Cuff me tightly and throw me in the slammer!!! (Lunch Detention) Day 4

Did tha usual in tha morning, made sure i had my signed papers, lunch was ready, and had to wait for people to get ready. So i just read ch 6 and 7 of Willow sumtin then im thinking there ready to go. Wrong! My mom is doing my sisters hair. But during all that i kept repeatable kept texting Desiree to not for get the small composition book so i can write my homework assignments in (i wasnt about to pay $5 for it from the school) In the car my mom was pissed! An she did repeatably say she hates being mad in the morning espically so darn early. Niyah must have spilled her food again on the floor because mom kept yelling about how she hates it when she eats in the room and doesnt pick up after herself. That went on til we reached her school, i glanced at the time. Well i wont have that much free time on my hands then :/ 

Made it to school, an when i put my lunch in the frig i thought imma have to rush out of 4th Period to be the 1st at the microwave to heat this (sometimes theres a line), i heard voices in the hall. It was Desiree and Vivi, i had asked them why they were just standing in the hall, they told me it was a class in the cafeteria. Mrs. G popped up at the rite time! I needed to speak with her, it was about my Parker pants an how my mom cant get them rite now. But before i could even explain Mrs. Takacs said my mother was on the phone and wanted to talk to her. So i let that call take its course. :p Found Desiree and Vivi coming from around the corner on the path towards the breeze way. Desiree gave me the lil composition she told me about, i was dandy. 

2nd Period: Focus as usual but couldnt answer it, for i didnt know them, and i still didnt have a book. So of course i sat there looking clueless as hell. Then Kargou went ova tha answers wit us then he packet. U can put this in the binder u need for my class he says (gosh so many things but just a few classes) he went thru the powerpoint slides (didnt hav to write much) and blahed tha class to death. I wanted to stare at the clock to see how much time we had but i remembered he took the clock down becuz it had the wrong time (guess he was to lazy to fix the damn thing

3rd Period
These Do Nows are really sumtin, ask the weirdest questions wit quotes, but wateva shes the teacher. We were working on T-charts today. We had to read a story last nite (which i found boring even though she said it was a sad story, honestly it wasnt) she wanted us to circle words we didnt know, find quotes, and ask questions to go wit them but a lot. Took all class period, hell! She made us finish it for hw! 

4th Period 
Sista Mai was telling us to sit down and stuff, then we went ova ch 3 ws. Thought we wuldve went ova the vocab but all she was talking about was pie charts today. How to put the different percentages in tha chart and labeled on the table easy stuff huh. Not really, kinda didnt understand much so i said i wuld read the chapter. 

Before Lunch Detention
dashed thru everyone when the bell rang to get my lunch from the frig to hit the cafeteria. Mayra: u betta hurry, i got lunch detention & i gotta heat up my food, i know silly thats y im telling u to hurry up! While i stood at the microwave i called Frane ova, i asked to please get me sum college stuff from each table since i had to deal wit Brock. After waitin 2min 30sec i was and idiot but an idiot who didnt want another detention for being late, so i grabbed the hot plastic plate wit both my hands, held in my yelp, and ran. 

At Lunch Detention
made it in time, signed in, my hands burned like hell, an no extra detention. I thought that all b4 i looked in my bag and noticed i didnt hav a damn fork. Before the doctor read (cause if i didnt ask before she would shush me) for a fork, called down to the office for a fork, then i had to play the waiting game…damn. Got my for (5mins later i think idk) but i was satisfied. Dr. Brock told a story about a girl who couldnt speak, hear, oe even see…after listening to the story, there was a happy ending. But in my point of view i founded it all still sad to me, having three senses cut of would be hell for a person outside of a book story, they may commit suicide. Well that was my food for thought to think of for the day

Before Homeroom
Found Jenesha at her usual place: by the restroom next to the teachers lounge & hall of nations. She was ease dropping on the teachers conversation but her real focus was Mrs. Gruesome (Gruen) she wasnt in the but the office. So me and Jenesha wasted time by her so callingly fixing her hair and me using Scope mouthwash since i didnt bring my tooth brush to clean my braces. Yet we still had to go to her room. Me & Jenesha took a deep sigh before we entered the snake pit.

