what a day i had!! :/

ok b4 i tell u about my awesomez evening that turned terrible when i got home. HI EVERYONE!!!! ok now that is done and ova wit let me tell u wat happened. okz i had decided 2 stay afta skool 4 movie club cuz it started 2day plus they were playin my movie, HARRY POTTER!!! THA FIRST ONE!!!! XD i grew up wit harry potter man its lik awesome im waitin 4 tha new

one 2 come out already!! OH AN I DONT CARE IF UR A HARRY POTTER MOVIE HATER!!!! I LIK HARRY POTTERS MOVIES AND THATS THAT!!!! GOT IT!!! ok so anyways we were all havin fun imatating their british ac-sent, laughin at tha retarded parts, and rly just actin a lil gooofy. yeah so 4 once i got 2 hang out we my friends for once since i can barely stay afta skool. last year i use to stay afta skool almost eveeryday and b on time early way b4 class starts 2 hang out wit friends. but now since i hav 2 wait on my moms friend son 2 hurry up of his hour and a half long shower!!! i mean he goes in their starts tha water and doesnt get in until he done wit his conversation on tha phone!! i kno i tak long showas but his is long!!! so yeah i hav 2 wait on my ride 2 get fully ready then we hav 2 go pick up two otha ppl every mornin cuz their his friends and they go 2 skool wit him!! well tha oldest does tha young =est goes 2 tha middle skool up tha street of their skool. im on time lik literally on tim!!! once i get 2 skool i hav lik 3minutes or probably 5minutes b4 class starts!! its just ridiculous!!! so anywaays once movie club was ova my play-big-bro decided 2 hide in one of tha trash bins in tha cafeteria and pretend 2 b tha grouch 4rm sesame street!!! it was funny!!  so when my ride finally came i left tha skool and while in tha car mom was talkin bout how i got a debit card and blah, blah,blah!!! i dont want 2 go into tha conversation rly cuz i just dont wanna. so afta that we went 2 go visit my granny, then i finally came home. an guess wat ? when i wanted 2 tak my shower i culdnt cuz their were ANTS!!!! NOT IN MY SHOWA BUT MY FIRST DRAW WHERE I KEEP MY UNDER-CLOTHES!!! I WAS SO PISSED OFF!!!  i grabbed my boofs and started hittin, afta a gud 10minutes of hittin i got tired and just took all my under-clothes out and stick them in tha dryer!! im thinkin BURN U FUCKIN ANTS!!!! so afta that i spreyed my first draw wit raid but i didnt use that draw anymore. i put all my under-clothes im my last draw where my perfectly clean socks are afta i was done wit my hw!! i put a do not use sign on tha first draw. i rlyhate ants!!! they r tha main insect i hate tha most if even a few lil ants get on me i start itchin then i cant stop!!! i hav lik ant-aphobia or sumtin!! so im nt sleepin under tha covers but on top of them wit my sleepy bag, its very soft on tha inside. i hope i hav sweei dreams 😦 ttyl everyone 4 now.



ok afta readin my friend sano-sans blog i decided 2 dedicate this post TO ALL TOMBOYS!!!! i’ll giv u all tha reasons of y im a tomboy.
1. i dont lik pink 2 girly 4 me
2. i lovz baggy pants not 2 damn baggy 2 where i sag or anythin
3. i hate skirts that come above my knees (actually i dont lik them at all)
4. i dont lik 2 hang around girls that much (espically tha 2 girly ones cuz they tell me everythin they did wit their bf even though i told them fuckin not 2)
5. i hate make-up and i dont polish my nails unless for clear nail polish or black nail polish
6. i dont complain if i break a nail, i just say shit that hurts then put sumtin on it and move on
7. i dont mind play fight or wateva, but when it gets out of had i get pissed off
8. i lik 2 dress in jeans, a shirt, and tenny shoes (its my main style 4 life)
9. i dont mind if my rooms a mess i clean it when im tired of lookin at tha crap on tha floor
10. i sit lik a boy at skool and at home (i only close my legs when im wearin a dress 4 a special occation
11. i dont lik girly dresses or outfits cuz its fuckin EMBARRISSIN!!! ESPICALLY WHEN PPL TELL ME I LOOK CUTE!!! ESPICALLY BOYS, I KICK THEM!! >:] HEHEHE
ok i think thats gud enough so yeah i lik been a tomboy, my mom has tried more than once 2 change me into a girl, didnt work. she keeps givin me tha speech bout how im a gurl not a damn boy!! but i dont listen, i was raised a tomboy at my grandmas house and im stayin this way. and if i get a bf i will not get all girly and shit then i do all that 4 nu10 and hes just playin wit my emotions and rly doesnt lik me….rly im sayin im not dreesin up girly if i fall in lov wit sumone. if they lik me 4 me i’ll b happy if not FUCK YOU!!! so yeah im a tombooy and im proud of i…i dont kno wat way i go…a lot of my friends hav been tellin me since middle skool i was fuckin bi!!! i think i believe them so if i am yay!! if mot that kinda sucks, lol XD ttyl



