Beginning of my 7th Quarter

Memorable Moments of Monday
April 6th, 2015.

#1  Didn’t sleep all that well; my new roommate still has her containers everywhere in the room. Tripped over them a few times..hope she puts her stuff away.

#2 My workout was glorious! Did a whole hour of walking and jogging back to back! It was great~ ; I stayed on the running machine the whole time cause I tried the other machine that this one lady was on once she got off. Cause I had used the machine before and thought I would like it again. Nope.

#3 The shower head was odd. My new roommate must have adjusted it; it enjoy my shower like normally

#4 Got a lot of complements all day about my hair; one friend asked me during my night class “How did I feel having braids?” I laughed. She made it seem as though it was my first time having braids. It wasn’t. So sick of braids but I got my hair done so what can I do.

#5 My teacher from Concept Design loves Blue Grass, is trying to swear so much (highly doubt he can stop lol), he has an amazing sense of humor, and he’s stopped smoking for about 200-something days now. He’s very hype in class, we think its the coffee since he’s using that as a replacement for his smoking addiction; their are a lot students in this class I know from my previous classes. I’m always glad to have someone I know in a class.

#6 Was able to talk to one of my culinary friends in the library for awhile, found out her first day isn’t going so well; checked out a book on book binding, need to practice some techniques on my spare time

#7 My night class teacher talks really fast, I notice she tries sarcasm but it doesn’t work for her all that well, an we were let out early cause her other PowerPoint presentations wouldn’t open

#8 Found out that Randy can’t go with me to the festival (during my night class break) so I have to find a replacement. I got these tickets for free! I ain’t wasting them!

#9 Decided on my birthday that I will be heading to PinkBerry. They sent me an email saying I got a free yogurt! There yogurt is addicting D:

#10 Found out (in my night class) from a friend that Sherlock’s Pub and Grill is hiring servers! I’ve never been a server before but I’ll give it a try. Well hell I gotta apply first lol. 

(this post is not finished but I’m posting it anyways and will come back to it later)

Happy April Fools

I know, I know. I changed things up to make it easier on me posting but now I’ve been forgetting again. Not just that, just been so damn busy. But I’m getting back into the game 🙂

Memorable Moments of Wednesday

#1 Didn’t sleep my morning away this time. I actually got up and put clothes on.

#2 Won a begging contest with my moms friend an was able to eat a salad as my breakfast.

#3 Found out my mother was graduating! Well actually getting a promotion as a manager at her job! I’m so proud of her~

#4 Spent really the majority of my evening: downloading more audio books, made a good reads account, opening more space on my old computer and downloading movies.

#5 Wanted to watch anime but the site I usually go to has changed things up. The video players are different and I can’t download videos anymore :/

#6  It stormed today, I love the smell of fresh rain in the evening.

#7 Got on OkCupid after I finally posted a picture of myself yesterday. I got like 36 likes and 30-something people view my profile. Plus two messages. One was some 35 year old asking why was I on the site and what was I looking for. I told him I wasn’t interested and there are other fish in the sea. The 2nd was asking my if I watched all of Hayao Miyazaki’s movies. I had replied not all, their were a few I still needed to watch. An when I went on the QuickMatch I noticed there was this guy I had I high match with that looked like an actor. But I can’t remember who…

#8 Started watching Baby Daddy (tv series) on Netflix; its from ABC Family

(this post is not finished but I’m posting it anyways and will com back to it later)