We had to work on that SAT crap again. Mrs. Gruesome decided to pass out the scantrons, now this is what pisses me off!!! She call out everyones name right then gets to me..Mrs. Hurks come get this! (if you were in the room you could hear her voice, she talked to me like i was a dog) i literally said this out loud: wth! im not no damn dog! wtf telling me to come get this!  Glad she didnt hear me cause i would told her she was a straight up bitchy asshole!!! I swear i dread being in that room! >.< then Waltnikay told her that Devin was my cuzin when she reached his name and said my other chatty box just like that one in the corner. She laughed saing chatty box #1 and #2! I told her we were only half related because of my sister thats all not blood related. But i doubted she was even listening to me just enjoying herself

5th Period
Almost through with the crap that she wanted us to do. Payed no attention what so ever for the reading of the next chapter at all, i just wanted to do her work then get the hell out. Jenesha bust out laughing out of nowhere in class, Mrs. Gruesome asked her why she was laughing? whats so darn funny? Why not share it with the class? But Jenesha just said she does that at times (she was lying)..but for some reason made Arnesha stay after? how odd 0.o

7th Period
Me and Tiff were telling Desiree about Mrs. Gruesome speaking to me like a dog and how her attitude piss us off! Then Arnesha came in the room all shocked or more like wth moment. We asked her what was wrong, she said she got a detention. From who? Mrs. Gruen. Wait why? She said i was disrupting the class just repeatably talking. I thought back to last class period, then i was lik huh? you didnt even say anything so why give you a detention? thats crazy! Tiff told her not to even serve the damn thing. Arnesha said she wasnt, she thinks she mixed her up with Jenesha who was making noise in the class not her!    
She came back from the office and was like you guys..i dont have to serve that one…but i still have a detention. For what this time? My earings. I looked at the ones she had on, which were pearls. Then she reminded us about the dangling ones she had on earlier, they said her lil dangle chain was too long. We were like wow really. Then we got to the matter of how crazy it was that we had/should/needed to pay $5 for a darn planner! I was like I could go to Jack in th Box with that much money! I swear we get detentions for everything here and i swear our school is poor as day but i lovz it still -.-

Afterschool & Home
Darn my mother for texting me at the last minute! I had to chase down Desiree and ask for a ride, she didnt mind. All we talked about the way to my house was school and work. Once home i showered, tried to work on my homework but got distracted, then was on YouTube. I was organizing my vids, then watched a little anime. After a while i got around to it but later on that night…that darn T-chart took me about 5pages (back and front) cause of all the questions i freaking had, hm i think i had dinner cant recall…then i just dozed the bed threw my shit to the floor cause it covered my bed…Nite all~  :3


Mrs. Gruesome makes me just wanna SCREAM!!! (Day 3)

(Quick message: its been awhile since i been on blogger but im back now for sure, i’ll be updating posts i should have typed ages ago. Now my memory isnt that good i wrote it all on paper. But its nothing but posts from last year and some during my summer this year and before school this year. So that’s what i’ll be doing this weekend is typing my butt off on Blogger to get my memories down so i wont forget. I have a really bad memory lol  Oh and to any new followers or people just viewing my Blogger, welcome and sorry that i may not have all my posts up bu they’ll be there soon. So enjoy my awesomness >:3 )