well i didnt think anythin wuld happen at skool, but sumtin did!!! this will blow ur mind wat im bout 2 tell u….I WAS BITTEN!!!!! confused?! course u r i’ll explain. this all happened in 3rd period, we were in health class chillin 4 tha time bein. my friend dani kept sayin “leri!!!!” i was lik “wat dani?” she said “im hungry, tak sumtin out 2 snack on”. i asked her if she mite want tha sandwich i made 4 her she told me no. i pattted her on tha head and i told her “u can wait till lunch”. well guess wat she culdnt…she was clinging 2 my arm then tha next thing i kno…SHE FUCKIN BIT ME!!!!! it hurt lik HELLL!!! LITERALLY!!! i was sittin up their hold my hand, cursin out loud almost, my hand turned red then blue then FUCKIN PURPLE!!!! PURPLE!!! >:[ HER TEETH MARKS WERE SO VISIBLE!!! my friends were lik r u ok?! i was lik HELLZ NO!!!! dani kept tellin me she was sry i told her not 2 touch me!!! i asked my health teacher coach banes (he teaches PE, crosscountry, track, and  maybe soccer) if i culd go wash my hands, he said y?! i told him an animal bit me. he looked at me wit that look of lik yeah rite, he asked me who bit me i said dani. he said y?!!! i told him she said she was hungry. so he told me 2 wait, then he told dani that she was gonna get a detention 4 bitin me. i told him well begged him not 2 cuz i lied and said it didnt hurt that much but it rly hurt!!! so he didnt giv her one, i complained tha whole damn period about my hand and askin 4 ice, in PE i did tha same thing, but at lunch it got worse. when we went 2 our second lunch i told dani i 4gav her i culdnt stay made at her 4eva, then when i showed my play-bro my wound he called dani a dosh 4 doin that 2 me. my friend bella was lik wat tha hell happened 2 u, i told her then she bit me on my arm!!! WTH!!!! I KNO IM BLACK WELL IM RLY CARMEL, BUT IM NOT TASTY!!! I DONT TASTE LIK CANDY DAMN IT!!! then my play-bro tried 2 bit me, i told him no. he wasnt gonna rly do it hes just crazy lik that 🙂 yeah so tha day went by…oh yeah at lunch i kept takin my friend vivs frozen water bottle and restin it on my wounded hand..she kept whinnin bout her bein thirsty. well tha rest of tha day was borrin. it doesnt hurt that much any more but u can still c tha red ring of where she bit me. dont wry i already told them not 2 bit me anymore cuz i didnt want 2 catch anythin 4rm those crazy ppl. well ttyl 4 now. XD


well i got their late on tha first day i kinda already figured that, in every class that went ova tha  SAME DAMN RULES AS LAST YEAR!!!!!  but wat rly cought my surprise was that WE HAV CAMERAS IN MY SKOOL NOW!!!  not everywhere just in a few places. one was in the art room since ppl kept takin things from thier last year, one in tha office, one in tha hall of nations cuz we use 2 act rly bad in their, plus their just being more strict than eva this year!!! we hav 8class periods last year we had 7!!! but since we hav so many DAMN FRESHMAN!!!!! ITS ALL THEIR FAULT WE HAV THREE LUNCHES NOW!!!! i cant even barely c any of my old friends cuz their juniors and seniors!!! they hav first lunch, sophmores hav second lunch, and freshman hav third lunch!!!! tha classes went by sumwat quick 2day, but that always happens on tha first day tha rest of tha year its gonna feel longer…..i just hope i can survivve tha first week of skool!!! i rly tell freshman that but i need 2 tell myself that!!! wish me luck T-T

Happy Last Day of Summer, NOT!!! :(

ok i had just typed a lot 4 this post but my computer was acttin, im not re-typing it!!!! ok all im gonna say is HAV A GUD FIRST DAY OF SKOOL HIGH SKOOLERS AND COLLEGE STUDENTS ENJOY THA GUD LIFE!!!!! i’ll try 32 get on often but it depends on chores, homework, and my mother, ugh! but i’ll try 2 keep u updated on wats happenin at skool lik i did when i started bloggin, but i was most bloggin bout my PE class. i guess that just show how much i enjoyed that class. XD ok the pics of me i took wit my webcam man i was havin a lot of fun wit it. tha otha two are of my fav game characters goin 2 skool andd my fav manga. dont u eva wish sumtimes ur life was lik an anime show or a manga u read or watched? i kno i do, CUZ THAT WULD B FREAKIN AWESOMEZ XD!!!! well i’ll miss yall, so wish me luck on my first day bak. but rly im gonna b happy 2 c all my crazy friends again. so ttyl 4 now 😀

