*New Changes*

first off i kno ive been sayin this a lot but sry my followers that i havent been on alot. im not gonna lie 2 u ive been havin this game obsession, i dont barely get on my usually websites anymore but i’ll try 2 get on more often. ok my wkend was tiresome of course. now this is tha reason i titled it “New Changes”. for one if u read my post 4rm…um i think a wk ago idk talkin bout how we were gonna get kicked out, well were not!!! he gav us a second chance. we hav 2 mak sure mom pays tha bills on time, hav a certaain amount of money in tha bank, keep tha house clean (im tryin 2 keep my room clean but im lazy =_=). he said he wanted me 2 clean out my closet my mom also he wants 2 start fresh!! oh yea hes son moved bak in again cuz he got kicked out of his moms house again. so my lil sis is sleepin in my room even though i dont want her 2. he  said he wanted 2 buy me new clothes 2 wear, clothes 4 skool, paint my room, and try 2 get my moms old ford workin. its not rly old old i think its a year old. he said he wuld get tha part he needed 4 tha car, paint it get new seats, and get me into drivers ed!!! finally!! i get my moms ford, my mom gets 2 ride his truck while he’s gone, and his son gets tha malibu. rly he hhas a lot of plans when he comes bak. he said he’ll b home b4 skool starts 2 put his plans in to action. i just hope everything goes well cuz i rly dont wanna get kicked out, i rly dont and if “that women” (my mom) gets us kicked out i will b mad at her probably 4 life. but idk i just hav 2 wait and c. XD


i found out why im so bored

ok u kno how u say boredom kills!!! well it does to me!!! but ssince i was thinkin about it i kinda figured out y im so bored. its becuz my life is borin!!!! im not sayin that everythin i do is borin im sayin im not doin anythin and wont do anythin 2 change it. im not doin anythin cuz i hav no money and plus i dont rly talk 2 ppl. u kno call them and ask them wat they r doin and if i can come along. cuz if i do that then how am i gonna get theiir? and how much will it cost? so rly i think my fun time has a price tag on it ova $40. ive been wantin 2 go 2 tha movies but mez hav no moneyand im doubtin if i try 2 find sumone 2 go wit they either cant mak it or to damn busy. well i just hope my summa gets a lil more funner!! i mean im havin fun at summa enrichment at skool but wat bout afta all that? wat will i do then? i do kno i hav anotha program 2 go to all july. so rly my whole damn summa is nu10 but work and no fun. then skool comes and that will suck more. =_=

I dont kno wat 2 do…problems in tha house :(

ok first off hello all!!! well heres tha thing my moms friend (her bf) returned 4rm ova seas yesterday and things arent goin well. he’s mad at my mom cuz she hasnt went grocery shoppin in lik almost wks (we barely hav food) and he’s really mad at her bout it only bein about $500 in tha bank account. see he left his bank stuff wit her so she culd pay tha bills and use tha money 4 wat we need in tha house, he sent hom lik 8thousand sumtin dollars!!!! 8thousand!!!! hes been gone since apriil sumtin and came bak yesterday!!!! wat he is so curioous about is wat happen 2 tha money!!! she told him she didnt kno, he got mad. he says my mom should hav only use 2thousand of it twice cuz tha bills per month cost 2thousand in total!!!! so we shuld hav lik 4thousand left in tha bank but we hav bout $500 left. he wanted 2 do a lot of stuff when he got home but he cant cuz were poor!!!! no food barely!!!! no money 2 rly get anythin or do anythin!!! i just talked 2 him b4 he left 2 go get his son 4rm football practice. he told me he wuld miss me cuz he said he culdnt tak dealin wit my mom and her not done wat he askedd wit tha money. he said he’s gonna try 2 get us out of his house b4 skool starts. he said where eva tha mom goes tha kids gotta go. he said we shuld move bak in wit our grandma but theirs noo room ova their!!!! my granny took ova our room (its very small box lik), my aunt took ova my great grannys room, tha tha room is lik a storage room, and tha den is were my cuzin is stayin. he told us we wuld hav to move around a lot in rooms cuz he didnt want us here. i just told him 2 tell me when we were movin so i culd find some boxes 2 put my stuff in. we’ve been livin wit him since i was 12years old until now im 16years old. well i guess that was a gud 4years we had 2getha. i wonder…wat r we gonna do……were poor….an we lik hav no where 2 go i think…..well i guess i’ll hav 2 wait and find out i guess…..*sigh* just prey 4 me ok.. 😦

