Finally reached an illusionist :3

I finally reached the class I wanted. An Illusionist!!!! I wanted to level it up but I became tired.

8am and so in…
Got my sis up as usual and my mom brought use sausage biscuits from Mcds for breakfast. All morning I played my game til my mom had to go run errands an told me to cook around 4pm. Also she asked me if i wanted to go to my stepdads house to go on the waterslide for the 4th of July. I was like yeah an went back to my game. While I was playing my game i got some cool stuff when destroying the the crystal in the guild town, finally got a female outfit by buying a golden capsule, then while doing a dungeon I got a fist hammer it was so cool!!!! But the problem was I couldn’t defeat the 2nd darn boss with my friend so we gave up and I went to cook dinner. Couldn’t finish it all the way cause I had to go to rehearsal for the scholarship program. While I waited Ajs gf loudy was here for a while til I left. Mrs. Shaunte picked me up and boy was she tired!!! She told me she changed the dance and she was for real!!!! We did the dance about five times then we went home. Mom was annoyed cause she hadn’t got any sleep an didn’t like having to drive them places. Came home, head and stomach was hurting, made dinner, ate, watch Children of the Corn the Gathering again. Watching Drawn Together Season 2 again while hearing the people in my neighborhood pop fireworks already. -.-


Im such an online gamer :p

Its dark as day in the house, so I had to hit a few lights then watched Netflix. I was watching some more of Drawn Together then I blacked out.

Around 8 or 9am
Kris came with her boys and they wanted to watch Tv. So Kris woke me and told me to get in my bed….so I dropped all the way to bed.

3:55am and so on…..
I had just woke up wand got ready (for nothing) and I heard my moms bf saying “that girl be sleep since damn near 4pm!!!!! Shit my son drinks, parties and tucks and still gets up in the morning.” Kris laughed. He said “if she come in here don’t say shit to her!!!!” So after hearing that I just stayed in my damn room but I did leave to get dinner an didn’t come out. Til my mom came home and they were arguing about me sleeping. So I just stayed in my room playing Eden Eternal all day long. Forgot what else I did. :p

Three Muskaters go to the Movies :D

Its 1:37am. I’m wide awake sadly, an I just had dinner not that long ago with a strawberry soda. I know its late and I was crazy for now just eating. Oh I finally finished the first season of Drawn Together it was hilarious! Now all I have is season 2 & 3 to watch. My Netflix is being retarded though and its annoying me so I just closed my computer an called it an end. My television is stuck on Cheers (meaning I’m watching it) well imma hit the hay night night. Okay I couldn’t sleep so I decoded to watch a little bit of the 2nd season. It was hilarious!!!
Sometime around 8 or 9am and so on….
I had to get up so I could wake my sister up. Eventually I just stayed up….then I had chores to do. An it was raining again, plus I had to super clean my room since my mom finally decided to let me go to the movies with my friends Vivan & Desiree. So I cleaned like a ninja, then got picked up, and we were off. We went to Taco Bell 1st an got some food (Desiree’s mom had to pay for me because I was broke), then went to Walmart for smacks (Poky and Sweet tarts candy chews), then we hit the movies!!!!!! I kept bugging them we should see Abraham Lincoln the Vampire Hunter first but we saw Madeas Witness Protection (it was hilarious), TED (freaking hilarious), BRAVE (very touching movie), then That’s My Boy (it was the sheez) But we we went in I think two of them well really all we had to sit at the bottom cause it was full plus some kids kept saying “Bunch of old geezers!!!!” In like two of the movies we were watching!!!! It was annoying!!!!! So Desiress’s mom went to go get the cops
Well they got away (darn) an we went to the parking lot (I saw an old school car it was light blue) we had to go get Vivis bag first, dropped me off home, &  I was home alone -.-