Another Day Off?!

Memorable Moments of February 24th, 2015. 

#1 Was able to sleep in (an have a good night sleep cause my roommate wasn’t there, NO SNORING! THANK GOSH) and have the biggest breakfast ever! (I made a perfect egg, two pieces of toast, a bunch of turkey bacon, and a nice warm cup of tea). After eating I was about to get dressed so that we could get on the road to go to our 1pm – 5pm class early for there was ice on the road. But they called again canceling class all day long, again. I was happy but I really wanted to go to my morning class.
#2 All morning / evening I was in the lounge area using the wifi to play Destiny of Spirits on my PSVita; got a notice saying maintenance would happen tomorrow and that if I finished the tutorial before midnight of the game i could qualify for a gift! XD; I made so many friends on the game and got so many cool spirits :3 
#3 Build A Bear called. Happy and Frustrated at the same time because I had to go all the way back up three flights of stairs to find my student ID that had my bus pass in it. (an i missed the bus while looking so I had to wait awhile)
#4 At the mall I filled out the paper application, gave them my resume, and was told they would call in a few days for a group interview! So I’m happy! ; my roommate was there trying to see when she could schedule for her interview with The Lego Store, was hungry so I bought freaking Chipotle (I missed there burritos D: ), then we walked around for awhile to see who all was hiring as well
#5 Got kicked out of the lounge while filling out a job application so I went to crash at my friends place since they have wifi (plus they live only up one flight of stairs)
#6 Heard that were supposed to get 2-4 inches of snow tomorrow so everyone’s really hoping they cancel school again (I don’t have class no darn way lol); my friend kept bugging e so i had to go back to my apt to get my movies so we could watch something (i just wanted to play my damn game)
#7 I ended up just sleeping over cause I wasn’t in the mood to go home, my friend stayed in the living room. More like slept in here has well cause she didn’t want to deal with her moody roommate lol
#8 Also I noticed if we do have tomorrow off our classwork / homework maybe double next week or they change up how our finals going to be. Either way, I don’t want to fail..i need to pass damn it.

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That’s ICE!! Not Snow damn it! Dx

Memorable Moments of February 23rd, 2014.

#1 Asking my roommate ily if she was up (since she said she was making pancakes) an she happily burst into my room saying its snowing? Im like what? We had a hail storm last night! I look outside and there is ice everywhere! I then become the mama bear telling ily i forbid her to go outside in the clothing she was putting on (i’ll give her credit she was wearing layers). But I let her go cause she really wanted to go outside and play with the snow (its ice though, not thick enough to be snow); took me awhile to sleep last night though since my snoring roommate wasn’t there
#2 She came back with this big freaking ball of ice! I told her to put that in the freezer before she got ice everywhere. Then she was tired and went to sleep (no pancakes lol) Good thing I ate a muffin and drank some tea. 
#3 I applied to Build A Bear, called to make sure they were hiring, and they are! Plus they told me that their looking for someone to work the weekends really, an I can so work the weekends so I’m freaking excited! Score! Job Opportunity! XD ; also applied to Journeys again but the location in North Park Mall
#4 So proud of myself! Finished Module #1 & #2 of my Online Drivers Ed classes! Just five more to go but Ill do those later (Module #2 was so freaking long! I was like when will it end! DX )
#5 Was being a bum at the apt. Just texting my friends that I haven’t heard from in awhile, played Fat Princess: Piece of Cake and after finishing a level I got a Voucher so that I can get the game on the PS3 (Score!), and I downloaded two free games that caught my attention. Crazy Market and Destiny of Spirits~ 
#6 Happy 3rd Birthday PSVita 😀  (didn’t know it was three, honestly thought it was older then that lol)
#7 Was Twitting my ass off since I missed my Twitter app about predictions for Teen Wolf’s new season. I seriously want Stiles to just have freaking fox powers damn it!!!
#8 My roommate ily jinxed it, the school called right when I got out a nice steamy shower saying they canceled morning classes! NOOOOO! I like my morning class! I don’t really like my 1pm – 5pm class! Ugh!!!!! DX 
#9 Couldn’t sleep even though I should be happy that I can sleep in but was looking forward to reading short stories in my morning class. Now I can’t…Google..what should I Google? lol

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Rain! Why you no Staph! DX

Memorable Moments of February 22nd, 2015.
#1 When I awoke in my friends somewhatly lit room cause of daylight, I notice she was gone so I slept in her bed for ;like two more hours. I needed some more rest. 

