Forgot to mention :)

i was on tv!!! me and my school, mount carmel academy!!! why? because it was a prefalge for our school to help a museum in galveston fix their sculptures that got messed uo in IKE the hurricane. we were the only school doing this, my art teacher was the nervous one of us all!!! me and other classmates had fun being in front of the camers. channel 2 and channel 13 came. i got about 5 lil interviews fronm both i think. they loved me. 🙂 even the camera man was funny, he said “everyone has such pretty names but i got stuck with bill” an we all laughed. we hav a long way to go though towards cleaning these statues and repainting them. wish us luck. XD



well im still new to this blogging thing but i guess its ok. i made Japanese riceballs on sunday brought them monday and my friends loved it!!! then my friend jenny today brought a whole bunch of rice-balls! one had chocolate, one had marsh mellows, anfd one had ham. they were great. then in PE me and my friend swordsman found the breakers to the school and tha water heater!!! we had to jump over, boxes, an old water fountain and pipes to get to tha breaker!!! we didnt turn the lights of or nothin it was just a cool discovery, its lik the time we found an underground passage way in the school to get to the outside!! it reeked of dead cats 😛