Early Fall Cleaning

I need to post something before I go crazy about this hiatus that I’ve given my blog!!!!

Well, I was supposed to post in August to guys about an idea I had! I’ve decided to turn this into my mood blog, if I recall my reason..it was because I wanted to keep track of my emotions. But I forgot my main reason though lol. Anywho, lets get to it!

Accomplished: I cleaned a lot today! An I mean a lot! Straightened all the clothes in my dresser and closet, went through all the papers under my dresser and night stand, and lastly cleaned the hall closet as well. For I’ve been ‘hoarding’ (as Claudia would say) a bunch of white trash bags in my containers with papers from school mixed with important papers need to keep. Trust me it was a workout hauling those trash bags to the damn dumpster Dx

Annoyed: While I was cleaning so was my roommate (at first I thought she was moving out, for she threw all of her clothes out of the closet. But found out that she was washing to pack.). An I guess this just obligated her to say something about my stuff, since she noticed I was cleaning. She asked if I was going to do something about the papers under the dresser and night stand. I would’ve answered, no! I’m going to leave them cause its my shot! But instead I said that I threw those papers under their ages ago and would get to them later. Then she went on rambling how she was curious as of to why I still had them their. I ignored her and blasted my music. Getting tired of her telling me when I should clean, I know! Ugh, she’s irritating me.

Concerned: my other roommate idly camera home with an eye patch (I’m guessing her eye condition is getting worse) on. Found out she hadn’t been to the doctor yet! I’m like what! She’s going to go back home to her doctor so she can get eye surgery.

Happy: watched Vacation (movie) at the theatre tonight and didn’t have to pay; redownloaded Eden Eternal for I miss playing it 

Worried: So I scheduled to go to a Transfer Tour on Tuesday but my coworker isn’t answering her phone. I left a voice message today and Friday. If I don’t see her tomorrow at work then ill have to get that ride from one of my two friends I asked today.