My Thanksgiving Week~

I’ll sum it up for you, I went to my uncles mothers house for the thanksgiving dinner. But I stayed at my grandmothers house most of the week and my aunt took me to STAR resturant (its an asian food buffet) an I went to the movies twice. I went the day of Nov 21st with my mother, sisiter, and cousin to go see Rise of the Guardians & another day to see Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2. They were both glorious :3


Screw your new rules! >:P

Yeah I woke up late…I dont know what made me think that I could’ve slept for another 5minutes when that turned into 45minutes of sleep. After rushing like crazy to get ready for school, I ended up taking my time to make me and my sister bacon & eggs to eat for breakfast (no toaster for eggos or toast and no cereal). I blamed myself when we got in the car that we were late but mom was finding it no point at all of us going to school tommorrow. To her it made no sense going two days out of the week, but it made no sense when I brought up that I wanted to go jogging with her sometime. At first she said no, but she thought about it and said okay. (after she told me it was too cold, which it wasnt) She wanted to go Wensday, me & my sister yelled NOOOO!!!!! YOUR HEARING THINGS!!! NEVERMIND!!!! Reason being, cause Rise of the Guardians (movie) was coming out that day. I wanted to see it, my mom did also, so did my little sister (but she really wanted to see Wreck It Ralph (movie)) Eventually she forgot bout it when I got to school.

I was late for Kargous class (Physics), I got in when Vivi & Desiree were arguing about an A,B, C conversation. Then Kargou was telling us about how his wife change the channel out of the blue when he’s watching sports & of how he wrestles with her as well? Betcha she wins ever fight! 🙂 As he always (or been saying lately) now that our anxiety level was down he could over the rest of the slide, told us our test was the Tuesday we come back, & was gonna give us a review tommorrow. Homework time, got help, & finished! Took a review when I left cause I had a feeling I wasnt coming to school tommorrow.

Funny thing happended! The freaking fire alarm went off!!! I was like are you serious!!! Its not the end of the month!!! I caught up with Zoe outside “Does this mean we can go home?” I said. “No Aleria” replied Zoe. I thought damn! Freaking brick and wood ass school! Talked to my Sophmore/junior friends while I waited to go back in. Sal was saying he was getting his 5minutes between class, that alarm didnt count! I agreed and took the long way to class.

Aint that something, I was late. Oh well, did that darn focus, went over the illusion, and struggled with the worksheet. Why? Cause no one read the damn book (or the pages we were suppose to read) I know I sure as hell didnt! I was way behind indeed! So we winged it the best we could, then Arnesha left class early for the day (guess she went home). Before we left Mrs. Bailey told us we would be doing Individual Reading (IR) after the break, so we have to bring our own books that are appropriate.

Asked Ruby while I was on the stairs if she was ready for our sociology test today, she thought it was tomorrow  I told her no, it was today cause he wanted Tuesday off. So yes we were all screwed. lol

 Right when I got into class I bear hugged Chris for the hell of it, an he did the same. But my chest felt crushed! “You have boobs Aleria?” Adriana asked me. “Yeah, there small..they dont coexist in my mind though” I replied. Oh Sister Mai was angry cause a lot of us didnt do our homework. Then when Mrs. Nunnan came in she asked why didnt yall do it? I told her I only did the front page cause I forgot we were suppose to do the back, but I lot said they forgot we had it or they didnt get it. So the rest of class we just went over it.

Had luch then homeroom, thats when they told us we could no longer go to the restrooms our selves during this period and next period. We all found it crazy! Were like this isnt elementary school!!!! WTH is wrong with yall!! Of course we had a huge up roar about it during homeroom and then in Economics we had no choice but to get a esscort to take us to the restroom…we really had to go.

About sociology, it was easy but we had to write a lot and prayed it would be enough. After class i think i went home…cant recall the rest of my evening 😛