my whole summa is just blah!!! :/

i really dont hav much 2 say 2day cuz my whole day was borin. well except when i got home and played my game 4 a gud 5 to 6hours long. i was happy. i had 2 go to my summer inrichment class 2day, it was borin!! we didnt start until 10am close to 11am. cuz my physics and chemistry teacher had 2 explain 2 tha “newbies” how 2 use novanet (novanet is just a program that helps u wit classes, tak classes, or even TAKS) i rly wasnt suppose 2 b their til july but i had 2 go june cuz i had anotha program 2 go 2 in july. afta tha explain then they left cuz most of them were doin it at home. we finally got 2 work. tha only thing we complained bout was how slow tha time was goin. thank god it was only 4rm 9am to 1am. well i mite as well get off now my mom is gonna start complainin bout tha dishes. oh!!! QUICK ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!! I WILL DO A SPECIAL PRAYER 4 LEAH!!!!! MY BEST BLOGGIN BUDDY THATS KINDA GOIN THROUGH SUMTHINGS!!!!! SO I WILL PRAY 4 U LEAH!!!!! (i had 2 put it in caps so all can kno, lolz)   

summer may b borin but i lov anime spoilers XD

i just got through watching episode 21 of Durarara. then afta that i went to thecolorless website ( u wuld know wat im talkin bout if u watch tha anime) so anyways i signed in and looked at some threads.an i found out my character mikado isnt as weak as i thought he was. afta readin tha spoiler of vol.6 of durarara or rly tha translation of tha volume. i was lik holy shit mikado u hav split personalities!!! at 1st he’s a clumpsy whinnie bastard but afta readin this he’s fuckin deadly!!! i hope wat he did in tha translation of vol.6 happens in tha anime that wuld b so epic!!! an anyways my cuzin is graduating 2day 4rm high skool (idk if were goin 2 his graduation or not), then my lil sis has a pageant 2mmorrow an i gotta help out (wat a drag!!!), then sunday is my bro’s graduation (he’s rly my step-brother, i some what think of him as a brother…idk) well i’ll try 2 keep u updated on this borin wkend of mine but ttyl 4 now. XD 

My computer is bein worked 2 death and so am I!!!

UGH!!!!!! i wuldnt say my summa is goin well but its becomin borin an tiresomme. my grandma and aunt hav been at our house or rly stayin ova 4 i think almost a week usin my computer to do work 4 a pageant their workin on. (my grandma and aunt hav been workin wit pageants 4 as long as i can remeba, i was in pageants since i was lil an i won 1st place every time but when i got older and into skool activities and sports i payed it no mind. i started 2 not care anymore 4 them, i mean i had a gud run its time 4 me 2 enjoy life. now they got my lil sis doin it, an it suits her well. well anyways tha only time i can get on here is when their taken a break an i usually cant do much cuz they hav 2 get rite bak to work. so all i do is check my email and watch a lil anime. now bout me bein worked. u kno how i said my moms friend ( her bf) went ova seas and was suppose 2 wipe my old computer clean but culdnt. thats y their usin my new computer i hav!!!! i usually get called by them almost every 5minutes or less!!! im use to my aunt callin me ever since i was lil she called me every minute 2 do sumtin 4 her cuz she culdnt. i felt lik a cinderella but wit no break at all!!! that wasnt tha only thing i needed 2 help them wit, i had 2 usually help wit tha tv cuz they didnt kno how 2 rly work it that well and when they were tired and it got late they wuld sleep in tha livin room an i had 2 put them a movie on and bring them blankets. but im rly use to it, but my annoyance standors has gottin high!!! rly wat im tryin 2 say my patience when i was lil was stable but now i get annoyed as hell so easy now!!! i wonder how much longer their gonna stay. so now u kno y i wasnt on blogger and if i dont get on witin 3days u kno y. oh an also i hav a plan towards gettin a new phone when tha old man returns ( my moms bf) well gtg. -_-