#2 I honestly wasn’t expecting it, but it was just drizzling a little bit when I left my friends apt after talking and thinking I had everything packed. But I found out that I left something. I go back outside and it is no longer drizzling…its hardcore raining out here! I’m still in my pj’s! I said fuck it and ran through the rain.
#3 Never again will I do that, that rain was freezing cold! When the rain hit me it felt like pieces of ice being rapidly thrown at me; i had left my corn dog in there freezer and my turkey bacon in the frig
#4 Had to hang up my pj’s in the restroom to air dry. I got to cleaning before my roommates got home. Wiped the counters and the table, did the dishes, vacuumed, and I even cleaned our trash can cause it really did stink! (I didn’t take the trash out, I just let the trash sit on the balcony for the time being because the weather was getting ridiculous crazy and I wasn’t going in that.)
#5 Was going to start on homework but noticed I needed copy paper, went to get some from the leasing office but was distracted by the internet, had to get my mothers package reshipped cause the product I ordered was out of stock so I got a new one for free shipped to my mummy, then I became stuck in the leasing office for like two hours cause it rained even harder. No, I’m not walking in that..Hell no!
#6 Read Chapter 102 of Kuroshitsuji (manga) things are getting more and more interesting. I’m just glad they dealt with that damn tank, it was so annoying
#7 Back in my apartment. Had to turn the AC off of AUTO to On cause the temperature is rapidly dropping and the rain wont stop freaking falling! DX 
#8  Finally tried Mandarin Orange Spice Tea for the first time (I loved it); found out Build A Bear was hiring and that I need to try and go to an interview for Pappadeux tomorrow if the weather isn’t bad.
#9 The weather is getting worse, I can see huge bolts of lightning from the kitchen table, lovely. Took me almost more then two hours to finish this other homework assignment cause I kept messing up, but I’m finally freaking done with this annoying crap…
#10 Decided to floss my teeth for some reason, yeah I still freaking hate flossing my damn teeth. The shit hurts….also the school called saying school is freaking canceled tomorrow (I don’t have class no damn way lol) 

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Homework and the Curious Child

Memorable Moments of February 21st, 2015. 
#1 Not having all that good of a morning since I have to do stupid homework! Ugh! Getting tired of this crap! An I have to go to the school to use Adobe Illustrator to finish it.
#2 My friend Keia found it so nice that I waited with her at the cage so she could get her equipment to film for a project, it was hella crazy up here this morning; asked about me getting work study at the front desk cause I’ve been waiting on this damn paper for decades saying that im eligible; freaking open house was today! So crowded with freaking children! 
#3 Finished my homework after having to hop to three different computers cause Adobe Illustrator was being stupid as hell (it made all my crap have low transparency and I didn’t know how to fix it so I was like screw it)
#4 Got free Reese’s candy from my friend that works in the print lab (it was the good kind too)
#5 Watched episodes 6-7 of Yuri Kuma Arashi (anime) :3 
#6 So happy I wasn’t at my apt to deal with a snoring roommate and at my friends place chilling and having a nice time; paid for online drivers ed classes! Finally! Seriously need to work on getting my license 
#7 Was so planning to watch a movie on Netflix but it was snagged my Keia’s moms friends daughter whos like 6 or 7 years old, I was being nice; met Keia’s mom, dad, sister, and brother cause they were bringing her groceries and a new dresser (it was a nice dresser when they finished since they worked as a family to put it together (family bonding)); also I was still hungry so I finally tried one of Velvetta’s Cheesy’s way better then Kraft
#8 Also this little girl was really curious! She kept picking up things or grabbing things and asking if it was mine, do we have this, can I touch this, who’s is this, why do you have or do that? Question after got a little annoying.
#9 Finally got my tablet back after they left, but I ended up taking a shower then watching Horns (movie) with Daniel Radcliffe in it 😀

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Please tell me this is a trap…Please..