I ignored my alarm for once but only just 5minutes -.-  I did what i have to do and woke the brat up. I had made lunches, didnt really need to make mines cause i was taking the shrimp ramen noodles my sister didn’t want.. Ate breakfast, had everything i needed, and my lunch, basically i was ready to go! But when i walked in my room my sister wasnt dressed at all, just rolling on the floor staring at the television watching Spongebob Squarepants. “Why aren’t you dressed?!” I asked. “Mom is gonna iron my clothes.” When my m,other says iron in the morning that means ” Aleria stick it in the dryer in to tired to get up and do it cause im  sleepy, i work at night, and blah blah blah”  I asked my mother where her clothes were, she told me her new jumper for school was in the car. Now i have to go to the car, seriously!! So while i was out there i just put my things in the car so i wouldn’t go back and forth from the house. I stuck her jumper in the dryer and i swear it felt like i was sitting on that couch playing on my Kindle Fore for about 30minutes! I said nothing but just waited ugh! I hope i wont be to late to switch this book out

Made it! I told the office i got the wrong English book, an that i need a Physics book and Economics book. Mrs. Takacs told me to go to the book room before first period ended. Of course i ran in the halls, jumped down the outside stairs, to the cafeteria. Gave my bag to Desiree and Vivian since they were already at the table. Made my way to the book room, an BAM! She was still there! I got the books i needed (even though i did have to dash to my backpack to get my id) except for a Physics book, she said they weren’t in yet. I just prayed Kargous doesn’t give us more work out of the book. (cause i wasn’t able to read chapter 1 for homework last night)

Before 2nd Period
Devin (cousin) asked me if i read the chapter, i told him no cause i didn’t have a book. Then i asked him if he got my text message last night about the sword ( my cousin was in luck that i found the business card last night of the guy who i bought a real keyblade from (yes its made of real metal) cause my cousin wanted a Hollow Ichigo sword)

2nd Period
Once we got in the classroom there was a focus activity, an thank gosh i had a notebook! Then  in class Kargou asked the million dollar question: “Who read chapter 1 last night? ” which brought us to a 10minute argument about schedules + orientation = books. Until we did a group activity on a poster board, we were suppose to draw what we thought Physics was. Basically, every one said a apple falling from a tree. So everyone did a apple or person or something else falling from a tree. But one group did a car so i was like whatever  Then he gave us homework, i wonder how imma get this done -.-

3rd Period
Had to do Mrs. Baileys “Do Now” off the board. It was really a question about the reading last night. (the reading was just about critical reading skills and what it was and all that other good stuff) I wrote about a paragraph (we really are suppose to keep writing til she says stop but blah) i showed her my handbook before class then she came to be during the “Do Now” work that if i turn it all in on the day she checks for supplies (September 5th) ill be good. Then there came that quiz that everyone forgot about that was on the procedures, i was like crap! Then it clicked to me! I left the books i picked up from the book room this morning in Kargous room. Mrs. Bailey told me i could get it after the quiz. So i zoomed through it all (it was easy as hell) then gave it to her, an then she said wait until she passed the stuff out. She gave us homework, vocab words we need to study, and the work we didn’t finish yesterday. After that glorious walk through i got the books, went back to class, and worked until the bell rung.

4th Period
Sister Mai was there!!! We went over the first worksheet…oh! wait before that we took our vocabulary quiz which was easy since she gave us the freaking word bank!! Then we went ova the worksheet, got smarties, to do with the project, explained the homework for it dealt with the 5 W’s and how. Takacs passed by and i told him i would see him at lunch.  Sung Happy Birthday to Dani~ Then we got to eat the candy at the end of class “Mayra how come all teachers cant give us candy when we are good?” “They dont understand us Aleria :)”

Got my ramen from the office, heated that bad boy up in the microwave. But before that i showed Takacs the info the Art Institute of Dallas sent me and i asked him  if Mrs. Pollo called back about my class on Saturday, but he said no. He also told me i forgot to type in the other numbers at the beginning thats why it didnt work :p Then it hit me, “Imma go ask Mrs. G if were still going to the Renassance Festival as our Jr. Senior trip cause i never got to go last year.” So i skipped off to the office and before i reached there, Mrs. G showed up. I asked her about it but she said i had to get the student counsel together to come see her. I told Desiree and thank gosh she was on the student council, so there i s luck fir us yet! I gave Dani her peanut butter & jelly sandwich as her gift. 😀

