Early Halloween Party at a Bar :)

My morning is a blur~

   2nd Period: Kargou told us that the focus had something to do with his sister. Thats how we got him to talk about his brothers and sisters he had, how were they, what grade they were in, basically everything. Once he was done talking he noticed the time, an just asked himself “how did we even get to this?” We had to remind him about the focus; thats how the conversation came to be.
   3rd Period: From what I can recall I had to leave class because we had another short conference with the Art Institute of Dallas, it was about finacial aid. We had to walk around a lot trying to find a room to have the conference in, but then I mentioned that Mrs. Davis didnt have a class. She didnt mind us being in her room. At first Mr. Takacs thought I would’nt be need during the meeting this time but i had to pull my email up and print something out. It took me forever to get it printed because Mrs. G was talking to Mrs. Wolf for way to long! So i had to cut it short to get it printed out and head back to the room. Once I got back the meeting was over and I had to go back to enligh.
   4th Period: Had to deal with sister again….I have no idea what we learned at all. lol
   Lunch: I went to go see Mrs. Takacs to give her my money for my transcripts to be sent to HBU & The Art Institute of Dallas. Oh that was out of the way i went to got eat my lunch. I had bread and the laughing cow cheese, Desiree thought that was all i had! But no! I was backing indeed 😀  Desiree told me she was going to this place called Frankel Costumes, she said it had a variety of costumes indeed and she was going there. I just said i was going to Party City
   Homeroom: uh i dont think we did anything lol
   5th Period: We didnt have a focus but instead had our glorious test. Mrs. Simien is awesome! She let us us the review for three minutes! But i got so much down that I know I didnt fall at all 😀  I was quite confident about my grade indeed: B or C.
   7th Period: We took notes as glorious children that we are. We saw Mr. Argo’s halloween costume….it was hideous lol But he was saying that he was just gonna wear shorts and a shirt. He would be deviant he said.
   After/Home: My mom picked me up after about three calls i had to my phone which were loud people screaming in the background. Once she got me it was time for Party City! But she gave me a watt load of mail i got from a lot of colleges so i just decided to give it all to Takacs tommorrow. I didnt see my costume on the wall and gosh darn! It took me forever to find my sisters number on the gosh darn wall for her costume, plus we had to wait in a long line for it, I just got a Harry Potter tie then we got my back pack at Fiesta plus i saw my friend Hime working :3
Got my sister, put her costume on, and headed to my Aunts Club because she was was throwing an early halloween party for the kids. My aunt was happy to see us and happy to see me as always 🙂
We danced, ate food, and did a costume contest! Also my uncle and his kids came & his niece came also to the club to hang out. Even though they took awhile to figure out who would win the costume contest & i caught my mom dancing on video. We came home I guess at a decent hour, well night all~


Just One of Those Mondays :3

So I decided to do blog post differently. Making it more short than usual, but informative. (Hope I can make it happen, here goes; also I know Im behind on posts..ill have to do one post for each week but if its important then it’ll have its own post.)