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Memorable Moments of February 20th, 2015. 

#1 Didn’t finish my hair til 3 minutes before 12am #2 I did  inform my roommate last night yesterday that she snored and she apologized an all. But she’s still snoring so loudly and I already can’t sleep since I felt so damn wide awake from standing in the restroom twisting my damn hair #3 I was not able to sleep til she was fully gone in the morning to go to her interview. I slept until Keia called me answering my question I had texted her last night. #4 Freshly fallen rain smells so glorious in the evening time; attempted homework but said screw it and did other homework cause it was giving me a freaking headache

#5 Watched Sanzoku no Musume Ronja (anime) episode 20; things are getting serious with these dang harpies! They need to chill damn it! DX 

#6 Caugh the bus then the train to get to the mall so i could pay for my glasses; I was wondering why there were so many people getting on the train earlier with Macy’s bags. There’s a one day sale going on.
#7 Paid for my glasses, I should be expecting them on March 2nd, 2015. I’m so excited! Also I became tempted to pretzles at Aunte Annie’s so I went ahead and bough there Cinnamon Nuggets (they were really good)
#8 I was highly out of breath (my throat was dry because of those darn Cinnamon Nuggets) jogging half way up the street to catch the train. But when I got to the station I made it in time for the bus.
#9 This is where the trap began. My roommate texted me asking me if I wanted to be an extra in a pool game, right. Well when I got there they had filming equipment and they were starting to set up, i then asked could I at least go home to eat for I haven’t eaten all day. They were like yeah (I also invited Keia to tag along when there done setting up to help) so I went home and was preheating the oven and starting laundry. There was then a knock at the door. It was CeCe.
#10 Another trap. She wanted me to come over for it was a surprise she wanted to show me and it wouldn’t be long. Actually I was there a long damn time with Keia (who I asked to come over as well). Here’s the jest, her mom went shopping ($300 worth), she had literally a lot of crap, and had some things she didn’t want so she wanted to share with me and Keia. Trap! Trap! Trap! I told her I would feel bad for asking for food but really I was implying I hope she doesn’t hold me to this. Plus she said shes trying to be nicer since she broke up with her bf and kept telling me last night that I was a terrible friend. But we helped her organize things, we had tote bags full of stuff and it began to rain really hard.
#11 We did also meet her new roommate, ate salmon with mac and cheese and watched Adventure Time til we decided it was best to head out to help my friend Renee with her film project. Once home I decided to pack and go to Keia’s house for the weekend (CeCe was there cause she helped me haul some of this stuff up the stairs) I didn’t tell her where I was going. Only that I was going far away. She did follow me to the pool where Renee to greet everyone then left.
#!2 We only need to be backup characters, which was fine with me but it was cold. Since I was shivering Keia went and got me a jacket but ended up grabbing the pants so I wore them on my arms like I was a wizard. Lol. After we were done (we really just sat there talking) we went to her place finally and I was tired as hell. I just wanted to shower and sleep.
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Sherlock Holmes Exhibit & movies with Mortdecai

(I’ve decided again  to change things up a bit once more. For there is nothing wrong with a little change and something new, right. I’ve decided to start trying out writing “The Most Memorable Moments of the Day” for each day. Instead of what I’ve been doing, it might be fun! So if you guys could do me a favor and let me know what you guys think of this way of me typing things out of do you like the other way better okay. Let me know on Twitter @LazyMusician10 (~TheLazyOne~))

Memorable Moments of Monday

#1 My OCD fot things being in a certain spot or just the place being cleaned after high praise for getting a clean apt after an inspection highly kicked in! Our new roommate had her shit everywhere! The couch, kitchen counter tops, and the kitchen table! It bothered me SO DAMN MUCH! IT. HAD. TO. BE. MOVED! So all it went neatly stacked on the side of her shelf.

