Gud-Bye Spring Break! Hello BS of a 1AT DAY BAK!

OKAY! HI! XD sry i hav an hour to type wat i hav 2 say cuz once it reaches 12am its a tuesday! X3 lol ok im gonna giv u a short lil summary of my spring break!!!! *grabs calendar* here we go! 3/14/11: my  mom bout me two new games, one is Final Fantasy Crisis Core (ive played it b4 its just that i wanted my own game instead of borrowing) and sum otha weird game i hav no care for >.> 3/15/11: well we all decided to hav BBQ! so we did! we had ourselves a party! it was fun! plus my moms friend brother brought ova his wii that had this disk thing wit a bunch of games on it! i was tha main on playing that thing! it was fun! XD 3/16/11: well i was suppose to be goin to tha beach! but my friend jenny, her mom was lik she didnt want us 2 get sick cuz of tha cold water (jenny thinks she was makin an excuse to keep us it) so our beach became tha front yard and a water hose! lol 3/17/11: i ended up spendin tha nite…i didnt want to go home..thats when i went to the Houston Outlet Mall! it was awesomz! i went wit her aand her family! then i had run around wit her mom to different courts rooms 4 more than 3hrs (dont ask! it was terrible) 3/18/11; WENT TO THA CARNIVAL!!! XD yet i failed at winning a DOMO!!!!! T^T then i went home that nite 3/19/11: anotha BBQ and mostly slept 3/20/11: pulled an all nighter to finish a 14pg font and bak biology packet! (dont tell! but i found tha answer key online! >:D ) then came 2day! were i turned my crap in! started workin on TAKS! got TAKS practice 2mmorrow and wensday! plus an ALCOHOL INSPECTOR or sumtin came to tell us HOW BAD it is to drink and THAT WE SHULDNT DO IT! i was just thinkin since we cant drink…can we smoke? (i dont want to, i was thinkin u kno) they said nu10 bout smokin! well i am happy tha day ended! also i drew and painted a kh pic! hope u lik it plus i got a HENNA TATTOO!!XD ttyl 4 now :3   PS! MY FRIEND FRANE GOT THA BUNNY THAT HUNNY SENPAI HAD ON OURAN HIGH SKOOL HOST CLUB 4RM THA ANIMEMATSURE ALSO A BADASS BLACK BUTLER POSTER AND WE GOT NEW COMPUTERS AT SKOOL! XD   ALSO I DO NOT! I REPEAT! I DO NOT TRACE! I CAN DRAW!


Guess Wat I Got At Tha FLEE MARKET???!!! >:3

 well i shal ask again can u guess wat i got at tha flee market??? since im a violent child i bought myself a BADASS POCKETWTCH!!!! OH YEAH!!!! XD i wanted it rly badly and some NINJA STARS!!!! XD but i only got tha pocket knife. i even told a few of my friends they were lik awesomz!!! i told my mom she was lik are u being bullied at skool i was lik no, i just wanted one (since u took tha one i wanted that my army uncle gav u) she was thinkin bout puttin me in counseling or sumtin all i did was laugh at her. i even told my brotha he was lik where the hell did u get that 4rm..i just laughed! well i did hav fun up there..walking around and seeing things. well ttyl 4 now (man it feels gud 2 b bak on blogger) ps tha pics below are of my knife and ninja stars and a sword XD


YO!!!!! its been a while i kno!!! i wonder if anyone missed me at all??? well i hope u did cuz i missed blogging! there is so much i hav to tell you! ok for one, OH YEAH!! SPRING BREAK!!!! XD ok got that out of the way! yup! glad im passing my classes cuz tha teachers had to put grades in by today! cuz we get report card when we come bak! awesomeness!!!! well ok…hm….the last time i posted sumtin was bout idk..i 4get!!! well imma start 4rm v-day to now! i promise u it will b short cuz i write on my calendar in tha boxes if sumtin interesting that happened to me that day then blog bout it….weird huh. well its just one way to look back on things thats all. so what im gonna do is just type what i put that day and tell u tha IMPORTANT STUFF u hav to kno! ok here we go! 2/14: v-day, valentine wasnt there, helped pass out roses and cupcake passes (fun day i missed my 1st-4th periods), 2/15: learned to not fwd work, 2/18: wanted to push a red button at skool cuz i didnt kno wat it did, took a retake test and made a 74%, went to tha blue and silver ball that night, 2/19; went to my friend dianas hetic 16th b-day party at her house, 2/20: my church 56year anniversary and also went to chucky cheese that night, 2/21: my valentine came 2 skool! he was sick! an i gav him his gift, 2/22: had chalk time! (havnt done that in a while), 2/25: finally presented my late italian project, 2/27: had a very relaxing day, 3/1: dentist appointment, 3/3: my valentine b-day, also my friend frane b-day, and an ICE CREAM RIVARLY!!! the seniors were selling ice cream in two groups to see who culd mak tha most money, 3/4: got a orcs and elves game 4rm my mom, 3/5: spennt tha whole day wit my aunt! (she was doing my hair then afterwoords we had crawfish :3), 3/7: suppose to get a touch screen mp3 player 4rm my aunt…but she 4got, 3/8: found a bottle…we thought it was full of cum! but it was just a bunch of toilet paper and water, 3/11: a girl sprained her ankle on tha stairs at skool…we think she was being clumsy, 3/12: AND 2DAY LAST DAY OF SKOOL!!! ok now that is done! IMPORTANT STUFF-> 1st my moms friend got a new job ova seas…he is leaving sunday, 2nd transportation will be more fucked up then  usual! since he’s leaving, 3rd this month is goin by quick an my b-day is coming up…….an there is something VERY important i hav 2 ask my mom on my birthday…i mite tell u guys lata just not now k! well im  glad im bak on  blogger! i will blogg when i can k, so ttyl 4 now