we will have to read three more chapters pretty soon. Time to get on it!
*about half an hour later or so*
I noticed I wasn’t at the beginning of chapter two…flipped 10+ pages forward and I got to the front part of the chapter..this chapter is ling as hell!!! Ugh!

Read to page 40 at this point an need to reach page 65, ill do it tomorrow. I needed a break from that reading! So got on my tablet looking up things and my blog. But down the line again hunger punched me in the gut! Left Keia in the lounge (she said she would be up soon) to head back to her place to eat literally the chicken tenders I left in the toaster oven (yes the oven is off). When I made it back I reheated my little tenders, greeted Sylvan who awoke from a nap, and then somehow..totally forgot how this conversation started. But Sylvan informed me she just wanted to draw and she wasn’t all that tech savvy, the resin she’s saying this is because she doesn’t want to go into doing 3D Modeling or animation as a career wise. She was honestly hoping she would have more drawing classes when she got here a few quarters ago and more 2D Animation classes. (Keia did walk in in between our conversation and closes the door to her room while we were talking.) I had asked her if she had looked into other schools where she could get a degree in Art or Illustration. Since she’s from Oklahoma I Told her their is bound to be a school their that she could go to if she was feed up with being here. She said she would have to look around and talk with her parents about it if she can’t handle the other 3D classes to come; her parents actually already told her she could come home and go to a different college if she didn’t want to be their. Now those are some supportive parents. 🙂

Sylvan was glad she had someone to talk with about this or really rant about how she felt. Which is good, getting all of that of your chest does feel great. Now came Keia, during our conversation her other roommates were asking where she was? If she was unwell? Or if she went to sleep? For usually Keia joins in to our conversations, were wondered what was up so I flew thru the door! She whined saying, “My privacy!” an then laughed. I told her she had no damn privacy while I was here, we were informed she was on the phone with her lovely mother and that she closed the door so she could hear her. Well that’s understandable, oh look its almost 12am lol.

P.S. It’s National Dance Day 

Got ideas for other things..but paying no attention

We stayed up a bit longer talking about different religions, our religions, and then we started looking up other gods. But with all the talking we usually do time does fly. So we decided to hit the hay.

 Honestly hoping for Keia to wake me from my slumber when I yelled from the couch. (For my alarm did go off twice but ignored it and said five more minutes.) She didn’t, she told me to get the hell out of bed. Took me awhile, but I eventually got up for I knew I had to catch an early bus in our 90-102 degrees Fahrenheit weather today~

Yay me! But after taking my asthma treatment, brushing my  teeth, washing face, change clothes and almost done with a bowl of cereal (after waiting 30mins) Renee offered to give me a ride to the school. I. Was. So. Happy! For were literally in the 90-100’s!

On the car ride to school Renee asked if later on tonight if I wanted to join her for church service at this church her friend suggested.  I thought why the hell not I won’t be doing anything after class. I haven’t been to church in decades so i might not pay attention but I’ll go if she doesn’t want to go alone.

Finding a computer lab was a pain in the ass! But I eventually found one to procrastinate in and check my email about the blogging problem on my email. Then class hit, I went to class, my teacher literally gets off subject and I lose interest to listen to her. An since I wasn’t paying attention I was writing some poetry on my paper. I few phrases she said (oddly) in class sparked my interest to write a poem. But I slightly paid attention to the old VHS tape she was playing on the screen, an I did decide on what artist I wanted to do for the project (thought of my favorite sculptor I already know of), but my mind was on poetry again. I missed writing poetry on paper, really long deep meaningful poetry. Then it hit me, “I should look up some poetry books in the library or creative writing books.” Since obviously I wasn’t going to get any books to research for the assignment for I found it unnecessary. After my instructor stopped literally telling us her life story I went to the library to hunt down some books. Managed to find a book on famous Black African American Poets and the Guide to Creative Writing that had a large section in it on Poetry. I was really happy I checked these out, had a feeling I would get a lot of inspiration from it. For as a child I use to write a lot of poetry (mostly dealing with how I felt or something I saw outdoors) an draw images to go with it or write a short story with pictures. Yes I really miss doing this, I honestly have to start pack~