I literally took a deep sigh before i entered the room. She was there! I sat in my seat but no SAT work today it was about lunch payment and stuff then we had to go to the hall. Me & Jenesha prayed Mrs. G would talk through 5th period also.But sadly she didnt…she just told the seniors that didnt go to orientation the information they needed. While she BLAHED i mentioned to Desiree “How about Seaworld?” “Hell No!” “Okay Austin then” “Austin sounds good, im just tired of going to San Antonio”  Mrs. Bailey came over and told us to stop talking “I was talking to myself Mrs. Bailey” thats what i told her

5th Period
Now this is where the road gets buppy. I walk into class, head for my seat to set my books down, then was just to walk back down the ale to go put my backpack up front until “What are you doing?!” “Im putting my-” “You were suppose to put your backpack at the front of the classroom! You passed by here and just went to your seat! Your not following directions!” I was about to say something but i walked down the ale to the pile of bags, Sabrina made a look to me, that “calm down and don’t turn around and say something extra look” I wanted to EXPLODE!!!! LIKE WHAT IS WITH THIS WOMAN!!! DX I got back to me seat, she was passing out papers, an a student asked “What happened to your pencil sharpener?” She replied “Someone knocked it down and left that mess there plus broke it.” She looked dead at me saying that last word like I DID IT! Like wth! I didn’t do it you stupid brod!!! I mumbled a few curse words under my breath and was just mad the whole class period. >w<

Before 7th
I rushed out of class when i had my bag, i didn’t even care to put my tablets and things in there! I just grabbed it and left! I couldn’t be in that room another minute with her! I went to get a smile form Mrs. Davis she always knows how to cheer me up :0

7th Period
Still wasn’t happy of what happened so i told Desiree about and Ruby saw what happened since she was in the same class “Shes just so mean to you!” Ruby would say. An id agree with her, i dont know why she takes her moody bypolar anger out on us! Ugh! Then we argued with most of the class of how Dorian Grey was an interesting read and how some said it was boring lol. That whole period me & Desiree just organized our dividers out :3

Afterschool & Home
I wrote my name down to talk to Mrs. G about Parker pants because i didn’t have any an i got a detention cause i didn’t have any for they finally noticed. Chris reminded me to email him the last book of the summer reading. My mom let me drive home (i dont have my drivers license yet, been to busy an didnt have time to do it) but i really still hate driving with her in the car, she makes me nervous.I can drive i just need to work on my wide turn across a light to a whole new street on my right and try to stay in the speed limit. Took a shower when i got home, emailed Chris, signed up for SAT plus got the ticket, at dinner, since i still didn’t have a Physics book i googled the words, had to protect my jell beans from my mom, then now im on Blogger!!! I was updating stuff and reading other blogs (cause i need new friends) and commenting on them plus i changed my information. Well its late an im tired, gotta get up the morning so see ya. Nite~

Its only my 2nd Day of school and so much is on my mind =.=

I hate ot when my sister brushes her damn teeth in my restroom!! Some how she gets toothpaste and mouthwash all inside my sink and on the counter honestly if she cant reach the knobs she has a step stool!!! I hate cleaning up after her!! For gosh sakes she 8years old and knows the drill already ugh! >.<
There was no more lunch meat and we ran out of two boxes of cereal already. So I took the last of the meatballs and I made my sister have the shrimp taken but she didn’t want that. So I had to do extra work and make her a darn sandwich. Gave my mom her coffee. Then gathered up my things and supplies I needed for these darn class (I only had some of it not all of it though) Before I knew it I had my eggos then mom was out the bed and we were out the door.

I was glad I got here during the first period time because I don’t have a 1st period so I get to chill out! I was talking with Vivian, Bella, and Desiree about how they should have given us the supplies a month before school instead of now. (My English teacher is making us by like three books that aren’t cheap and people ain’t got money at the time) then we got on Mrs. Gruesome! Man I bate that woman! Takacs Jr. use to teach that class but he’s our counseler now. He made the class fun and exciting, but she makes it dull and boring as Fuck plus shes mean as hell!!! Then I decided to go give Takacs Jr a piece of my mind for letting such a woman take his place. But he wasn’t there it was just Justin working on his application paper. Justin had asked me if I had the questions to the summer reading but I was like nope, so I asked Johnny but he didn’t have it either so Justin was just straight out of luck.

