Yahoo! A day of 4rm skool! An now its time for Job Applications & TX ID!

I finally woke up at a disant time to go get my ID (I culd have done it earlier but i neva woke up early enough, more lik i always wake up in tha evenings on wkends) but i had first had to do my Toys R Us job application online (was suppose 2 do that Wensday) i had 2 speed thru it! Once i was done i quickly got dressed than we were off! XD I had everything i needed, my birth certificate and student ID (it was my ID 4rm 10th grade we havnt got our new ones yet) i was rly excited! But that excitement soon vanished afta bein in there 4 more than an hour, i got my ticket at 8:39am and my number war 413. Man was it annoyin how they were doin tha numbers! They kept skippin around and boy did it crowded in there fast as hell! So of course 2 pass tha time away i had complimented the girl nxt 2 me then the nxt thing u kno were talkin 2 one anotha. Her name was Heather she was a hm a senior in high skool, she told me she jumped around 2 different high skools plus she was tellin me she neva got a permit but she was 18 and bout to get her drivers license. So pretty much we talked heard annoyed ppl gettin angry or cursin out loud cuz there numba hadnt been called also ppl complained bout how they needed more workers in the bak. Yup i sat there 4 bout more than 3hours before they called my number. I had jumped 4 joy, lik literally! So i gav tha lady my stuff, did tha finger print thing, then took a photo. She gav me tha paper version of my ID then told me it wuld b sent to me on Oct. 13 and said hav a nice day. We left afta that, i tried 2 see if i saw Heather in tha crowd, but i guess her numba was already called. So we went 2 our nxt destination! We stopped by Party City so i could fill out an application. I mean u could tell they were hiring, they had a huge outside there door sayin NOW HIRING wit a Halloween background. So i snagged an application 4rm the stack on the table. I took it wit me 2 Wendys cause i was hungry! I ate my food, filled it out, then went bak up to Party City and gav it to them. Of course i wasn’t done yet! I had to go stop at the dollar store to buy my friend a bakpak. U kno just a normal one u can throw on ur bak, cuz her mom always gav her msger bags an she got tired of it, so i told her i wuld get her one as a belated bday present. Everytime or sumtims when u walk in the store they greet u then u ask where crap is and they tell u, well the thing is since they had so much halloween crap up it was hard to find them!!! But of course i found them on a bottom shelf all stacked together (they were new of course cause some of them were still in the box). So i found her a pretty sky blue one (there was this one that was all dark blue with black pokie dots and just stood out, i liked that one to much so i thought nope she cant hav this one hehehe). But wat got me was the price!! It was $8! $8! I am cheap ok! Plus i thought i mite not hav enough cuz i did go to Wendys. Yep 2 my surprise when i got 2 tha cashier she said $5.25! Happy as day! But was more happy when i got home 2 my computer X3


Food Monster & Troublemakers :p

(5th day being early to school) I’ about to fast forward to third period to where I was so hungry that I sat up there and made a contract with a dumbass! I was really hungry and my friend had dounuts and was being a jerk and would’nt share! i help him in Algebra 2 cause he always falls asleep in that class! So I told him I will not ask you for food all day Friday (since we don’t have school Thursday) and give him a dollar! An he said deal! Buut he had to write it on paper and make me sign it, so really I made a contract with a dumbass indeed. Then there came lunch when I got in trouble for cursing out load and the teacher heard me in the room at the breezeway so pretty much if I cursed again I would be getting D-hall plus if anybody else cursed we wouldn’t be able to eat there any more. So I left them and they laughed at how upset I was plus they knew I always curse like crazy when I’m made at them. I walked around the whole school looking for a place to eat…then in the end I sat at the table with KAT and Marcello. Barely even ate anything since I had to walk around and find a place to eat….(fast forward) then came after see I never really thought this would happen to me…I started walking to the park close to 4pm, then when I got there the girls said it was cancelled, then when I was about to leave they said coach called back and said wait for him so we did, some time passed then they all decided to go home, but then Jose came ready to help us practice and then I told him of the situation so he gave me a ride back to the school. An tell me why I got there one of the girls told me that they lied to me! I was like oh shit! Plus one of the teachers told me that Coach didn’t cancel it, then I saw his car driving to the park. I was like DAMN! Then he came back to the school and gave me this what the hell is goin on look. So I had to run to the parking lot and tell him the situation, of course he told me that was the longest explanation ever but it all happened. Then he was all like whatever (the scary way) so pretty much we are screwed next practice! An plus since I was at the school so damn long me and Larissa got to raid both the frigs in the school. We got a veggie platter and the rest of chocolate cake we both at it plus with a few people still there :)

