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Hi all, I know I said that I would update my new blog and start a new..but idk when the hell that may happen. I’ve been sick for about almost a week and I feel damn terrible still. Although I am taking meds for this sickness of mines. But if I don’t start posting crap to the new blog soon..well I might not leave this blog after all. Might just change the name to that, the url, and the theme as well…HELL! Why didn’t I just do that! GAH! I swear when I’m sick or bored I do some stupid ass shit! Sorry, excuse my French. I hope I get better soon for I really hate being sick….I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year’s Eve 🙂

*Actually imam go ahead and change it now, the name of my blog and the url name. Then I’ll be happy. For sadly I can’t seem to part from my blog >_< *