2nd Period
Kargou went over more rules today and other things…I barely remember lol. But I do know he wanted us to read chapter 1 in the book. So I knew I would be able to do it for I was getting my books today 🙂

3rd Period
Mrs. Bailey gave us a packet to read and a scatron. I thought aw crap! Already doing the reading stories & answer questions crap! It was so quiet in the room that I felt like I could hear myself mind read. Lol. I didn’t finish for I was taking my glorious time. She gave us a packet to read for homework (I hope its interesting)

4th Period
No Sista Mai!!!! So basically I thought I was gonna have a little free period but I was wrong she left us work to do. About three worksheets that needed definitions but the books weren’t in the classroom yet -.- how are we to educate our minds now. I decided to just Google it but then it hit me (or when I looked at Chirs’s computer)  that we were suppose to go to that website she told us about with the crossword puzzles. Which dealt with our vocabulary words that gives us the definition for each chapter. We only did like one page. Chapter 2. Then I asked our substitute if she knew when we would be getting our planners to keep track of our homework. (For I really needed one) she didn’t know so ill ask at my lunch period maybe.

Nothing special happened except the fact my friend Mayra bought a Bento box lunch to school!!! I was so jealous >.< it made me think about the cute rice balls and octopus like assuages!!! She let me try some of her onigiri though! It was glorious! I let everyone else try some of my meatballs :3

I groaned at the door before I went in. I was about to go sit next to Desiree but Mrs. Gruesome yelled “that’s not your seat!” I just said “oh” like I didn’t notice. Everyone laughed and just said “get to your corner seat Aleria before she yells something else” it was the 1st day…well for this day forward we would be working on SAT work for a lot of us seniors have to retake the SAT to get average. I was working of course (well just staring at the paper because I didn’t know the answer) then Mrs. Gruesome yells ” Aleria are you working over there! Because your pencil isn’t moving!” I looked at her and said ” I’m working I’m just sitting here thinking about the answer” I lied. I really wasn’t. I wasn’t in the mood to deal with her.

5th Period
We were continuing where we left off the other day then she gave us a Section 2 worksheet. While the some of my classmates were forced to read a part in the section I just did the vocabulary and worksheets. An honestly prayed she wouldn’t call my name. “Mrs. Hurks would you like to read?” “No” “Sure you do, get started” I read the darn part so she could leave me be. Damn witch. Then she made us wait forever to get out of the classroom cause she wanted to wait until one at a time a person got there backpack. Arnesha was saying we would be late for next period dealing with her -.-  “its jot in this hallway! ” Mrs. Gruesome yelled. I thought why she roast out there =.=

7th Period
With the glorious Mrs. Smith again. Didn’t do much except talk about siblings, school, hair, and just random crap. Them one of the ladies from the office told us our sociology class would start next Tuesday. Oh boy