~Cried Tired Tears~

We didnt get home til 1am (Even though me & Niyah did fall asleep at my uncles house, I sleep was broke bad by my mother) an what made it worse was that my sister left her glasses over there. So she was blind as a freaking bat! I woke up around 5am (trying to stay awake and strong) took my shower, got my sister up right after i was done ironing my clothes, but she fell alseep on the bathroom floor! Literally just curled up in a ball! I knew the brat was tired, we all were, but we had to still get to school. She moved slow as a turtle but i tried to stay strong. Please, let the day go by fast.
2nd Period: i was at 15% of losing it, i could barely pay any attention in class…i forgot what we even went over.
 3rd Period: Mrs. Bailey was educating but i was day dreaming, an my whole table feel asleep. I think we were takin notes, i cant recall.
4th Period: Huge headache & my eyes were heavy (like a huge marble ball), i felt like crap! So I couldnt take it anymore, i feel asleep. Sister Mai woke an told me to go to the office if i wasnt well. i was at 100% and i blew up! i told them continously in the office i was tired, an i started crying. i wanted to curl up on the floor an fall asleep! but i called my mom an told her, she told me that if she’s bringing me meds that she’d take me home. So I decided to wait until Mrs. Takacs got back to ask her to give me some pain medicine since there wasnt any in the office. So while I waited I ended up telling everyone in the office my story (for it wasnt like me to cry or be like this; of course, I dont like to cry in front of people if I cant get away) of what was wrong with me, I even cried in my friend Rubys glad she was there,,I needed a hug, Mrs. Takacs finally came, I got some popcorn and water from Mrs. Fwentez , called my mom to make sure it was okay to give me medication, took it and was somewhat better. They told me to go lay down in the hall but i said no cause if i did i would miss lunch and that senior meeting we were gonna have in there. So I went to lunch. That didnt help at all, I was about to start back up again. So I had Tiff watch my things while I went to go cry my eyes out in the restroom. Bella was there to comfort me…i told her it was just lack of sleep but she asked if it was something more…i didnt know..i was gonna start questioning it but i was to tired. After I dried the last of my tears (for now)  i left the cafeteria with my things to the office, then Tackas room where i passed out on his couch. Now the only thing i can recall for the rest of this day was me going to the meeting in the hall that was full of rubish, going to class, & stopped at Fashion house to look at close then tried to take my grandma to vote but couldnt cause it was to crowded and got chicken after wards 😛  Thats all I can recall

Happy Halloween All >:3

I got all i needed for my costume that morning. I dont know why i thought I had a grey skirt, but I only had a black skirt & black Dickies. I chose the skirt after asking so many people what to wear and if it was cold (I wouldn’t care if it was cold because I loved the cold weather indeed) White button up top, my skully socks, black boots (got these like three Christmases ago an barely wear them, an its surprising that they still fit), my tie (my mom didnt know how to do it but she tried), and my cloak (I’ve had it since 5th grade & it still fits me) All was ready and we were off~

   2nd Period: I was late, couldn’t open my door at all to kargous room. He was like why dont you use your magic I said “Im too lazy plus I left my wand at home” He was blabbing about something, then got on Andre about being a hobo & how he would be transferring schools soon. Then Kargou told us why hobos sleep in the morning and not at night. Of course he’s getting side tracked, thats good. But then we had a lot of work due Friday…I was in no mood to do all that tonight. No sir!

Then I heard Nicco (my play brother that graduated from MCA and is in the Air Force) on the intercom saying the pledge. Of course I wanted to dash out but i did that after we were let out! I tackled Nicco like crazy and told him how much i missed him so and took pictures with him.

   3rd Period: We congratulated Mrs. Bailey on winning the faculty and staff costume contest, she was Tinker Bell. All we did class period was read about Hop Frog or Black Cat by Edgar Allen Poe then find some stuff…I forgot. But Jasmine made a resses cake and we ate it in class! It was so freaking good! That I was in the mood for a frito pie 🙂
  4th Period: Saw Adriana in her Miku cosplay costume, Chris & Mayra as zombies cause of Franies glorious make-up skills are top notch! 😀  Sister gave us back our tests we all failed, then gave us more homework from the same page we did homework on last night. Which I half assed did since my calculator was being a pain! But at least I did the vocabulary.
  Lunch: Just great! Mrs. G wanted to do a halloween costume parade but that wasnt happening  WE WERE EATING! So  we amused her by at least taking a group costume picture so we could be in the chance to win the costume contest. Nicco left around lunch time, i even took pictures of some people 🙂
  Homeroom: We begged Mrs. Simien to put on a movie but instead she was showing us the slide show for Economics class while Franie, Mayra, and Chris were still being blooded up my Franies glorious expertise.
  5th Period: We did no class work for we didnt want to! So we listened to the theme music to the Omen movie (I dont remember the year of the movie) while we did our focues. So we did Economics and Horror slide show, did a worksheet on the cost for horror movies, then a slide show on the History of Halloween.
  7th Period: All class period we watched The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 1, it was glorious! X3
  After/Home: So to sum this up, I was with my uncle and we went to his moms house to chill until the kids uncle called back about trick or treating. So it was the Ellen show and Steve Harvey show for a while, but when my uncle left to get the kids I watched Jane Eyre (man i love this movie). The children came and so did Aunt Delisa & her daughter. Around 7pm we headed out to the uncles house in pearland….im really gonna shorten this! We walked around that neighborhood for about three hours, got (candy & ships), got back to step grannys house and ate chili dogs while watching Harry Potter & the Sorceer Stone, then back to my uncles house til my mom got off. Man im tired! Mom hurry up! I wanna go home! DX