#2 When it was my turn to schedule for next quarter I made a request to Dr. Lipe to get my classes stacked and get two general ed classes and two classes with my major; found out Dr. Lipe didn’t do anything romantic with his wife for V-Day..he had to deal with his loving trplets~

#3 Note to Self: Next Quarter you have literally no life at all (more then what you don’t have) for you have 1-5 and 6-10pm classes on Monday and Wednesdays

#4 Scheduled an appointment with my financial aid officer to see if I qualify for The Art Grant

#5 My friend came and got me early so we could head to the exhibit; my roommate (not the new one) ily wasn’t feeling well

#6 Finding a parking space was a pain in the ass but foundable~

#7 Was wondering why there were so many children pre-teens, teens, and parents at the museum. Its Presidents Day. We thought it passed already, but no. Other kids are out, our school isn’t. Good thing we didn’t have class today.

#8 took us a decade to find out where to go in such a huge museum but we were pointed in the right direction

#9 The stairs played piano music as we went downstairs to the Sherlock Holmes Exhibit 🙂 

(this post is not finished but I’m posting it anyways and will com back to it later)

Huh, it’s Valentine’s Day :p

 (I’ve decided again to change things up a bit once more. For there is nothing wrong with a little change and something new, right. I’ve decided to start trying out writing “The Most Memorable Moments of the Day” for each day. Instead of what I’ve been doing, it might be fun! So if you guys could do me a favor and let me know what you guys think of this way of me typing things out or do you like the other way better okay. 
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~Memorable Moments of Sunday~

#1 What’s planning on doing anything this day but be a bum and stare at the walls. But my mother was so nice enough to wire me money to go actually do something today, buy groceries, and finally set an eye exam (for I desperately needed one)

#2 Asked around to see what people were doing so that I wouldn’t have to do anything alone. My friend Randy texted me and said we could do something before she had to go to work. I had never been to the Spaghetti Warehouse before so she was like we needed to go! (I let her pick, I told her anywhere was fine or somewhere she hadn’t been in awhile or somewhere new)

#3 While waiting on Randy I went around online to find my mother something for V-Day. It was a sale going on everywhere! So I bought my mother a new Wax Burner and some Peach Scented Wax to go with it and get it sent to the apartment back home in Houston. Won’t she be surprised~ (can’t wait til i get the tracking number)

#4 (In the car with Randy) Once we were in the depths of downtown and museums, there was one that caught my eye. There was a museum doing The International Sherlock Holmes Exhibit! I fangirled my ass off in the car! I love Sherlock Holmes! We have to go before it’s gone!

#5 Once at the Spaghetti Warehouse my life was changed! The whole place was huge, cozy, they had photo booths, old arcade games and even amazing sitting areas to eat in~ 

#6 We got to sit in the trollie area! I was so freaking excited! It was so cool!; Randy was telling me she wants to take me to an Irish Pub once we both hit 21. For her Uncle has gotten her into Pub’s and i think it’s very interesting~

#7 I ordered one of there new spaghetti’s, a soup that a woman suggested for she overheard our conversation on debating what to get, and she was also a fan of a Shirley Temple with cherries just like I am. So I made a new friend. She also told me at Cheddars to get a Shirley Temple with a Monte Cristo. She said it was good and cheap