Afterschool and Home
I signed out as usual. My mom was already here had my books and was ready to go! But I told her I had to talk to Takacs about the fee waviers for SAT. So we put the books on the car, told my mom to go get my other books cause they didn’t give them to her. So I had to rummage through my binder for my schedule. Once I did that it was off to Takacs. By the time my mom got in the room he was almost done filling it out then gave me a college fee wavier (I think) and all I had to do now was apply for the SAT. On the ride home I noticed my mom got the wrong English book plus she couldn’t get my other books for they weren’t in yet. Mom had to stop and go pick up my grandmother from the library. An while we were there getting her i got the MLA Handbook i need for my AP English  class, the other two books i needed wouldn’t be in til Friday or Tuesday, and we also got my sister favorite book Bad Kitty (about three of them) so she’ll be happy to have those. We dropped grandma off, mom gave me change to go get a specials at Popeye’s cause on Specials Tuesday its packed in there but they be cooking like hot cakes! i thought i would have to wait in the line long but they were calling numbers like bidding at an auction. Got the chicken, got my sister, headed home, then mom cooked sides to go with it and we enjoyed our glorious dinner!! But after words I was like ugh! Homework (just reading a few things), still trying to get school supplies, still have to apply to colleges, have to take the SAT, pass my classes, and try to make money. I thought about all this when Full Sail University called me and talked me, asking questions and telling me about there tours for there school in Florida and for me to let my mom know. Yup all that was going through my mind all at once. “I need to focus on now!!!” Thats what i told myself! So i just read the crap for the homework, reminded myself to talk to Takacs about the fee wavier (for some reason it didnt work saying it needed 12-digits), remind myself to also take that literature book back and get the new one. Plus i finally got a backpack!! Yay!! Got tired of carrying my stuff in my hands. Well im off to watch youtube vids til i black out, night all~  :3

My 1st day as a Senior in Highschool :)

I woke up like any other morning but way earlier! I had to get back into my school rutine. Made coffee, made lunches, got my sister up, had to stuff all her school ssupplies in one clear backpack, wake my mother up twice, finished the last of the cereal boxes, etc. Was getting my sister ready and waking my mom but not geting myself ready, how smart of me. Finally ready to go but I have no backpack so I just took my didvider and lunch. (My mom will get me a backpack later cause its the first day of school all I need is paper and my summer reading to turn in.)  We reached my lil sisters school first (her backpack was heavy as day) figured out what class she was in but took forever to find the room. Once we did mom wanted me to tale a picture of her then mom got all “my baby’s growing up on me” phrase. I was really ready to go. But she wanted to go on a scavenger hunt for my lil cousins Jaylen, Jase, and Liyah. By the time we found there room I only had 5minutes to get to school til my 2nd period started!!! Come on mommy!!! Quit talking to people!!!
I was late but them didn’t count it. I went to the office and told Mrs. Takacs good morning. As usual she was surprised I was late on the first day too. So she gave me my schedule, I put mu lunch in the frig then it was off to Kargous class. -.-

2nd Period
I’m use to Kargou and his smart remarks in the morning ive had the mans class before. But today no smartness from him. He gave me a card with a such on it and told me to find the adult version of it on the desk an that would be my seat. I had to fill out a card and a worksheet. Then we had to go over the student conduct (I hate going over these things) about three pages front and back then ie started comparing them to a soccer game. When I looked around the room at my peers I could just tell they were ready to go. They were making that “what time is it? Your clock doesn’t work ” look. But with Madhouse blabbing time flew by smoothly. He didn’t ask much for supplies just a composition notebook.  🙂  Then before we left class Desiree had asked me where was I? I explained the whole story walking out the door.

Before 3rd Period
I went to go see if Mrs. Smith still had her same classroom, an she did! I had asked her if she wanted my summer reading. She said for me to give it to my English teacher. Who I had to go find, she was in Mrs. Vasquez old classroom. Hope she’s nice 🙂

3rd Period
Finally found Mrs. Bailey’s room. But the next step was finding my seat since I wasn’t on her seating chart yet. So #5 was my glorious seat. She told is to take out our summer reading an pen & paper so we wlcould right a page about ourselves. She asked a lot of questions for the paper that some us found was unnecessary. She was nice, told us about herself, how she went to Baylor (that’s why she had green and gold everywhere), and how her husband posed for the tardy and not tardy pictures on the wall. But that sweet lady got to the supply list after the code of conduct and I swear she make it seem as though money grows on trees 0.o the school gave us three books we were gonna read already. But we had to go buy two other books and a MLA Handbooks which isn’t cheap. She wont be getting that anytime soon from me :/

4th Period
Time to go see Sister Mai. Now she in a wheelchair, wait what? Some people told me she got surgery so I felt bad for her. But it looked like she was happy as day to be rolling around 🙂 We didn’t really do much in class, except read the calendar of classwork & homework then go over supplies and read the weirdest paper about How Bread or Pickles can kill you. My whole class found it ridiculous yet some did tell me they’d rather take pre-cal then statistics. Hm but I don’t think this’ll be a hard class. Oh an guess what?! Its lunch time.

