The lunch tables will never be the same -.-

Morning: I decided to do tea this morning for my mom instead of coffee, i mean come on you need some soothing-ness in your life! I like tea, an all it’s glorious flavors! X3  All was done (brsuh teeth, etc. iron clothes, eat eggo with jelly) then came waking my sister. Really I just dragged her out the bed as always and she slept walked, tried waking my mom up ( bribbed her with the tea “i made tea, WAKE UP! DX”) and of course I finally decided to get back to reading. I’ve had (borrowed) my friends books for like months now! I like to read, when I have time. Book: Crescendo By: Becca Fitzzpatrick. I loved the 1st book, oh don’t worry I got the 3rd book from my friend long time ago.


Isn’t this the day were not suppose to be at Skool, SO Y AM I At SKOOL! DX

Hi all, I know its been a while, (more like months) but I’m alive! I still exist! So don’t forget me! DX oh an bout my blog posts being behind, don’t wry I’ll get them up to date soon (well when I got a free whole weekend and don’t have to wry bout) well I just wanted to post today what happen to me cause for a while since I have’nt had the time to post on here I’ve been writing it on paper but I’ve been slacking wih that also. So since I didn’t write anything down I’m going off of memory and the pictures I take so here goes! 😀

 Morning: I finally woke at a descent hour (didn’t ignore my alarm clock at all this time) Had got my clothes ironed, ate breakfast got everyone up, and was making the lunches. But the problem came when my lip sis wouldn’t pick up the clothes that I asked her to for about five times!!! She would just push them one way and junk stuff the other way, all so she could each Spongebob ( my mom has told her to pick up instead of watching tv when her crap is down) now you can tell she doesn’t listen. I has to pick up after her cause my mom got tired of her name being called (she was getting annoyed)

1st Period: Takacs wasn’t there! (well he went to Washington D.C. with some students) but left us work and homework the whole week!

I usual hate Mondays, but this was great :D

Before I start talking about my day, I know it’s been four months since I posted something but please don’t worry I’ll get up to date soon! Well as soon as I can and not to busy and not to get consumed by  my computer -.-  (i really need to work on my computer addiction) . But any who I just want to let you know! So here goes! >w<