Right when I got to class an I was just about to place my books in the bag this girl noticed I checked books out an was all excited. She thought it was books to help me with my research, I informed her really fast that this had nothing to do with this class at all! She was a tad disappointing, then slide the books her way, an read the titles. She was all like oh, well that’s still interesting. I ignored her and just smiled, nodded, an placed my books in the bag. The rest of the class felt longer then what it needed to be since she showed us how to do a proper biography on a power point presentation..I literally just asked for her to print it out for me, please! For I wasn’t going to remember a damn thing she said..hmm oh! Afterword’s I found a few of my friends in the computer lab looking at YouTube videos and attempting at homework. I then asked Ralph if he had the class I had at 6pm before, he was like yeah, then I told him my problem, and how my teacher decided to email me literally 10mins before the class I had before to let me know what I need to do! So it got to the point that I winged it, got to class at 6pm, found out I did a lot of shit wrong (so did a few others), asked how much would be taken off for I literally told her I just failed this assignment. She informed us that it was okay if we messed up this go round cause were still learning but she was telling us by week 4 (were in week 2) we better have our crap down! Lovely. Finished up the rest of the assignment for this football history assignment, messed up on linking the two htmls but found out I was doing crap highly wrong again, then we had break, a lecture on our homework, and then we started on it; during her lecture I wasn’t paying attention again and had other things on my mind. I literally forgot what the woman said for the past 30mins for I officially got some ideas for this Prayer Pillow my mom wanted to work on as a freelance job for some lady she knows at a church. I had a list of things by the time the lady finished the damn lecture. Oh well. But the homework was a breeze that I was able to finish it around close to the time I needed to catch the bus. Yes Renee didn’t come get me, her friend had ditched her in Arlington.

Caught the train instead with Keia and soo made it in time for the bus! But here’s the bad reeked of a egg bomb and piss on the bus! We were suffocating trying to talk about where we should take Keia’s roommate Sylvan since she doesn’t go out much. We were dying on this bus! The smell was so strong to the point where I couldn’t put my shirt over my nose to breath in my deodorant cause all i smelled was rotten eggs! I was close to vomiting! Til the bus driver informed us that it was the buses battery that smelled like that for it needed to be replaced…we wanted to hurry and get off! Which is what exactly happened since thankfully no one made any stops before our apartment complex! Finally in the apt with fresh air we informed Sylvan of how we wanted to take her to a museum or something when we all have free time so she can explore. Then I remembered about that Chinese museum I went to downtown that was so freaking cool. Which lead to our long night conversation of Zodiac Signs, Celtic Zodiac Signs, and Chinese New Year animal. Yes were googling stuff now, I’ll be up for awhile lol~

P.S. It’s National Tequila Day 😀  

98 Degrees Fahrenheit

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We literally didn’t go to bed til 4pm-ish or was it 5pm. Can’t recall really but me and Keia stayed up talking about the couples in Junjou Romantica (anime) and in the manga.

Watch Ep3 of Junjou Romantica 3 (anime); it was so adorable an highly put I smile on my face.

Plus I’m fully caught up with Natsume Yuujinchou (manga) I’m so freaking happy! For this is literally my favorite manga of all time! Read chapters 69 thru 76.

I eventually got kicked off of Sylvan’s bed for she was ready to go to sleep so I had to hit the couch.

When I awoke later on their was noise of Keia in the kitchen and Sylvan dashing out the door. (I know cause I opened my eyes ever so slightly to see when I rolled over on the couch; trying not to hit the floor.) I asked Keia what se was doing but instead she told me the time..I hate it when I’m half sleep cause then I sound like I’m mumbling. I finally got up, fixed a bowl of cereal, and started talking to Keia about how cheap certain grocery stores were. Well the ones we don’t usually go to of course. Then Sylvan came back with my roommate Claudia for they were gonna do homework together but she forgot her flash drive. After talking to them for awhile I went back to the apt, took a shower, grabbed my crap then went out the door.

