i havnt rly been on any websites lately cuz my computer been TRIPPIN!!!!!! lik one minute it wuld act perfectly fine then the nxt just retarded! >.< i was gettin highly upset! so i delete my first account i made on my computer and kept the otha one i barely got on that  works rly gud…but the huge problem i was havin was gettin the stuff off one account to anotha cuz it just kept freezin and wuldnt unfreeze so i had always unplugged my computer wrong. that was a bad idea! cuz it got worse than that! but now its all gud thank god! oh and the reason i said BULLDOF was becuz the mascott at my skool is BULLDOG! an my old principal (aka vice principal now) came around and gav us a BULLDOG stuffed animal since we came on tha last day of summa skool and did wat we had to do. our summa skool teach was all lik well i hope u all learned sumtin cuz i tired my best to teach u (he said that cuz we paid him no attention and only wanted to get out of his class since summa skool started) but he's a kool teacher nu10 against him …we just didnt want to b there thats all XP