Edgar Allen Poe shall corrupt my mind @.@

I got to school again early again today! (my 4th day) I felt very proud of myself! An earlier that morning my homie Chacha gave me her Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe! I was so happy, but I only got to read one poem til Tiff stole the book from me! I couldn’t fight back, she is scary in reading mode O.o So I let her read it the whole 1st period, she didn’t finish reading the story though hahahaha! In chemistry my friend shoes were super dirty and she kept rubbing her feet up against the stole and when you look at it, it seems like she made homemade drugs (grounded up and ready to be wrapped in paper then lit) she laughed when I told her that. When I got to homeroom today there were a bunch of test-tubes on the shelf filled with fat from foods, we were all like ewww! And I can’t believe that much fat is in that food! It was hilarious! Then I gave Kat both my slinkys to hold on to cause I told her I was going to repair my old backpack that was three layered. (an sum how my slinky got tangled and made a sphere!) An somehow I managed to get a cute stuffed puppy from a random chick I never met in my life to hold on to it for a whole class period! I was like yahoo! XD At soccer practice all was going well til I got hit in the chest, which scared me! I’ve had my past experiences with being hit in the face but never in the chest. I wasn’t made at Kassy (she’s like a sister to me) just surprised! I wonder were she gets the strength for her power kicks from, lol Well any-who, I sat out the rest of practice coughing and wheezing a lot. But after some water and thank god I had my inhaler all was good. (fast forward) I ate first then I got started on reparing my backpack and I think I did a bang up job with it too! :D

Need to step my game up, like for real :/

I was early Wensday and Thursday of last week. An today I was early, im trying to get there earlier….really the earliest that I can get there. It really surprised everyone that I was early again. The thing is I’ve been late since the first day of school ( I’ve always been late for first period since freshman year, but thing are different this year) they told me that if I dont start getting to school earlier my 1st period wouldn’t count at all and I might get put back in the 9th grade or something like that. So pretty much this is like life or death for me like for real! 2nd period I had a blast since we had an experiment with CANDIUM! AKA CANDY! M&M’s, Reese’s Pieces, and Skittles…which we all wanted to eat at 1st glance but we couldn’t or our grade would drop like crazy! So I had to control my urge to gobble them all down, lol. In PE I found a sea-shell on the ground while walking to the park it’s pretty big and colorful :3 Then came after school(skipping like two class periods cause PE is 6th period) they mad an announcement that the locker rooms were just ewwwwwww! So we either took our crap or they give it to the needy, so I had to save my friends Bobby Jack stuffed animal that had been in there since like Pajama Day! DX I told her I had but in the end when she came to soccer practice she didn’t want it so I kept it :D Now here is what made me moody when I got home *turn the knob on the sink* NO WATER! DX Well we weren’t the only ones, the whole neighborhood didn’t have any for two hours! But during that time my mom sat up there and got us gallons of water. This reminds me of how the power would go out in the whole neighborhood, it did that a lot a few months ago. But im glad it last to long like how the electricity did cause we would’ve had to stay at someone’s house if they both went out. Actually that would suck if that happened, like for real :p

I went to go see Columbiana! :D

I don’t want to spoil it but it was very action packed and just plain amazing! The women is a badass chick indeed! She makes me want to be a ninja so badly! So its a must see! SO GO SEE IT! IT GOOD! I wore skinny jeans for like the first time, i always thought they were sufficting but there amazing! I got nachos and a slushie at the movies! Also meet a martial art academy that would be opening up soon, its cool. Plus my mom wanted to have a picture moment before the movie. An also i saw some cool bikes afterward. X3

Kept getting hurt all Friday! :D

I don’t think I will ever understand why the hell my friends are so fucking weird! Ok were in Duncan’s class (were so negative minded and we just like hav fun in there) my stupid friend Andrew was all like im hungry an he told me he didnt have any food. What a liar! He pulled out a banana so damn quick i was like wtf! Where did you get that! 0.o then he sat up there and drew Evalin’s face on it. An as always we had a negative minded moment bout it, then he ate it. So it close to the end of class an we had to move the desks back…thats when i smashed my damn fingers between the desk! >.< That’s the first time. Okay the 2nd time was at lunch I honestly don’t know what happened but my friend pissed me off so I turned away then while i was turned my damn redneck friend sat on my back! That bitch was heavy as fuck! H e sat there for a good 2minutes (i tried to get him off) but everybody just lauughed at me! Then Aurora took my lunch…that darn Russian..but I lovz her! Then lastly came after school my friends grabbed both my legs and tried to make me do a split which was very uncomfortable for me indeed :p Also I had to smuggle money from a football player and the office so I could buy a cupcake and a frito pie! An in PE my friends made a PAC-MAN game on the mini board! :D