I got my lunch out of the frig then head for the cafeteria. They did lunch different this year: every class has there own lunch now. I was curious how this would work out indeed. Sat with Frane, Mayra, Tiffany, Desiree, Vivian and Bella. Miss the usual that I sat with last year: Ben, Dominique, Rynette, Andrew, and Angel. :he good old days. I didn’t really have much for lunch….just a sandwich, a juice, and chips. (Which didn’t do much for me)  I was mostly helping Frame with her summer reading questions then eating my food lol. Next stop finding my homeroom.

When I figured out Mrs. Gruen was in Takacs old room I was like “this lady better be cool if not we gonna have some problems” she was late coming back to the room. Well really we had to stand outside and wait for the witch. She was old, everything on her looked colorful, and she just looked like bad news. Takacs room was stripped baked. It looked like we were in an institute of hell just facing the board. She yelled, didn’t want us to talk, just a rude woman, told us to put our bags in the front, gave us assisgn seats, and a worksheet. Now all teachers should know no child can sit there and be silent for so damn long while doing a simple ass work sheet, just cant do it!!! So of course we talked, she yelled for us to stop, then me & Desiree got caught talking.  An Mrs. Gruesome was like “one of y’all have to move” man she been staring at this corner since she passed out the worksheet!! DX so I moved to the desk that was in the corner just alone but I didn’t mind. What really got us though was when she made us get our backpack one at a time. Surprisingly I didn’t have one plus I was the first one out the door, but I had to come back cause I had her for Economics. Fuck. =.=

5th Period
Everyone that came in the room already knew about the woman from the others that have already taken her class, oh what fun. Tiffany and Jenesha stayed cause I had them for homeroom also. We shall all suffer!! Basically she just blah blah blah about economics and if we knew what it was. She gave us worksheets to do, gave Maya a detention for chewing gum, and just being mean. I was waiting for that bell to say we can go!!!

Before 7th Period
I went to see Mrs.Davis and tell her how dreadful my day was. She laughed a little and told me ill be okay hit then I told her about Mrs. Gruesome she laughed even more. See this is why I love Mrs. Davis she someone good to talk to. Its HCC sociology but the class doesn’t start yet til a few weeks. So the whole class was in the office just buzzing with the same question. Bit there were seniors in there that were signing out cause they were done for the day. I had one more class then I could go.

7th Period
We were with the glorious Mrs. Smith today. She was typing away on the computer as usual while we just talked about random things but me and Tiffany were begging Mrs. Smith to let us ne in her Economics class. For Mrs. Gruesome was terrible!!! But I said ill deal with shes not all that bad I guess. With all the talking we did tome flew and it was time to roll bounce.

Afterschool to Home
Called my mother and asks her where she was but she was like in on the way, but Desiree gave me a rode home. Just talked about how hot it was in the car and about classes. Once I got home I dashed in the house to get Desirees $16 that I owed her. Thank goodness I paid her back. Devin was at the house chilling but had to go to orientation for school later on. So I just showered, wrote down a list of the things I needed for school, got on Tumblr, watched meatballs, then just ate. Really for the rest of the night I just told ppl on fb how I hated my day. I’m going to watch my anime show til I fall asleep. Night all~  🙂