One, I need to take my friend’s advice on taking a cold ass shower instead of a hot one.

Two, I need to put cold water in my bota bag and not just keep the room temperature water for it sure as hell doesn’t save my damn life outside!

And lastly, I need to check my damn weather app before I leave the house! For I didn’t find out how really hot it was til I checked when I got on the damn train! It was 98 Degrees Fahrenheit & tomorrow well be in the 102!

In panic I texted my mother of the weather status. For I’m from Houston, the temperature may be the same their as Dallas but it’s way more humid! Literally! Us Houstonians are 100% cautious as hell when it comes to hot ass weather 80 Degrees and up! My mother just informed to have my inhaler, water, sunblock or an umbrella on me. I’ve decided that if I pass out tomorrow and end up in the hospital I’m so switching to online classes! I hate the damn heat!

So still hate the fact Room 307 is cut off from us, they need to hurry up and put the computers in already! Took me forever to find a computer lab so I can email my damn teacher about my homework. (Found out in the tutoring lab that the guy who helps people with this topic was taking nothing but online classes and wasn’t at the school since he’s near graduating time.) Emailed her, procrastinated, redid an assignment, printed out crap, then started googling crap. Also I found out that today was National Hot Dog Day! We really do have a damn day for everything…

Got kicked out that computer lab for their was a class so I went to another, talked to some friends, looked at some artwork on stuff from Society6, then started looking for new templates for my Blog again or deciding to move to another blogging platform. Yet I decided not to, so i just worked on tweaking it while listening to the Mac computer read the chapter of the book I was supposed to have read ages ago for class sometime last week. Well at least I’m doing it now! Plus I’m going to have to read the chapters for my other class as well, for I remembered we will be having quizzes on what’s in the chapter. I swear this is a pain in the ass. I just don’t wanna but I gotta. Also while I was working my short friend who works in the Tech lab brought me my fancy pen back..he told me he took my pen when I left the computer lab since I wasn’t using it since I used the stapler at the window at the tech lab to staple my rap I printed out. He’s so full of it! But he’s a cool guy 🙂

Well I read for awhile, then Keia got out of class, we waited til around 10:30pm to leave an go catch the bus. I then I if I could spend the night, which I’m glad I did. For I found out when I got home (by the way the brown spider I killed days ago seems to revived itself! Damn this spider) that Angela decided to inform she was basically going to have a friend over an didn’t want me to walk in when their having sex since they haven’t seen each other in awhile. Yeah…i backed for an extra night so I don’t think I’m going back til Sunday. I went over to Keia’s with a lot of crap as always, an as always Keia greets me with glorious sarcasm. I love Keia so much. Also I made some amazing croissant sandwiches for dinner 🙂

P.S. It’s National Hot Dog Day 🙂

Thought this thru…(a bit of an announcement post..i guess)

Okay! Yo! Hi! Morning, Afternoon, or evening where ever yall may be! So here’s the deal. I’ve obviously been breaking my new years resolution quite badly. Which was:

“This year I will get back into blogging because I miss it & I have a bad memory of things.”

So I’ve thought it thru an decided to do what I did when I was in High School when I started this blog. Writing it down, typing it up, an posting it all by the end of the week. Technically on a Sunday. 

I miss expressing myself or really my life in words on here. This blog was really my life (and online gaming) before I even joined Facebook, or Twitter, or MySpace (was kinda pressured into making one cause all middle schoolers had one back then). But literally I would love staying up at night posting my life away and then online gaming my ass off on the weekends or watching TV. But you know as you grow up and school changes to college which influences your life you start to have less time for things. Which I honestly find annoying as hell and stupid! But I don’t want to give this blog up! No matter how old I may get! I want to keep it an cherish it for a long time to come. So I’ll be working on writing this week up and I know I’m behind like two months but I’ll just look up on my Twitter for all that. Things will change but I’ll still be me. So keep a look out for new updates weekly 9I hope). Since I do start back classes on July 13th, ugh. Just wait for me your guys! I’ll be back with an iron fist! lol. Well see ya guys soon~