Monday thru Thursday Experience! :3

Okay i totally forgot when all of the stuff in the photos happened, so all of what i say will be out of order but it all happened Monday thru Thursday. First lets talk about soccer. Only two days out of Monday thru Thursday it was cloudy which was good because it was cooler, but the rest was hot as hell! It drained us! Hm one of these days i watched Super 8, it was really good! Also i watched Jane Eyre it was pretty interesting. Hm one day my friend found a feather but mistakened it for a pichoke (idk how to spell the name of the damn bird! But that big bird thats blue an green with eyes on its feathers. My friend brought the version before a Lucario pokemon stuffed animal. Hm..oh yeah! It was my friends bday not that long ago so she brought her huge laptop to show it off. I took the picture of how crowded the breezeway has gotten since last year. Uh oh, my friend drew a diamond with a blue sharpie on my backpack. Me and Kat found strange things at the park, she found a bolt and i found a silver mini disk, we kept them. Plus the boys in PE bounced the ball hard that it busted so me and Dani took it apart. An kept pieces of it as a souvenir. Oh yeah and i get bored in class so i drew on my hand and the board. I finally paid for my PE uniform. I got food plus i brought a power ranger samurai toy i found in the back seat. One more thing! I took pictures of a car for sale at the gas station and got a catalog 4rm my grandmas house, thinking about buying sumtin 4rm it. When i have money of course XD

Spirit Week: Spirit Day!!

As you can see in the first photo. I woke up this morning and there was a Walmart bag there, an it was a shirt! I loved it! (I was gonna make my Auntie so jealous when she does my hair today cause she loves this character from Sesame Street.) Any who it was Spirit Day! Of course I had notice that next week was going to be all “normal” ugh! How boring but oh well. I was mostly jealous of the peoples spirit thingys they were wearing (forgot what they were called) but I was able to do the rain dance with my friends Teddy Bear Staff! :DBut sadly no rain…what a bitch! :p At lunch I want to steal Larissa’s shoes! Cause I loved them so! XD Ben has some really cool boots, I kinda want a pair now :) Our Russian Aurora came to lunch and as always Ben and Aurora show brother and sister love, hahahahaha! XD In PE Banes had this weird chain puzzle that was hard to get undone…it kinda pissed me off really! My friend Penguin (Sabrina) got it at 1st then struggled like hell the 2nd time but of course she got it! Oh yeah! An to show my MCA Spirit I just wore a piece of copy paper tapped to my shirt saying “Aleria wasn’t here! I’ve got MCA Spirit :D ” Everybody in 1st period told me I was cheap since I didn’t want to pay for a Spirit shirt (which was true). But I was really happy after school when I got VANILLA PUDDING! (I have an addiction for this stuff :p) and a cherry danish! Plus my friends decided to give free piggy-back rides! XD Man my school is random :)

Spirit Week: College Day!

No this day we were just representing colleges we want to go to or just like the college in general. I didnt take any pictures of people in there college shirts cause I thought there was no point. Now guess what?! WE ARE NO LONGER A CO-ED TEAM FOR SOCCER! :D it was announced during 2nd period! We (the girls) were so happy, we didn’t mind the co-ed team but were happy to have the Coach Banes back. By the way funniest thing happened at PE, when i was getting ready I had notice I only brought one Converse shoe. I laughed but I did have to wear my school shoes again. So any who, after school we had a short meeting about soccer than he was like I know this is last minute but if you want to kick around the ball some just go to the park. So me and four other girls plus Banes had soccer practice. I had fun! An in the end when my grandma came and got me she gave me a bag of goodies! But it got better, my grandma stopped at the gas station. I GOT A KING SIZE DRUMSTICK! XD I was on cloud nine. :D

Spirit Week: Crazy Day! An boy was it crazy! 0.o

As you can see from the photos below I had a really crazy day indeed. In the morning when I was getting ready for school (I told everyone at school what ever I threw out of my closet I was gonna wear it) my mom came in the room with these amazing black pants. Telling me that I should wear these, I looked at her and said are you crazy! These jeans are for like a party or the movies NOT CRAZY DAY! O.o O f course when I got to school it was even weirder…a lot of people didn’t take me seriously about what I said on the “wear what ever I threw out of my closet deal” so everyone was surprised. During 2nd period we did an experiment..i think this may be the only time that i will ever take pictures in the lab again. It was hard for me to take these photos, since our teacher walks around a lot! But I did get it in the beaker and then when the test tube froze when we stirred it, pretty cool huh. Then at lunch (as you can see) my friend Andrew (the dumbass) I call him that cause is one! He went OUT THERE WITH THE CRAZY! He wore a white shirt…grr! just look at the picture! As you can see, that idiot for the fun of it wore I love Lucifer on his shirt and was even more of an idiot to go show Sister Mai! AN THEN GOT PURIFIED WITH HOLY WATER! XD I just laughed the whole time. And below I took a picture of me, my friend Aaron dressed as a girl, and my friend KAT dressed as a mouse (get it! lol) :D