Early Morning Feels but a Sleepless Early Morning

Memorable Moments of Wednesday
March 18th, 2015.

#1 (around 12am-ish)
Watched  Ep10 of Yuri Kuma Arashi (anime) 🙂 ; the episode ended with another freaking cliffhanger!!! Gah!

#2 An since I was so freaking wide awake I finished up an anime that I didn’t finish about a year ago (been trying to finish up my list of catch up anime) watched episodes 8 – 13 of Sunday Without God (anime). The opening song I love but the ending song gets me everytime with the feels cause it starts at such an emotional time! But this is an anime I would rewatch so many times and not get bored and get the feels T^T

#3 It’s really starting to bother me that my room is getting hot instead of cold..i honestly hope its not the filters fault; I slept terribly! Ugh! Im tired but motivated to get something done!

#4 I managed to finish the Quiz (the third one really) that my teacher assigned. Although while trying to reread some things for my Writing II class I felt as though I drunk a lot of coffee and I would crash. I have a but if lack of sleep cause if the heat issue.

#5 I finally told one of the RA’s that the girl that’s rooming with me hasn’t been here in weeks. (I dont really care, I just want her to get her crap and move out.) He was surprised to here the news cause he had some papers he needed to give her. An it is confirmed though she is still moving out.

#6 Tanicea is doing better since we last talked, she’s just ready for our break like I am. (im tempted to just text her now exboyfriend to see how he’s doing, im also curious if the story of why he really broke up with her…but I won’t pry)

#7 Finally an event where there is pizza; we have a new worker in accounting. He was our guest speaker today. He’s only been working  here for about 10 days. I dont get how I didn’t see him but he remembered me.

#8 I was really glad to find out my three reasons of why Charles Gordon from Flowers for Algernon shouldn’t have had the surgery. I wrote a big chunk of the rough draft and ill just do the rest later.

#9 Watched Black Butler: Book of Murder (anime)  Episode 2; loved ever bit of it! The fact that it went just like the manga made me even happier! Cant wait til they do the next book. ; that reminds me a new chapter of Kuroshitsuji (manga) came out…hmm ill try to read it before bed


Its Mothers Day, May 10th

It was storming when I woke up. I literally had to walk in it to get to my apt (the storm woke me up around 2am-ish)

Ended up having to make breakfast to go, get dressed super fast, and wish a lot of people Happy Mothers Day while walking in the storm.

I did miss the bus that would get me to the mall but he pulled up and was nice enough to let me hop on. Once at the mall I just ate breakfast as normal and when I went to brush my teeth in the rest room. A lady was telling me how the weather was where she had to travel from, its bad.

Well lately we have been having a lot of storms and tornado watches or hurricane watches lately. It is the season for it though.

I still find it fascinating that so many people come to the mall when everything is closed or try tugging on the door when they know its locked. One lady caught my attention though, she was very pretty, notice she was married but what fascinated me about her was. Really that she was tone! Like you could tell this lady works out~
At work today we were an on and off of fast and slow for mothers day. But not a bad rush as yesterday. What I found funny was a few sons coming in saying they felt terrible for they were getting something at the last minute. They weren’t the only one. I stayed a little longer after to help swap mothers day with fathers day things and them I could leave. My other co-workers knew how to reorganize the shelves to different categories better then I do; was able to snag some scraps of wrapping paper today before it was totally trashed and gone forever.

Got a ride home room my friend that works at the Disney store. (I ate a lot of her fruit snacks that feel out of the box in the car.)

I also did earlier make a notation of what all I’ll need to pay for when I get my first paycheck next Friday. I’m happy but I mean im mostly using the check to pay bills, can’t really treat myself…oh well; if I recall my aunt informed me that I don’t need to worry about the written part of drivers ed anymore since im 21..ill look it up later.

I know I need to straighten up but im just so damn tired and really don’t fucking want to..ugh we just have to have inspections tomorrow…

(this post is not finished but I’m posting it anyways and will come back to it later)