16th Day of October (Saturday)

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Dear the weekend, here are the events I don’t want to forget…

  • Long bus ride back, managed to black out but my legs are sore, and I never want to use a traveling bus restroom again. It disgusted me plus I almost hit my head on the wall when trying to balance myself
  • Feel alseep right when I got home…was too tired to even undress fully..so I said screw it and went to sleep.
  • My mom took my friend home later on in the evening.
  • I failed at killing a roach and was teased about it.
  • Moved my grandmas car to a parking spot that was closer to us (I don’t think anyone is gonna steal her car…no matter how ghetto these fools are they wouldn’t do it.)
  • Started working on my notes for history but then remembered I had a test that opened today and closes on Monday. But I have other tests due as well…..this is becoming a pain.
  • Couldn’t focus at all on taking notes….plus I got tired of taking notes so I just watched anime.


In other news:

Found out that Season 2 of STRANGER THINGS is getting two new characters,

I Love Lucy Birthday was today, 65 years if I’m not mistaken.

Joined anime-planet.com so I could keep up with anime & manga I watch but I’ve read/watched so much already ^.^; You can follow me here, if you have an account: http://www.anime-planet.com/users/LazyMe10

Found out that ballet dancers came up with the “hip-let” which is basically hip hop ballet. It’s pretty cool but to me it looks painful as hell. I applaud you ladies or gentlemen out there that can do that.

Watched EP2 &3 of Bloodivores

Watched EP13 & 14 of Bungou Stray Dogs 2nd Season

Watched S5 EP2 of Natsume Yuujinchou

Watched EP2 of Drifters

Want to know what I said about them just check out my twitter. I tweet on there like my life depends on it. @LazyMusician10


 15th Day of October (Friday)

Dear Blog, here are the events that occured that i don’t want to forget.

  • Sort of got some college work done
  • Tried looking for my casino card but no luck
  • Gave my best friend Vivi the wrong assumption. informed her we wont be sleeping but playing til morning at the casino
  • Side Note: Next time I get on the bus with loud drinking parents bring the better headphones…not the crappy ones.
  • The ride was smooth at first but them bumpy to the point where our heads almost hit the ceiling.
  • Tried my best to mute out all the noise & a movie they decided to put on but managed to fall asleep in an odd way
  • Lost $60 at Black Jack but my friend Vivi was able to win some at the penny machine. Happy she had a nice experience.
  • Went to spend the rest f my time at the non-smoking section when I lost all my money

Announcement for this Blog

Hello all.

Three Reasons why I have a WordPress  Account:

#1 I’m an author to another blog & will be posting TV reviews later on this Fall season.

#2 Hopefully by the end of this year I start backing up my Blog Post from the blog I’ve had since 2010. (Which is on blogger) So this blog site is really much nothing more then a BACK UP Blog in case anything happens to my blogger or if blogger does a random maintenace thing and I cant post so I’ll post on here or if blogger decides to delete my blog for some odd reason at least it’s all backed up here.

#3 Finally reason: I’ve decided to use this site as well as a way for me to post my notes for my college courses. I was using paper, which I don’t mind but paper does cost money, can tear, get damaged, etc. So I’ll have to go ahead and start typing on here for the time being. I will find a way to make a page for my college courses on here but make it Private. Cause I’m the only one that really needs to look back on it. Not you guys, sorry.

~ Updates & Recorder Practice ~

Quick Notice
So I’m going to post a lot of links! Cause the top will be for my Audio Blog Posts of the day. Then the Update Post about me posting my Recorder (instrument) audio recordings as well. An beneath it, are all my Recorder (instrument) attempts after practicing for awhile.
Recorder Songs (practiced Six Songs Today)