i just had 2 miss a day of skool, wat a bummer :p

hello all, its been a while. hm lets c….i got my hair braided yesterday…i got my stitches out on friday plus i missed skool…an since i didnt go i missed our anime meetin, they had decided 2 mak me a recruiter (find otha ppl) i was kool wit it but rly wished i didnt miss skool…since i missed that one day i hav lik three tests to tak on tuesday when i get bak plus i gotta finish this hw they gav me T.T im tryin so had 2 do it but i get so easily distracted by things…well wish me luck…oh an i finished drawin my lotus picture 4 a project that i hav 2 turn in on tuesday…i chose tha lotus cuz its my fav flowa…oh an i also missed out eatin sushi wit a friend yesterday since i had 2 get my hair done…she was sad and a lil mad that i didnt come but she 4gav me in tha end…well i just wanted 2 let u kno wat was up, lol ttyl 4 now XD


went to the hospital and got stitches :p

first off yes im ok, second hello :), and third i will tell u tha story of how it all happened. ok i was at home just got bak 4rm skool, eating cheesecake, told lil sis i wuld go outside wit her afta i finish, mom friend leavs 2 go pick up his son. ok i go outside wit my lil sis on my ripstik while she rides her bike then she a lil…well rly far ahead of me so i tell her 2 slow down cuz cars come around that corner street fast, so while i was ridin 2 catch up wit her i wasnt lookin at tha ground i was 2 busy payin attention 2 my lil sis an i didnt notice tha huge crack in tha ground. then it happend…..i flew fwd, hit smack face into tha ground! glasses broke, my bracelet broke, but i was mostly freakin out of how much blood was comin out of my head! i scream at my lil sis 2 hurry bak 2 tha house! i rush inside and grab a towl to wipe out all tha blood then i called my moms friend and told him wat happened. so long story short mom found out then she started freakin out! i went 2 tha hospital, there were very nice ppl there….then i got stitches! yes i cried, becuz i rly hate needles! my mom says shes buyin me and my lil sis helmets! it wasnt tha fact i didnt hav a helmet its just that i wasnt payin a lil more to tha landscape ahead. oh by tha way i fixed my glasses! well sumwat…wit tape, a rubber band, and scissors :p

1st day bak! Surprise Visits and MY MOMS B-DAY! XD

hi hi all! well 2day was my 1st day bak at skool, i didnt rly lik my scheduale that much but at least i dont hav a lot of hw! so yay me! okay any who, at skool right afta 4th period was ova and i went 2 anotha class 2 get a book 2 work on hw in 5th period, guess who? my friend jojoe came! (real name joseph) he had come down 4rm dallas 2 c us! i already knew he was comin i just didnt kno this early! oh by tha way he graduated 4rm our skool last year he’s in college now if ur wonderin, lol. so me and jenny were hapy 2 c him and even more happy when he stayed durin our lunch 2 tell us how it is in dallas, we had fun! XD he wasnt the only one that visited, our friend hunter (who also is a graduate came 2 c us) how awesomz is this! then at tha end of tha day my big bro markz came 2 visit and c his gf! just 2 let u kno markz isnt rly my bro i just consider him as one 🙂 then afta skool i went 2 tha dentist, then HEB PLUS STORE! an tried some awesome sushi! it was new! so me and my moms friend got her a cheesecake and i chose her a sushi party tray (it also had tha new sushi in it) when we got home and gav it 2 her she was so happy….4 a women only one year away 4rm bein 40! lol dont tell anyone! my mom doesnt even look her age so no big deal :p well 2day went by pretty quick, we start takin TAKS practice test 2mmorrow, wat a pain! just gettin bak an already this, ugh! also i cleaned out my bakpak! it wasnt junky just heavy, my bakpak always seems 2 b heavy but its all tha stuff i need so i minimized it, an it feels lighter….sumwat lol XD well ttyl 4 now my dear followers!