Sekirai & Winnie the Pooh Week end :D

This whole weekend i watched both seasons of Sekirai! I loved it so much that i got sad to find out the 3rd season wasn’t out yet T^T Yet  I had to go to my mom’s friend house to celebrate her new job with AVON we got snacks = NACHOS! i was on cloud nine even though i did have talapia before coming there…my auntie and her buddy was there also i was happy to see them. The only thing the people didnt’ like was the rain -.- Time flew and before you know it i was home and on the computer again. Once done with Sekirai, I decided to go watch the new Winnie the Pooh movie and as always Christopher Robin is always missing/ in danger. But he really just went somewhere 😀


I want some Jordans and killed two birds with one stone :)

(going off memory/pics) Well my little sister was freaking lucky as day.l Aj loved her that much to buy her a nice pair of Jordan’s, i was like “I want sum, lol” DX  Of course another awesomz dinner 🙂
Okay last night I finished two major projects! A research paper for chemistry on a scientist and my character cards on the Crucible story (was reading it in English, plus watched the movie) I aced it! An my friend remembered to let me borrow her SAT book to study in advance. Got some apples and carmel as a snack from mom. 😀    (combination of 10/6 – 10/7)

My weird booky days..

(going off memory) since i didn’t seem to take that many pictures..this is a combination of 10/4 (Tuesday) and 10/5 (Wensday). (Tues.)  I got a guide to the PSAT cause we were going to take it soon, after soccer i got a cookie, then had a slpendid dinner. (Wens.) I saw a sword cloud in the sky so i took a pis of it…dont remember wat happened on skool….got a book form my friend Tiff and a poem book 4rm my mom. It’s huge, but i guess it should be a good read :p

Peaceful weekend with a new book and Last Exile (anime) :3

On Saturday morning, I was having the best dream ever til my mom cam e and woke me up! She told me I had 10minutes to get ready cause I was going to go grocery shopping. Boy I was so DAMN CRANKY AS FUCK! >:/ I put on some jeans and a shirt then some shoes and said let’s go. The bad part about this was is that I didn’t eat ANY BREAKFAST! That made it even worse… any who got to the store…went around looking for crap….saw some Samuel Addams Octoberfest Beer (wish I grabbed a case, always wanted to try it)….then got to the line and asked the cash registor “where is the book area in the store?” “over there pass that tall floaty thing”I said “thank you” then looked at my mom and said “your gonna be a while, this basket is over flowed” then I burst out into a run! I know I said my mom was going to be a minute but it took me a minute to find the book area. Usually it’s near the electronics in some Walmart’s but when she told me pass the floaty thingy I was looking like crazy! Then I finally speed-walked to the Electronics Section and asked then they told me just right down the way from us. I knew it! That woman must have been a newbie! I was searching for this book on a YouTube Channel that I really wanted to read and prayed it was over here! I was looking then I go duh Aleria! Novels! I jogged to the Novel Section. An it was there! I was super happy! Snagged it and ran all the way back to the line! Out of breathe indeed, I told my mom please buy this! I just sprinted for this book! My life depended on this book! Of course she bought it to shut me up! Got home, put groceries away, and had to clean but no worries I DID EAT ME ABOUT TWO BIG BOWLS OF CEREAL BEFORE I WAS CLEANING! XD So for the rest of the weekend I somewhat read the book but I was trying to finish the Last Exile anime (it was getting good) I think I had homework I don’t remember :p

Jumping thru car windows and taking care of Hermit Crabs

In the morning all I can recall is seeing a weird cloud that reminded me of a bird i saw before and in 8th period my friend drew on the desk. (As for the rest of the day)  I vaguely remember what happened during the day but I do remember what happened after-school though! X3 For some oddly reason when my friend Kate’ mom drove up I just suddenly jumped through the open window! Everyone was like WHAT! O.0 I don’t know why I did it but I just did, I was bored okay! An it was fun so I did it again! Then of course no one wasn’t surprised because they know I was crazy as hell and random.  But then the third time I decided to record it (im slow) see I was gonna do it again but a car came up behind her so she had to pull around then pull back up so then I jumped in. Of course Kate yelled at me to get out of the car already, everybody else was like really Aleria! I was like yes! XD Now here’s the part that get’s me, my little sister told me that she was taking care of hermit crabs because they were the class pets in her classroom. I didn’t take her seriously til we gpt home and I saw them for myself. I was like are you for real! One was named Mr. Crab and the other Mrs.Patty. (Spongebob is corrupting these kids minds! Like badly!) So of course I didn’t know what they eat til I looked it up, THESE THINGS CAN EAT ANYTHING! WHAT A FAT-ASS! DX At first I wasnt scared of them at all I just found them very…odd. So of course I pay them no mind, til my little sister came in with it and put it on my food! An yes I did jump! DX Ugh! Hermits! I made garlic bread and chicken soup…an boy weren’t those hermit crabs staring at my! I was like “NO! YOUR NOT GETTING ANY! DX” I did talk  to them every now and then (look I already talk to myself, so why does it matter if I talk to a small crab in a shell) cause that’s what I had to do and feed them cause my little sister went to her dad’s house and left them here. Dear gosh what a long weekend I shall have -.-