Happy Last Day of Summer, NOT!!! :(

well i wuldnt say im 100 % happy bout skool. cuz u gotta deal wit homework, teachers, otha students, plus detentions. well im gonna be a sophmore this year i just rly hope this year will b as gud as last year. but tha main thing i rly wanna c when i go bak 2 skool is all my friends again their tha ones i missed tha most durin this borin summa of mines. i mean i saw a few durin tha month of june, that made me a lil happy but durin tha rest of my summa i was a lil sad. but when i went 2 tha STEM program durin tha month of july i made new friends and afta we kept in touch. rly im just surprised tha damn summa went by so quick. well i may not be on very often cuz of homework or tha amount of time my mom will giv me 2 get on or im just extremly busy and cant get on. but i’ll try 2 get on every so often. WELL EVERYONE IN HIGH SKOOL HAV A WONDERFUL FIRST DAY EVERYONE IN COLLEGE ENJOY THA GUD LIFE!!!!! I LOVZ U ALL MY FOLLOWERS!!!XD
oh yeah i got my hair doone again 4 skool, tell me wat u thtink of it?! XD

Good News yay!! Bad News aww!!

ok hi hi 🙂 all. im gonna giv u tha gud news first cuz it always makes ppl happy then tha bad news so u can b lik wth!
well i went 2 target and acted lik a lil kid when we were in tha candy section. i kept begging my mom 4 candy but she said no and had 2 drag me 2 tha makeup section. an of course i had 2 drag my mom 4rm their. i told her ur perfectly fine tha way u r u dont need that makeup. she told me 2 shut up and went off 2 smell perfume. thats when i rly had 2 get her away 4rm their.  i got sum more skool  pants and otha crap then we went 2 jcpennys 2 buy me shoes. ok look teeny shoes r my life but my mom cant stand me wearing them all tha damn time. so she told me 2 find a nice pair of shoes not teeny shoes or else. or else meant she wuld chose them and thats a bad thing. i found a pair i liked, well actually i feel in lov wit tha shoes but once i found out tha price i was in lov no more. i found anotha pair so we were satisfied. oh wait i forgot when we were at target my mom bought sushi!!! i didnt kno my mom liked sushi, but she said yeah i eat it all tha time. so we shared sushi in tha car it was awesome. she was gonna start readin wat all was in it but i told her not 2 or i wuld stop eatin. i kno theirs rough fish meat but i didnt want 2 kno tha rest. well ur probably lik oh wow that kool now its time 4 tha bad news.
BAD NEWS!!!! 😦
ok im not happy bout this either but yeah i hav bad news 4 u. i cant get a new phone, y u as? well with a lot goin on at home wit money problems and tryin 2 get ready 4 skool. my mom told me either get ur hair done 2mmorrow or get a new phone?
now this is were she was settin me up.
if i said i wanted a phone she wuld hav asked me a bunch of damn questions and b mad at me so i said get my hair done. anotha problem she wants 2 use tha money 4rm my check i was gonna use 4 my phone!!! i had it all plannned out tha extra money i had in my wallet i wuld usee 2 buy me a yearbook at skool and tha $150 check 2 buy me a new phon, i wuld b happy, WRONG!!!! so once i said that she said ok u’ll get ur phone a few weeks afta skool. knowin her she’ll 4get and by tha time she mite rememba my phone wuld b destroyed byb my me and mister hammer!!! yeah thats how much i hate my phone and how terrible it is. man it sucks 2 b me. 😦


GAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just found out from a friend thats gonna b a freshman at my skool this year that we go bak 2 skool on tha 23rd!!!! i was lik, WTH!!!!!!! i was thinkin oh crap, when skool starts bak up my mom is gonna limit  my time of tha computer!!! even though we didnt hav internet 4 lik a whole damn month!!! ugh!!! that plus me havin 2 do my chores regularly so i can get money (man i gotta find me a job =_=)
do my homework and pass my classes wit As and Bs or my mom gonna kill me!!!! try 2 b nicer 2 my lil sis (even though we all though thats not gonna happen) wait wth am i doin rly wat am i sayin, this happens ever god damn year!!! same old same old, i guess but im more curious of how im gettin 2 skool?! hm….welll 4 now i hav my skool supplies, my mom is workin on my uniforms, now all i need 2 do is b patient so i can get my damn check and spend it on a new phone that i want. yay me!!!! well i just hope my sophmore year will b as fun as my freshman year was. i want 2 work but hav fun also. XD
i wanted 2 add a phot but tha house computer wont let me 😦