  I got up at a decent time today, more like ready earlier than usual! (Even though I did toss & turn most of the night on the barely breathing air mattress, I felt like I’d be sleeping on the floor again.)  I did get my sister up but mom let her go back to sleep. I called Zoe to remind her to bring my lunch & reminded Desiree to bring the ipod she would let me use (or have).  So I just watched (well catch up) with 666 Park Avenue. When they were ready to go, in the car, & off my mom started snizzing & coughing loudly. She was catching a cold & so was my sister, I dont wanna catch it. 
   2nd Period: (Before:  Found out before 1st Period that Desiree couldn’t bring it cause her dad was using it. Plus Anthony told me Nicco was coming to visit us during lunch, so i was even more happy for lunch) 
Got to class early, told Arnesha she was looking better than last week cause she was so sick, an found out I was suppose to both pages for homework & not just one. But before we went over the homework the guys and Kargou had there talk about sports, well the Rockets about most of class. He told us to just do the review and the even ones on the worksheet so we could get credit. I just hate the fact that we have so many freaking equations to remember >w<
   3rd Period: (Before: Caught up to Zoe, she told me that my lunch was in her locker so she would give it to me later)  Hm…we turned in our dialectical journals for A Rose of Emily (from our AP English book that we started using), took notes for AP..the stuff were suppose to know, then did a group project on the story. An were through with Frankenstein so its now time for A Tale of Two Cities.
   4th Period: Sweet nibblets! We had a quiz today! I half assed did it, even sister wanted me to do the rest of it but I couldn’t so i just stared at the wall. We thought it was all over, no! After that she gave us a huge packet, yet surprisingly I learned today! We all learned today! An I understood it too~
  Lunch: First I had to go take my stuff for Takacs to mail to the Art Institute of Dallas, then I had to find Zoes homeroom but she found me, so I had my lunch heated up but everything else was frozen. Cause Zoe left my lunch in the frig for some reason.
  Homeroom: We had to watch a clip from one the Rocky movies to learn about responsibility.  Then we had to take a crazy survey about what were having difficulty with and what we could do responsibly to get it done. We found it a waste of time, so we just wrote something/
   5th Period: Didnt have a focus activity so she gave us a packet. To our surprise it was a review that we werent exactly suppose to get but we got it anyways. Me, Tiff, & Vivi worked on it all class period then found out it wouldnt be open book or open notes ( we’ve been doing open book since the semester started) now they wanna change the rules. Were all screwed indeed.
   7th Period: So Mrs. Smith got feed up with us! We didnt get why when we were suppose to be watching the movie Mr. Argo left us but she had work to do. She called down Mrs. G (the principal ) to come watch cause she said everytime we came to the class on Monday (Mr. Argo’s day off) we would be late, ask for the restroom when getting in the class late, but today she was feed up! She said a student said they didnt care & just walked out the classroom & just left to go to the bathroom. So Mrs. G had to lecture us while Mrs. Smith went off somewhere to work on her study planning for her classes in peace. Mrs. G said this thing the most: “if you all can’t behave and do what you know your suppose to do when a teacher isnt here there we may have to take you out of the class…or may not have HCC classes up here at this school anymore”  We basically ended up just doing homework, reading, or drawing as she stood at the door just watching over us like an owl ready to strike its pray if it comes out of the peeping hole for not heeding the warning. Thats how the class went til the bell rang.
   After & So on….. well my uncle called & texted me to let me know he was here. So i quickly signed out an just went to the van. On the ride to my uncles place he was telling me how crazy people are for putting there business out there over the radio, especially when its just someone complaining over something stupid. We got there, mu uncle took a nap, and i just ate the rest of my lunch an decided not to do my homework for it was a pain. Instead I looked up how to do body movements 7 finished the picture I had started drawing in class til my mom got me.
   Home sweet home! I was gonna visit Mrs. White but she left to go get supplies, so I just made a few rounds to the car to get things then she came back. I told her the menu (dinner menu) of what mom was cooking an if she wanted some she could stop by. I also noticed she was catching a cold just like my mom & sister. Had a quick shower before my mother left (sh also lectured my sister about constantly flipping the channels and wont just watch a show fully) I ate, then attempted to do my homework/ Of course it struck me that I left my books I needed to do my work in my mothers car. So I texted my friend Adriana about what we did in statistics since she wasnt there at all & I told her I would send her a list of anime shows & manga to read/watch since she was running out of ideas for her drawings. I rolled on my floor, whinned, & complained….then googled why does homework exist? Which really didnt make me feel better at all 😛
So I said screw it all! I did my AP English, didnt do my AP Statistics for I had no book an wasnt going to do it anyways, then i just googled all my Physics questions. As for Economics..i tried to study but I was getting sleepy so I made myself a snack. Then I aimed for my computer…I was looking up pictures to use for my background on my computer and for my blog also. Still on the computer, watched Hocus Pocus with my little sister til I had to give her that medicine (which made her sleepy), & not long after it was her bedtime (9:30pm). She was already asleep on the couch so I nudged her to get up & go to her bed. As for me I’m typing this blog post right now while sitting on the living room floor (which she making my ass fall asleep by the way) so i’ll call it a night for now. If anything else my happen tonight I’ll just put it in tomorrows post cause I’m sleepy *yawn*
Night all~

P.S i made a few changes to my blog, well im not through yet, but I knew it was time for a change..I’ll fix it tommorrow, cya!

Fun at Walmart, Cursed out my moms Ex-Boyfriend, & Checked Out new Anime :D

Hey all! So on Friday I had to much fun with the children at walmart and almost got kicked out…should’ve just looked for the container like I was suppose to, lol but hey we did then we looked at some cool cards (wont post a lot of pictures just some)

Saturday at the card game I cursed out my moms ex-boyfriend cause he pissed me off and got in trouble for it….they thought i was being emotional cause of there break up. I wasnt, Im use to my mom dating guys, but usual when she breaks up with them we dont see them a lot…only a few times then there gone from memory. They dont linger they move the hell on but whatever,

Sunday I gor distracted y new anime shows (instead of doing my homework):
Little Busters

But eventually I had to do my homework :p ugh! DX  (only posting a few photos )