Redo – July 30th, 2015.

(incomplete post)

Today was the big day, lunch on Student Affairs! I was happy for this day but I was still asleep..til my alarm went off for some gosh forsaken reason! Oh! I have to call then and ask where were meeting for our lunch this afternnon since we weren’t infromed. We only got the damn time! I called trying not to sound all half damn sleep to find out where. We would meet in the Chef’s Gallery by noon or if we got their before noon to meet in Student Affairs.


August 8th, 2015.

(will recall early in the morning later)

I was still asleep on the couch, still catching some Z’s. But I could hear everyone move around and opening the blinds to where I had no chose but to cover my face with the blanket and try to size back off. Yet that freaking failed when their was a knock at the door, who the heck is that! Come to find out its an RA doing a pre- inspection on the apartments, all I could think was, ‘No one is at my apartment sooo you can’t with my place.’ Trying to doze back off wasn’t working for I recognized the voice, it was Tantan. She was going around the apartment telling them what to clean and what needs to be done. An right before she left I rolled over and asked her if she was pre-inspecting all the apartments? She was surprised to notice that it was me on the couch, an she decided to sit on me..on my damn rib cage!!! (she was a tad heavy probably because of those hips of hers lol) No she didn’t leave, she ended up asking someone for a computer charger like she did me. I yelled at her in a sleepy voice that she should just go buy a new one! She didn’t want to, if she could find one here, which she had no luck in this apartment. Got one last hug from her before she left, an me being me, told her something sarcastically funny and she told me I was dumb. No turning back now.might as well get up.

Falling back asleep for a few more hours sounded lovely but I didn’t. Instead I spoke with Keia about using her notes for Art History 1 so it can help me with my midterms; ate a bowl of cereal and a pop-tart (brown sugar flavored, it was glorious). Keia didn’t mind, she was cleaning out some of her plastic drawers and wow was she able to find so much stuff! Pencils, packs of paper, another pencil case, chargers, binders, some cool stickers, her Le Pan tablet, etc. The power of cleaning people, look at all the treasure you can find! During our talk though Sylvan came back tired and confused, she was supposed to be catching the bus to meet with Renee so they can have their outting together but mix communication lead to confusion. Sylvan said Renee went a bit off on her on the phone for she was frustrated about some things and seemed to have taken it out on her; also I did text the Manager Hank at Office Depot to see how the background check was going. He immediately called me, told me it was surprising it took a few days, asked me if I could come on Monday from 9am to1pm in uniform for training. I said yes! I will be their! After I got off the phone I was rolling around on Sylvan’s bed like I had  ants in my pants! I was so excited, I have a freaking job!!! Yasss!!!

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