What i thought of the finale of Teen Wolf Season 2 :D

I was gonna make a YouTube vid about it but im already on Tumblr so…yeah lol
Just wanna thank the Sterek blogs out there for getting me obssessed with the shhow and i was able to catch up before the finale yay!
What i thought about it:
1. Isaac is adorable 🙂
2. Scott forgave Allison a little bit to easily after she went on a killing spree but im glad he dumped her cause her family and her are psycho!!!
3. Loved the reaction Peter made to the animation of the kanima…it made me laugh so hard!! XD
4. Derek needs some friends like really bad cause the Alpha pack is there and there gonna turn the town upside down :p
5. Lydia finally got with the program on whats going on (no more blonde moments for her)
6. Jackson will still be an asshole, it doesnt matter if he got Lydia back and that he’s a werewolf…he’s still a dick
7. I think Dr. Deaton (the doctor that helps Scott) is a warlock. Cause he uses magic and he’s been around for a long time so he’s gotta be a warlock or a mage or something in the magic industry
8. I think Allison needs a vaction like out of the town for a while….like a lot of months :/
9. And Stiles…PLEASE GIVE UP ON FREAKING LYDIA!!!! JUST LET HER GO!!!! Drift away from that woman, help your friends out and get closer to Derek

Finally caught up! :) (well somewhat)

I had to catch up on all the tv shows that i missed since some of our channels are gone cause we got Netflix :p so here we go!!! 
Im glad that i finally caught up in this series because i love it so!!! I hated that Bobby died but was happy he was a ghost but then sad again when they burned his flask cause he was going all CRAZY AS HELL WITH VENGEANCE!!! The Lyvathens are a bitch as always yet in the end one Winchester had to go with them. First Dean was in hell, then explored heaven, now his ass is in purgatory!! Really Dean!!! I feel sorry for Sam being all left alone. So i know the next season Sam will be fighting Lyvathens and trying to get Dean out of purgatory..cant wait!!! 🙂
~Vampire Diaries~
Klaus is still an asshole, Elijah is awesomz, and Esther is a total bitch!!! Trying to kill all of her children because she mad them all into monsters!!!! Well Esther you shouldnt have been pmsing an spent more time with your kids then they wouldnt have killed your sorry ass!!! But you were trying so ill give you that. Then she tries to use Alaric as her puppet was just wrong but at least he had a peaceful death (sorta) tell Bonnie brought him back cause he mom was transformed into a vamp and that Esther has that witchy connection with her. Stephan going thru that should i be good or bad for Ellens sake then Dean tired of being what people want him to be…but the big issue is now that Ellen is gonna be a vamp cause Alarics so called gf that “helped” gave her some healing blood. Oh i hope Katherine shows up in the next season to see all this go down.
~True Blood~
Okay i havent gotten around to it yet but i will i just decided to wait til the season was over with then go watch it. So yes i said i would watch the new season later because i wanted to get to Teen Wolf 🙂
~Teen Wolf~
Season 1

I already knew what to expect, werewolves. But i didnt expect so much to happen in just 12episodes!!! Honestly i became addicted to it because i mostly love Stile & Derek, there hilarious together!!! Scott i do find him a hard person to deal with, Jackson is an asshole, Lydia has problems but is smart as hell, Stiles is funny, Derek is serious but caring, Peter should die which he did, Allison is confused on who she should side with (bf or family) i know she says that shes on Scotts side but her family is psycho espically her Aunt so im glad shes dead and the rest of the cast is glorious!!!!
~Season 2~
Alright Scott got a new hair cut plus betrayed the pack siding with Allisons crazy fucking grandpa, Lydia is hallucinating of Peter haunting her ass plus she resurrected the piece of shit, Derek has become the Alpha but is letting the power go to his head way to much and is losing people to fight off Jackson, Stiles is just Stiles (but im worried his dad may go off on him one day that it’ll hurt him emotionally and mentally hard that he’ll have to wear a poker face all the darn time), Jackson is a lizard freak thats pissing off everybody plus sided with Matt then Allisons  psycho grandpa, Allison decided to go on a damn killing spree cause he mom is dead and shes just made at everything thats not human, Isaac has sided with Scott and decided to help out even though he was close to death, as for Peter i would just kill him…i dont trust that asshole!!!!
So i cant wait til the last episode on August 13th (Monday) im excited for it!!! X3