#8 Eating there spaghetti changed my life! It was amazing! I told our waiter they make me not want to buy spaghetti anywhere else! Like ever again! ; my mother kept constantly texting me about what I was doing and where was I going..I eventually got enough of her blowing up my phone that I texted her “Mother I’m eating right now, I’m on a hot date. I’ll text you later.” I thought it would’ve ended but it only made things worse!!! Lol. She kept calling and texting wanting to know who I was on a date with and was I serious! I literally laughed at the table that she took me seriously, so I played along~ (I put my phone on silent and ignored her) (she also asked if I was on a date with a nice young lady, I dont get why she would care…for she didn’t even want to know that I wasn’t straight anyways… 😦  )

#9 Downtown was bustling with people going somewhere, couples (mostly) and beautiful horse carriages all riding through out downtown! An the smells of amazing food from the restaurants were to die for~ ; we walked to the park that was near the street where JFK got shot. Totally forgot he got shot in Dallas. We only walked around awhile before heading back to the care.

#10 We listened to some really amazing Irish music in the car since she had some on her Ipod and because I did bring up the fact I wanted to go to the Irish Festival again this year. 🙂

#11 Went ahead and bought my Sherlock Holmes Exhibit ticket while the leasing office was open and downloaded episodes 11-15 of The Fosters for I’m highly catching up~

#12 Watched The New Daughter (movie); the ending wasn’t what I was expecting at all.
Watched episodes 11-15 of The Fosters and OMG! So much is going down! An I so ship #Jonner 🙂

#13 Had a glorious shower, notice I spent mostly my whole weekend on the couch then my bed cause it’s so comfty and you can black out on it and not notice it, then I noticed I really need to break my habit of throwing shit on my damn bed…ugh. 

#14 When I did get out of the shower i did that whole “talking to myself but I’m really talking out loud of how I’m overthinking about money again and stressing myself out even though I had a good damn day.” This happens to me on rare occasions..I don’t know why so i called my friend to talk to her; before then my friend called me to ask me if I wanted to come over and watch movies. I told her why not since I was wide awake and it was only a few minutes til midnight lol~ :p

Feb 10th

February 10th 2015.

I’m sorry my fellow readers and followers I know I’ve been gone for a long time. But college homework and me being very tired has gotten in the way of me posting online. So I hope you all can forgive me but you know time is of the essence with College. So let me tell you my thoughts about today because I’m thinking of making these posts in a different perspective. As you all know, I hate leaving my bed in the morning for it is warm and comfortable to me. But I had to leave it for college exists just as though I had to drop in the outbox the survey I filled our last night for St. Luke’s. It was a bit of a chill that morning (well earlier in the day). I was too tired and set on getting to the bus stop on time like I always am, to turn around and get another jacket from home. It’ll warm up soon, ill love and just read my book while I stand here at the train station.
At school I ate my breakfast while having a lovely chat with my friend Eli about Young Justice and The Justice League. Yes I was ranting again of how Young Justice got canceled, it irritates me. As time flew, it was time to get to class.

Writing II
He took up the papers and explained how thing would be going after the final research papers get turned in next week. Short Stories. Finally! That’s what well be reading after week six, I can’t wait. We watched another moving dealing with the Holocaust, it was Anne Frank. Sadly we couldn’t watch it all but it was getting really good and the actors were doing such an amazing job. But he needed to give us back our papers and his commentary; during the movie some people were being highly immature and it irritated me! Yes Anne Frank was a young girl and wanted to be an adult! In those times all the kids wanted to be treated like adults, am adults wish they were children again. I swear I can’t watch a movie with my class. But, I got my paper back an he told me..i was done. Like 100% success done! No final draft for me! That rough draft was my final! I’m so proud of myself~

After class (which ended 20mins or so before 11am) I was reading more but had to move so this electric guy could fix the lights. I talked to my instructor about his books and the book I was reading to pass time. Eventually when I got back to my seat and finished my chapter I had time to spare. I met Gabby on the elevator, then in the computer lab to pass way more time. I was only on YouTube the whole time of course. I went to class 30mims early but couldn’t stay in the room for someone’s food reeked. That’s were I ended up checking about a book even though im already reading one. I do that sometimes…

(this post is not finished but I’m posting it anyways and will com back to it later)