lol 4got wat 2day was, wait now i rememba! :p

ok i was suppose 2 post this the day it happened..i barely rememba wat happened that day…well it was a sunday…yeah! a sunday, me, my cuzin, and his friend went to walmart so my cuzin culd but his ipod annd otha stuff to go wit it then we had complications when his mom called and said he need 2 return one of tha items he had an use his gift card 2 pay 4 it…i understood where hes mom was comin 4rm…she didnt want him spendin all his money lik that espically when he has a gift card, that idiot! we had 2 go all around tha world in walmart 4 help cuz it was so packed, but it all ended 2 a long line almost leadin outside tha double-doors. he’s friend left him in line 2 go buy a drink (i was gettin tha feelin he wasnt comin bak until it was time 2 go), so yeah i left my cuzin too 2 go look at tha books. i found a book i wanted then bought it, i had bough 36sumtin dollas left (i had a 50dolla bill) so once i paid 4 my book,my cuzins friend paid 4 his drink, my cuzin was finally done! then we had 2 wait on my cuzins mom 2 come get us 2 tak us 2 gamestop. while we waited we kept tellin ppl that tha enterance door was workin and they had 2 use tha exit (i kept thinkin man it wuld b nice if they paid us) then finally afta waitin my aunt came and took us 2 gamestop, it was packed in there also! i only bought one game! then i was broke! my cuzin had 2 pay 4 me 2 get sumtin 2 ear off tha dolla menu sense i barely had money. an thats wat my mom had called me bought also! (oh i shuld hav mentioned this im not at home, im at my aunts house, i go home 2mmorrow) yea she didnt lik tha fact that otha ppl had 2 pay 4 me…she thought it was wrong of me 2 spend my money lik that! well i didnt spend it carelessly…but i got wat she meant…well i go home 2mmorrow..oh yeah im goin 2 tha movies also wit a friend since she bored..i didnt mind cuz i didnt hav anythin 2 do…well ttyl 4 now XD    ps: tha pics above is the book i bough and tha gamme i bought 🙂



phew! wat a long day! well thats 4 yesterday since its 2am sumtin in tha mornin here. i just jumped out of tha showa and tha bad thing is i hav 2 get up around close to 8am so i can get my hair braided; its my aunt xmas gift 2 me and my lil sis. well i got one xmas gift early MY NEW PHONE!!! yes i said it MY NEW PHONE!!! XD ive been toyin wit it since i got it activated (which toook 4eva cuz i was busy cookin and otha things; but wat rlt took me 4eva was puttin all tha contacts on there) so yea theres a pic of my phone, best part is its all touch screen! GOSH I LOVZ MY PHONE!!! XD oh if any of u may want my numba let me knos! :3  (ps i took tha pic wit my old phone since it was stiill active)

Festival Of Lights!! (happened on friday) XD

hello all!!! i kno i shuld hav post this tha day it happened but i was tired when i got home 4rm this awesome field trip 🙂 i culdnt post it saturday cuz i had chores, work on my reviews 4 finals (even though i kept gettin easily destracted 4rm workin), an today i can post it cuz i remembered 2 and im not bein lazy at tha moment. so any who i will tell u all about it! ( i will hav 2 shortin it cuz i hav 2 go to bed, mom doesnt lik me on tha computer all night, so if u think i didnt giv a lot of detail in it u kno why) ok so it was a gud crowd of us goin 2 moody gardens 2 c tha lights then ice skate or imax. so heres tha deal bout tha bus system; u rode tha yellow bus goin there u ride tha gud bus bak; u ride tha gud bus there u ride tha yellow bus bak! no one rly liked tha idea but we had no chose. so we got on tha bus (i was on tha gud bus) an we were off!! first we went 2 cicis 2 eat (i got a mini ggrim reaper toy!) plus i scared tha crap out of my friend jenny and chris screamin “ITS TIME 2 GO STOP MAKIN OUT!!” i lmao, XD so on tha ride 2 moody gardens it was loud!! but thank god 4 tha power of headphones. ok once we got there we got tha tickets then walked around 2 c tha lights!!! an omg! I WAS LIK A FREAKIN LIL KID THERE!!! XD i took pics of a lot of light figures!! it was a lot of fun just long!!! so durin my walk wit othas there my friend adrianna kept buggin me bout goin ice skatin b4 we leav, so we all had 2 run lik almost to tha beginnin 2 get 2 tha ice skatin ring. an u kno wat i told her this when i had 2 get her off tha ice NEVA TELL ME U WANT 2 GO ICE SKATIN CUZ UR NOT GONNA GO!!! U GOT IT!!! she was so terrified on tha ice i had 2 get on!! (after i swore 2 myself 2 neva get on afta my terrible childhood experince) but i got on to help a friend….i culdnt just leav her there. i took her one-tenth way maybe shorter of tha ring, but tha hard part was gettin her off…but sunhow we got her off. an u kno wat i wasnt all that scared 2 ice skate it was  fun 2 me 🙂 but i was so tired in tha end, i stopped skatin when they said they needed a few minutes 2 clean tha ice. so i was lik thats it 4 me!!! i got a big pretzel and looked at tha rest of tha lights. so when i was done it was time 2 go, an get on tha yellow bus!!! it was a lot of fun cuz we kept singin kiddy songs…then one of tha adults got annoyed so it was mute time 4 us. then tha rest of tha way there my friend jesse kept tube harassin me!!! DO NOT ASK!!! >.< but otha then that i had fun on tha lil field trip b4 skool ended. well ttyl 4 now 🙂
P.S :

tha pics above r wat i took of tha lights there XD (i hav a lot more but i only wanted 2 post two of them)

Rainin Puppies at my skool!! 0_0

all tha talk around skool has been bout those damn puppies hidden behind our skool!!! how did they get there? an why? u ask! well i will tell u. u c there use 2 be this white stray dog that just walked around tha grounds of our skool rite, no one bothered it and it didnt bother us so we feed it at times. then not that long ago tha skool called animal control on tha dog and they came and tranquilized it, also it had puppies! everyone in my skool said that tha dogs puppies were takin away but there were three hidden behind our skool! once sum ppl known this they wanted 2 get tha dogs 2 tak home and keep away 4rm animal controll! on wensday my friend marrisa got tha all black dog wit tha white paw ( tha dog was huge! lik a fur ball!) one down two 2 go! then yesterday on our way 2 tha park i spotted a dog under a bunch of pieces of broken wall or sumtin! i told everyone that was far bak as walkin as i was an got tha dog! sabrina named it nala or zala one of them names! she had called her mom 2 come get it but one of tha girls claimed it 4 her own and took it! wow wat a bitch huh, jkin. so she was mad but she tried not to wry bout it. then 2day my friend sakura got tha brown one, she named her sky! pretty name huh, if u were 2 hav seen tha dog. an my friend anna final got tha last puppy (she was dyiin 4 one, lol) it was all black wit a white spot! so yea there goes our rainin puppies! lol, now only 2more wks, one wk 2 review then next wk finals, then xmas break! CANT WAIT!!! XD     – ps thnx 2 those that commented my last post 🙂 –