Japan-Fest Day :D

Around 12am close to 1am

I couldn’t stop watching it (no wonder my brother liked the anime so much), it was getting to the best part! I finally finished Clannad then I started on Clannad After Story. I was really getting into this anime like when I spent a whole weekend watching Tsubasa Chronicles or when I watched every episode of D.Gray Man (those were the days). Honestly I knew I had to stop watching it or I wouldn’t be able to get up in the morning! I already set my alarm..but I have a tendency to ignore it..like really ignore to the point where I throw it! So I stopped around episode 8 or 9 (i think)


The clean slate goes into effect….hope all goes well…

Well how should i say my day went. It was better than yesterday…i guess its cause of the clean slate…but i doubt it, highly. It wasn’t any fighting, yelling, or threatening of getting kicked out of the house this time. My day did start of with chores though but i did have to get my hot shower out of the way. Cleaning is one chore i dislike cause well i just do…an im one lazy person. But i had to endure it cause i wanted to start on my notes for history, i was motivated! Even thgough I had to clean up my sisters throw-up cause she was sick, it recked. My mom had told me that I threw-up before and stop over exaggerating.But the smell gave me a headache and i thought i would pass out but we finished and put the stuff in the wash. Scrubbed the toilet (i hated it) with a towel tied to my brush then she wanted me to clean my closet. Of all places my damn closet! Its like hurricane Katrina hit it! DX I had to try on all my jeans (which took a while) an found out i had a red pair of skinny jeans. So i made a YouTube vid asking if i looked better in my awesomz black pair or the red ones i found. Eventually i finished (even though i kept going to the kitchen cause i was craving for something) and with my shoes at the bottem of my closet. Okay then my motivation was all lost to even start my notes -.- Then came resweeping the front i had to do cause my grandma was coming over. But before all that i ordered a game online, Tekkan on the 3DS, since i found out my Fry’s Electronics Gift Card doesn’t expire (don’t judge me, i forgot it was a gift card) i also called to make sure they got my order and they did. They said it would take 3 to 8 buisness days, i cant wait! X3 Then my mom made a list and i had to go to the grocery store with my grandma. My mom and grandma wanted me to change my shoes cause they weren’t “cute” i was like what! Converse aren’t suppose to be cute at all! Then my mom told me to stop arguing an just go change my shoes since im going out with my grandma and i have to look nice. They only wanted my shoes to be nice, gah! We left, my shoes were changed, and my mom gave me the list and trusted me with her Chase card. Me and grandma went around the world looking for this stuff and called my mom every now and then to get clarification of things. Yet it we got what we need, i paid with the card, and we headed home. Got everything we needed then i had to cook dinner, i was a crawfish caserole and salad. Mostly mom showed me, actually told me how to do it all and help some even though she had to take it easy. She’s not suppose to be up for a long time, but i did my best in helping her. At last i did an awesomz job with the food, an i thanked my little sis for putting the clothes in the dryer for ne while i was gone. Tony even complimented my food (i really didn’t want to hear it though from him). While eatting i started to watch the anime Shuffle! I had stopped around ep 5 to start the dish washer then kept going. So now its pretty late (close to 12am) an i stopped at ep 12 or 13, watched some of Family Guy, then the Boondock on Adult Swim. Man its hot in my house! Oh great its 12am well imma just put some pjs on and just play Mario Kart 7 til i fall asleep. So cya X3

It just keeps getting worse…an its all my fault…im the reason..right?!

We got home from Lindas house, it was 3am in the morning. This is how it all began….all I was doing was just putting my clothes away and trying to get into some comfortable clothes. I had just put my shoes up then i forgot to put my clothes up, i walked in the room and it was dark as hell! I was like seriously, he was like yeah seriously! I;m bout to go to bed!, then he mumbled something when he left out of the room. I said excuse me! He said i didn’t stutter! He said imma throw all your damn stuff out and put my stuff in there

I swear I feel like nomad…….. :(

its a Saturday, best way to start off is by sleeping in. I had to be in my moms room (I wanted to sleep on the couch).

Quick heads up: Before I go any further let mew update you breifly. I honestly didnt want to make blog posts til I got my new phone but my new phone money I got for xmas had to be spent. Cause my mom said for me to and she would pay me back. Also for those that don’t know and are new, my moms bf doesnt like me (well he does, he just doesn’t like my lazyness) and he wanted us to start of new at the beginning of 2012 but that ended in failure.
He told me the reason he wanted us gone was all cause of me…I was the reason,,,the cause of it all…so yeah. An also two weeks ago my mom got surgery, so I got kicked out of my room by my moms bf. So I slept on the couch for the longest then they let me take ova Aj’s room (Aj is his son thats like in college now; yes he’s been married, divored has three growen kids and his a grandfather since his daughter had two boys, there like in kindergarten now) but he cant sleep in there with my mom cause he moves in his sleep. So I got stuck in there with mom, I could’ve slept on the couch but she wouldn’t allow it. Ever since my mom got surgery I’ve been helping taking care of her, my sis, and the house (sorta) the best way I can. Also I already took TAKS ELA, it annoyed me but I finished it 😛  so I got SAT’s to deal with when I get back to school.

So I really didn’t do anything except lazy around (watched a lil of Narnia), then I helped Tony with his phone problem (something bout the email mix ups for him to log in) then help him make a wordsheet for the dues of the card games they have this year and also help set up a movie for him and my mom. I just went back up front on the computer or playing the Mario Kart 7 on the 3DS that my friend let me borrow. That 2nd living room felt like a room to me, my own space that had been taken over by no one. At peace indeed til we had to go to Mrs. Lindas house for the card  game. Tony reminded me of Tiger Woods cause of his orange shirt, black hat, and black pants. So yeah, on our way there and I wanted to hear my mp3 player but the damn thing went white as hell! I was like fuck its dead! So i pulled out my laptop to charge it,  i was thankful my vids had fully loaded so i could watch the new episode of High School DXD and Nisemonogatri. Watched most of it but then we got there, I wanted to just go in the guest room in peace but Mrs. Linda’s granddaughter wouldn’t leave me be. She kept telling me about the guest room, her grandmas wedding dress, and also kept messing with my computer…she was about to break it and I was gonna be pissed off! BEAT A KIDS ASS! I kept kicking her out even locked the door but I opened it cause I feel for what she said…damn it! I was dragging her, pulling her by the legs whatever it took to get her the fuck out!!!!!!! But it got worse when I had to go eat dinner, there was another evil child sitting at the table. We had a staring contest for a while, then my mom said we were bonding, nope! This was rivalry between child and big kid, i win always! >:3 After the eating i was stuck with both of them!!!!! IT WAS HELL!!!! I kept calling Brianna asking if they were on the way to play with these damn kids but i kept getting interrupted cause they kept fucking hitting me!!!! T o make matters worse they got the 6ft something bamboo sticks and was about to beat me with them!!!!! DX   Glad lil Lewis and Brianna came! T^T   It was a toughy to get me away but they did (well it was mostly Brianna, lil Lewis just fled)  Finally free from hell with the imps, in the other living room with lil Lewis just on the computer, later on Taylin came…he pissed me off glad he went upstairs with the girls. I was on the computer the whole time we were there and the 3DS playing Mario Kart 7. Then Mrs. Pat and Uncle Sevenly started dancing to a song, i just shook my head and just watched at how happy they were. Eventually it was time to go, man i was tired…damn kids…can’t wait til i get home :p

P.S   read the next post to find out what happened when we got home…that’s when my day went fucking down hill for good  D: